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The First Time My Penis Got Touched

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My first exhibitionist experience came when I was 15. I had been getting erections for some time and was masterbating a lot. My two sisters, aged ten and eleven, and I were playing tag in the house when the eleven year old tagged me like three times with her hand on my crotch which was erect at the time. After we were done playing, the younger sister went downstairs while the older one asked me what was it that was so hard in my pants?

I was shocked, but nervously said it was my penis. She immediately wanted to see it! I was stunned, but went over to the bed, laid down and she helped me unbutton and unzipper my very tight jeans. When I took out my strawberry red hard smooth member she exclaimed 'Wow, I've seen what a penis looks like from a book, but I've never seen it like this!' By now, the shock of this whole episode was making me almost hyperventilate! She wanted to touch it, so with a shaking hand I guided her hand onto it. I murmured to her to rub it gently because it was stiff and sore. She kept saying how she couldn't believe how hard it was, and within a few minutes I ran to the bathroom and masterbated a large amount of cum.

After that incident, the older sister never brought it up. But about four months later, the younger sister and I found a 'glow in the dark' pen. I suggested we play a 'hide the object' game in a dark room down the basement, as now I was willing to exhibit my privates innocently. We would hide the pen on our body and the other person would search with their hands while the hider said 'warmer' or 'colder.' After some innocent hides like in my head or hands, I got bold and hid the object down my backside. Once her hands were at my midsection I said 'warmer', she saw the bulge in my pants and assumed that was the pen and said pointing 'there it is!.' I said no that isn't it. She insisted it was. I replied 'You have to get the pen!'

Unbelievably, she unsnapped my jeans and reached into my underwear only to feel it!! She exclaimed 'what is that?' and then she went right to the light switch to see what I had. I lowered my underpants and pants to the floor to let her really see it and told her it's my penis. I asked her to gently rub it using her thumb and index finger like the letter 'C'. Again I was shaking with fear and excitement and I turned the light off! But it was blowing my mind with eroticism. Then she touched my balls, asking what they were. I told her. Mind you before these incidents no one had ever touched my penis.

A moment passed, the air was tense and I asked her if she had ever seen a penis. She answered no. I asked her if she liked mine. She tenderly said 'It's nice and smooth.' I had butterflies in my stomach and my excitement was making my hips rock. My lil sister asked why I was rocking like that? I shakingly told her it felt really good and then taught her to lightly rub my shaft. Within two minutes I accidently came and had to pull away. I was dazed. But I masterbated three more times that day thinking about the incident.

After that, we played hide the object at least once a week until I reached the courage to ask her one time without playing the game if she would mind 'rubbing my peenie' She didn't mind and did it all the time for about three years! Sometimes, I wouldn't even ask her, she would see my erection in my shorts, reach in and start rubbing it. We eventually stopped and I amazingly never entertained or acted on this kind of behaviour again. It was tender and somewhat innocent and loving. However, I did get heavily into exhibitionism.



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