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The Frenulum

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Background: I grew up in a very conservative religious home where sex was not mentioned, with one exception. As my mother was bathing me she said, 'Don't touch your penis.' That was the only time I ever heard her use the word 'penis', but somehow I knew immediately what she meant. I said, 'I'm not' and I do not remember that I was actually touching my penis at that moment, but the powerful negative message stayed with me.

Nevertheless, alone in the bath this time, I rubbed my penis as I washed it and felt wonderful pleasure feelings build as I did. I did not have time or privacy to continue rubbing then, but that evening, in bed, I resumed my rubbing and had an explosive first orgasm with a full ejaculation. I swore at that moment I would never do it again, but I did, the very next night, and virtually every night and day thereafter, sometimes two to three times a day.

The guilt associated with my masturbation was overpowering. I was a 'good boy', and intended even at that age to be a minister. On multiple occasions, I lay prostrate on the floor of my room and begged God to forgive me and give me the strength to stop this evil, but within days, sometimes hours or minutes, I would succumb to my sex drive and masturbate again. At one point during high school, a fellow student asked me point blank if I masturbated, and I violently denied it. Afterward, I felt like Peter the Apostle who had denied Christ three times after his arrest.

In my early teens, I searched my parents' room while they were out, and discovered buried in their closet two of the early twentieth century marriage manuals written by doctors that described the sex act. I devoured them, and to this day am aroused by sex manual descriptions of foreplay and intercourse. Although one of these doctors described sex in terms I found extremely erotic, he also detailed that he had actually applied a red hot wire to the penis of young men and to the labia of young women to stop them from masturbating.

Thankfully, I had a room of my own at home, so was able to masturbate with some privacy, although I will never know what my mother made of the handkerchiefs loaded and stiff with semen that I put into the wash. When I got to college, I also had a room to myself freshman year. I was a complete nerd and had not so much as kissed a girl, but was still masturbating furiously on a daily basis as my only sexual outlet. My sophomore year, I moved off campus to live with several friends, and given the layout of our apartment, we all bunked in the same room. Even though we were close friends, we did not discuss masturbation openly, and certainly would not have done it in front of one another, so this presented me with a serious problem: how to masturbate with no privacy.

This is where the focus of my story begins: The previous summer, I had secretly managed to buy two sex manuals by a prominent sexologist named Dr. John Eichenlaub titled 'The Marriage Art' and 'New Approaches to Sex in Marriage'. I still have copies of these books, and yes, I occasionally still masturbate using them. One passage in the second of these books was deeply enlightening and eroticizing. In the paragraphs headed 'Caressing the Tip Area of the Penis' Eichenlaub writes:

'One structure near the penis head deserves special consideration. A small fold of skin containing a few strands of firm connective tissue moors the urethral opening to the peninsula of skin which runs almost to the tip of the penis' bottom surface. This structure, which is called the frenulum, contains very sensitive and significant nerve fibers. A great deal of the stimulation of intercourse comes from the pulling action of the penis skin on the frenulum. Caresses which produce similar stimulation generally prove keenly exciting.'

This passage made complete sense to me. Although I have sometimes masturbated by surrounding my penis with my hand and 'jerking off', far more frequently I have made short, rubbing strokes for an inch or two along the frenulum with two fingers. Thankfully, although I am circumcised, my frenulum is intact. To my horror, now, I realize that in many circumcisions, especially those in the earlier twentieth century when masturbation suppression was one of the motivations, the frenulum was removed along with the foreskin.

In any event, Eichenlaub goes on to write two sentences which literally changed my sex life, from my sophomore year in college to the present at age 64. He writes: 'You can stimulate the frenulum still more intensively by pinching it between your thumb and forefinger, rolling it between these fingertips, or by holding it firmly and moving your fingers up and down along the axis of the penis so as to stretch the frenulum's attachments first one way then the other. These forms of stimulation...generally raise a man to an intensity of sexual excitement which makes for very prompt sexual entrance.'

Wow! Those words solved my masturbation privacy problem in college. I could pinch and roll and pull my frenulum under the covers, just as Eichenlaub describes, with virtually no movement, and bring myself to orgasm. Although I was an extremely late bloomer, and did not have sex until age 24, I did eventually get married to the woman with whom I will soon celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary. Early on, I taught her to pinch my frenulum between her thumb and forefinger, roll it between her fingers, and gently but firmly pull it up and down for me. The feelings are exquisite and she does this for me as part of almost every one of our sexual encounters. It is erotic just for me to watch her touch me so intimately.

I say all this because I rarely see explicit mention of the frenulum and its importance to male sexual pleasure in the context of Solo Touch or anywhere else, nor have I ever seen this technique of stimulating it described elsewhere or actually practiced in the many sex videos I have seen. To those of you women who may read Solo Touch, when you masturbate a man, I think you will find it extremely exciting and pleasureful for your lover if you will pinch and stimulate his frenulum as I have described. Of course, for those men who read Solo Touch, I hope this helps you have even more pleasure during masturbation.



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