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The Game

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This happened back in the mid-80s. I was 22 and had known I was gay for a while but never had the opportunity or nerve to act on it-I was a little shy. I had recently graduated from college and had accepted a position as a restaurant manager/bar manager at a large hotel. It was here that I met Derrick.

Derrick was a senior in high school and worked at the hotel as a bus boy/barback. The first time I saw him I thought to myself how cute he was. He was about 6' tall, green eyes, light brown hair, and a nice build. He also had a great personality and took an instant liking to me. Through his actions and words I began to think maybe he was gay or at least curious. One night we were working together and he told me 'I got a blowjob last night!'

Being a bit of a smartass I replied 'Oh ya? What was his name?'

Derrick's face turned beat red and in a very gay lispy voice he says 'I'll never tell!' With that he walks away leaving me wondering if I had struck a nerve. Over time we became more than co-workers. We were friends and even started hanging out after work!

So now on to the game. At work the male employees would play this 'game'. One guy would make a crack on another guy and he would say 'ya just stroke me' while making a jackoff motion with his hand.

To which the first guy would say 'I'm man enough if you are.'

'Oh I'm man enough.' the second guy would say back.

'Well then you bare it and we'll share it.' The first guy would shoot back. I guess the object of the game was to see how far somebody would take it. Although noone ever went 'all the way' there were times when pants were unbuttoned!

So one night after work Derrick was at my house and we were watching a movie. Now all night long, even at work, I had been feeling a strange energy between the two of us. Having never felt it before it never occurred to me that it was sexual-all I knew was that I was really horny!I made a comment to Derrick and, as hoped, he made the jackoff motion and said 'Just stroke me!'.

The 'game was on. I responded 'I'm man enough if you are!'

'Oh Im'm man enough.'

'Well then you bare it and we'll share it.' I say say back. With that Derrick unbuttons his pants. I can feel my dick getting hard as I get up from my chair and get on my knees between his legs. This was as far as the 'game' had ever gone but now I had figured out that it was sexual energy filling the air and I was hoping it would go farther. It did. Derrick opens his zipper and pulls down his underwear exposing his thick lush brown bush! Now I had seen him naked before and had always lusted after his dick and bush but NEVER had I seen it this close up. I wanted him sooo bad.

'So you man enough?' Derrick challenges. Without saying a word and with my hand shaking I reach over and start petting his pubic hair. It was so thick and soft and it felt so sexy I could barely control myself. As I petted his carpet of hair I gradually pushed his underwear down until I could feel the base of his cock. Never having gone this far before with the 'game' or with another guy for that matter I was unsure how to proceed.

'Dude, you better stop. I'm starting to get hard!' Derrick exclaims.

'That's the idea isn't it?' I say while sliding my hand further down into his underwear making first contact with his hardening dick.

'Wait!' Derrick gasps.

'I knew you weren't man enough!' I say sadly.

'Oh I'm man enough!! I just think we should go into the bedroom where there is more room and privacy!' With that being said, Derrick pulls up his underwear and starts to stand up. I get up off my knees. My boner is straining my pants. I knew Derrick saw because my crotch was at his eye level when I stood. I didn't care-actually I wanted him to see!! He stood and our eyes locked. At that moment I KNEW for sure that we both wanted this to happen. We walked into the bedroom and closed the door behind us. Never having been in this situation before I was nervous and unsure how to proceed.

'You won't tell anybody about this will you?' Derrick quietly asks.

'No way dude! I would never admit that I jacked off another guy! Why don't you just get naked so you can really enjoy it?!'

Derrick walks over to me and rubs his hand over my crotch and says 'I will if you will!' Oh my God a new challenge in the 'game'. What to do what to do are the only thoughts racing through my head at this point.

'OK!' I softly say as I grab his t-shirt and pull it over his head exposing his tanned smooth chest, his lushious armpit hair, and just about the sexiest treasure trail I had ever seen. He does the same to me. Next he traces my trail down to the top of my jeans and unbuttons, unzips, and pushes them to the floor. Then he puts his hand on my underwear and feels my hardon through the material.

'Ohhh ya nice and hard!' Derrick says very sexily. My heart is racing as I unbutton his jeans and push them to the floor. I glance down and see his mushroom head sticking out from the waistband of his underwear. He grabs my hand and leads me over to the bed. He lays down and locks his hands behind his head. The sight of him laying there like that almost made me cum.

'I thought you were gonna get naked?' I anxiously ask.

'Why don't you take them off for me?' Derrick dares. So I reach over and run my fingers over his engorged head before removing his underwear. I pull them off over his dick and down his sexy hairy legs eventually tossing them off to the side. The site before me was truly stunning. A sexy naked 18 year old boy laying on my bed sporting a 7.5 inch perfectly angled hard dick with very big low hanging balls all framed by a nice thick lushious brown bush! I climbed onto the bed next to him in a 69 position so I could watch closely while I played with his beautiful boy meat. While I am exploring him, he pulls off my underwear and starts playing with my hairy 6 incher.

'Got any lube?' Derrick moans. I reach over and grab some from my nightstand drawer. I open it up, lube it up, and toss the bottle to him. He does the same to me. No words were spoken as we really started working each other's stiff dicks. Neither of us could hold back and at almost the exact same time we started gushing cum everywhere! After the last dropped was milked from our dicks I switched positions and layed next to him. Again, our eyes locked and then Derrick leans in and starts kissing me! Since neither of us had gone limp soon we were grinding our stiff dicks together as we continued to make out. Within minutes we were both cumming together coating our stomachs with cum!

Derrick ended up spending the night that night with me. He admitted that the blowjob he had gotten was indeed from another guy but it was not nearly as intense as what had just happened between us. I admitted that this had been my first experience with another guy and that I was glad he was my first because he was so special to me. Then for the first time we admitted to each other that we were gay! So I guess we finally found out how the 'game' ended and we both liked it! We had several other adventures and to this day I still jack off to those wonderful memories!!



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