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The Frat House Across the Street

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A bunch of us guys had to dorm in a large house off campus, because of overflow this past semester. It was kind of like the dorms, except really run down. It was eight bedrooms, and two bathrooms, and we had to share a room with someone. I'm not even sure this was legal, but I saw the ad, and the school reimbursed my tuition for the semester, so I ended up saving like 3K just in living expenses. So my parents were happy, but I just had to live uncomfortably for awhile. My room was the corner room on the 3rd floor, and across the street is an even bigger house, but a lot nicer, and it has some weird symbols on the front, so obviously a frat house right?

I would notice at night, when they had their parties, a lot of people would be running around in their boxers, and girls would be in their bras and panties, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. I even saw a few guys naked once. I'm not totally bisexual, but I do get curious about guys once in awhile, and so this whole scenario made up for the cramped living situation. Not that I didn't see enough naked guys in the house I was living at of course.

So yeah, I was walking back from working at a diner on campus, and I heard the familiar cheers of guys down the street, at the frat house. There was a creepy alley that went behind their house, which took up two blocks, and it crossed over behind out house, and garage. I thought I would be sneaky and take that back way, and see what was going on. I hadn't done this before, and after this night, it was the only way I walked home. I walked along the parking stalls behind the fence, and found a spot with a couple of broken pieces, and snuck up to see. I could see torches and they had a fire going in a pit, and a line of naked guys standing along the back patio. They were all blind folded, and had their hands tied in front of them. I couldn't see much, because of the lights facing my way. But I could see that a couple of the guys were jacking off. The first guy must have cum cause he was untied shortly after, and they handed him a towel to wipe himself off. Then I saw the same thing happen to a guy at the end. One by one they finished, until there was one guy left, and he finally came I guess.

One of the other guys led him down the steps, and he started to crawl along the grass where they rest of the guys had shot their loads. They were cheering him on the whole time. I was so hard watching this, I totally forgot about going home, until my phone vibrated in my pocket. I stayed a couple more minutes, and then walked the rest of the way back to the house. Since then I've spied on the house a couple of times, but only at night, if I hear voices. I've seen a few more naked streakers, but nothing like that night. I'm guessing it was initiation or something, but it was definitely something I wouldn't mind experiencing.



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