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The Forbidden Fruit

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Kind of silly, but it's the best thing that's ever happened to me


The Gods are REALLY testing me and pitting my own child against me...

Karaoke last night for about an hour, I got there late. Throughout that time. She kept pointing to her purse and I had no idea what she was referring to since it was so dark. I eventually learned she had a condom in there which one would gather she intended my penis to be the target of that condom. Not that I was going to refuse, but she kept smiling and all this other stuff. My take on it was that she was horny as hell.

Fast forward to 12:30. She takes her drunk friend home (She doesn't drink) and we meet back at her place. The first thing she does is lay down in the floor and I lay on the couch. She told me I couldn't have her and that I shouldn't try, but I believe this was a test. I passed by saying to her 'You know that just means I have to have you even more, right?' She looks over and smiles. I jump in the floor from the couch and lay with her, and we begin cuddling.

(Penis power-25%)

She has this innate ability to shake her ass like no other. She dances to a lot of rap songs and can twerk, drop it, and whatever other metaphors there are...she can do them. So we cuddled and she played some songs she could shake her ass to. She's got a big ass, but in no ways is it fat. It's phat, almost all muscle and insanely powerful.

(Penis power-50%)

She also showed her humorous side when she played some clips from Adult Swim shows. We laugh, talk abiout Family Guy and then I felt her hair on accident. It was soooo soft. I kept feeling it, almost petting her...it felt perfect. Then she said out of the blue 'You can play with my boobs if you want to' and who was I to turn down such an appealing offer? She tans a lot and does so completely naked, just had to throw that out there. So I do some nipple play, sucking, nibbling etc etc and she starts going craaaaaaazy....Can you guess what happens next...

(Penis Power-75%)


'****'s awake, get some as soon as you can'

So I tell her what is going on, she gets up on her knees while I'm still laying down on my back and gets on top of me and starts grinding me with those earlier specified abilities.

Penis power-100%!!! CAP'N, we're at full power!!!

I masturbated twice earlier to try and stay strong against this formidable opponent. While I didn't cum, my boxers were more or less destroyed with pre-ejaculate by the end of the night. I couldn't get enough power back to my brain to get her off of me. She went to at least 10 different positions throughout those 5 minutes of grinding. Even through my jeans, boxers and her pants I could feel how wet she was and how much she wanted me. She brings her lips to mine and we make out for a second and she tells me we should at least practice doggy style so she knows how I do. I nearly make her cum just by the dry humping.

Penis Power-125%, CAP'N, we're losing power to the shields! The lasers might fire, we cannot control it!

She gets up from me and as I gather my things tells me she could feel how thick my cock was, and I unbuttoned and pulled it out, she immediately starts stroking me and I nearly fall to my knees. I've got esteem issues regarding my penis. Maybe it was too much porn, but I always felt my 6 1/2 never cut it. But apparently it was thick enough for her to warrant texting me wildly when I got home. She's a nymphomaniac and that is a HUGE turn on. The fact that she wants me is another great turn on too, since I've never done ANYTHING like this. My previous partners were lifeless and didn't even moan for me so I thought maybe I didn't do well. That wasn't the case since this woman who had been with eight men found me to be able to please her so well and without much effort.

Anyway, I managed to escape the grasp of the woman's touch. Twas a challenge indeed and shows I'm a lot stronger than I thought.

Penis power-150%-I no longer take responsibility as to where this semen goes, it can't stay here anymore! PREPARE THE LASERS!

Well I speed home, switching from Slipknot to Journey, to Daft Punk and back to Slipknot. Just trying to get this raging boner down. Plus it wasn't in my benefit that 20 minutes went by since my dad called. My excuse was wearing thin.

I get home, and there she is, ***** was dancing. Ugggggggh.

The rest of the morning I go between getting ***** to bed and trying to keep up with ******'s sext messages. How much she wanted my thick cock in her pussy. I don't normally talk like that, but holy hell I was bursting at the seams.

So apparently she came four times, one dildo in her pussy, one in her ass and a vibrator on her clitoris. How badly I craved her...with all the luck so far, she's become taboo...the forbidden fruit which I must have. I didn't masturbate when I got home, I chose to hold it in for her next time...The most intense non-orgasm I have ever had in my entire life. She passed out after that, I didn't get another text and I couldn't sleep with my daughter up. So I just kept looking at pictures of her and how I had to be careful with how easy it could be to fall in love with this girl. I have to be very careful...



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