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The First Time I Masturbated

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English is not my first language, but I don't think I'm really bad at it.


When I was about 12 or 13-years-old, one of my friends in highschool whispered to me one day during a rather uninteresting Biology class that he sometimes 'jacked off'.

'You do what?' I whispered back. 'Well,' he continued, 'you know, you take your dick in your hand and you move the skin at the head of your dick up and down, up and down, up and down until white stuff comes out of it.' (In Europe circumcision is only done when really needed.)

'White stuff?' 'Yeah, and the feeling is great!' he went on in a very low voice. 'You should try it as well.'

I thought about it, but I really didn't know what he was talking about. At the time I was still uncomfortable with the whole idea of sex. Girls however were becoming... interesting. I had never touched my penis before like that, not even coincidentally. I would get erections washing myself but I never thought, what am I going to do with that stiff little rod?

In fact, I totally forgot about it, until about a year later. One night, in bed, I couldn't sleep for some reason and I suddenly remembered what my friend had said.

I pulled my sheet and blanket away, and put my right hand in my underpants. I put it around my flaccid penis and held it there for some time. The feeling was not bad, not bad at all. There wasn't much light, I could just make out my lower body. I got out of my underpants and tried what my friend had said, pulling my foreskin up and down.

My dick was getting bigger and harder now. I started applying more pressure with my fingers and hand, trying to move the skin as far up and down as I could. This was very good!

My heart started to pound in my chest. I increased the speed to I don't know, two or three times a second. I started to breathe faster. My dick was getting very warm. It was big and hard, and I really enjoyed the feeling that I was holding it in my hand! I felt something was going to happen that I couldn't stand much longer.

The tingling sensation became unbearable. Deep inside my body, somewhere below and behind my penis I felt something coming up fast. It was different from having to pee urgently, but it sure did go through my penis.

My hand was going very fast now. My eyes were closed, my mouth was open. Then, something shot out of my dick. More than once. The feeling was indescribable. I felt hot, slimy blobs fall on my hand, belly and balls. The amount of liquid became less and then started to flow slowly down my shaft.

I opened my eyes, panting. What had happened to me? I switched on the little reading light and saw the sticky mess. It was white and transparent. Suddenly I knew it, this was semen, or sperm, and I had just for the first time in my life jacked myself off!

It felt good, really good, that I had done this with my dick. I was horny now. I still held my dick in my hand and marvelled at the sight of it all; the purple head, the red and blue veins. I wanted to do it again.

However, I had to clean up first. I used my underpants. I got out of bed and got myself a clean one. Then I thought about my elders and my sister; would they have heard what I had been doing? But still, I wanted to jack off again.

I decided to go to the bathroom. I didn't switch on any light but I could see enough. I pulled my new underpants down to my feet and sat down on the bathtub.

This time I masturbated more slowly, enjoying every moment of it. I felt the warm shaft of my penis, soft on the outside, hard on the inside. I could feel the blood streaming throught it. I could feel the nice, warm, tingling sensation in the head.

The first time was maybe five minutes but this time it went on for much longer, maybe a quarter of an hour. When I came, the amount wasn't as much as before, but it was still very satisfying. A warm glow went through my body. I went back to bed and fell asleep.



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