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The Flight

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I guess I really didn't want to make this trip but life moves on. The few days preparing to fly from New York to London were so hectic I had forgotten to take care of many little details. I was so excited and felt so good to get away after my separation that I had neglected myself.

It wasn't until after the meal and the movie and we were well over the Atlantic that I began to relax and my mind turned to sex. I had a blanket pulled up to my chin and I had loosened my slacks and blouse so I then lazily explored with my hands. What a great feeling!! My shoulder was to the window and I was surrounded by slumbering people all of whom I would never meet again. How brave did I feel? Better question was how good did I feel when I reached my slit and started to tease the hood of my clit. I love my clit. Even after my husband became the dick he is, my clit never let me down. OOOooo this felt so good!! I slipped my slacks down to my feet and kicked them off. People sleep on airplanes without slacks don't they? The mere fact that my thong went onto the floor with the slacks is .. incidental, right? I thought defensively that if I have to pee later I'd just wear the blanket and pretend I was cold.

The guy beside me stirred but didn't wake up nor did the woman on his far side. Actually he was kind of cute but ..it was rather dark and I was horny so it could just have been an unrealistic impression. I've never tried to get off so close to strangers before but it felt sooo good to not stop. I spread my legs a bit more and started rubbing faster with my right index and middle finger. With the two of them moving in, my clit was surrounded and it didn't have a chance! I closed my eyes and winced as my body spasmed with a searing jolt of reward from my spurious finger bang. I gasped at the intensity of it and I opened my eyes to the smiling face of Mr. Next Seat Over, propped up against his seat.

I don't know why but my first instinct was to apologize and say that I thought he was asleep with his wife next to him. He said that she was a stranger and was travelling with someone else. He apologized in return about waking up and staring but he was struck by how beautiful and wonderful I looked when I came. He said that if I wanted to continue to 'relax' that he could move if that made me more comfortable. What a cool guy I thought! Offers to move so that I can 'jill off' all the way across the Atlantic! I said 'no but thanks' but if it made him uncomfortable, I probably had had enough of digit sports for a while. I said to him "Isn't this great I'll be able tell my friends how I met a nice guy while finger banging across the Atlantic". He laughed and said he was tempted to join me in jerking off, adding that he had had a huge fight with his now ex-girlfriend just before his going to London and hadn't 'relaxed' either in a while. He admitted that watching me had stirred a serious boner which he wasn't brave enough to dare waxing to conclusion.

Our hands met on the arm rest between us and I whispered that as it was my fault maybe I should help. He guided my hand to a concealed tool and I felt its wet tip, nicely shaped slick head and wonderfully rigid thick shaft. I took my time 'seeing' with my finger tips and this just seemed to engorge him even more as he closed his eyes as I re-circled the bottom rim of his penis cap with my thumb and fingers. I splayed my fingers along his shaft and twisted my hand as I slowly jerked him off, stopping every once in a while to touch the bottom of his scrotum. He reached over to my thighs and parted my legs with his nearest hand. I moved my legs apart and gave him access to my widening slit. I could feel it adjust to the feel of the girth of his cock in instinctive anticipation but with the full and conscious knowledge that neither of us were moving out of our seats or removing these blankets. He slipped two fingers inside me and ever so lightly grazed my clit. He said I had a nicely hard clit that is distinctly shaped and felt lovely and responsive to the touch. For a guy I barely knew, I couldn't think of a nicer thing to say to me. As jolts of electricity shot into my abdomen and I began to worry about losing all coherence. I tightened my grip and started just an upright jerk to bring him off at once. I leaned forward to not lose his touch on my sodden quim but also to get better access to his ear. I whispered that as soon as the plane landed I wanted to take him to my hotel but right now I wanted to feel him, in reward for my efforts, to blow such a huge wad into that silly blanket they would never use it again!! He did exactly as he was told as I felt hot surges of cum spew out of his jerking cock at least five times. I came again as he did, burying my head in his chest as I drenched his fingers. We then slept until the plane was ready to land. I never did find my thong.



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