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The First Time down at the Creek

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I will always remember that first time, it was so fantastic.


When I was younger we lived far out in the country with no neighbors near then we moved into a small town but still quite rural. The main difference was the number of neighbor kids around. I soon discovered that all the boys would go down in the woods behind my house where there was a large creek with a deep hole where everyone went swimming. Of course everyone swam naked and while I felt uncomfortable getting naked in front of the other guys, they seemed not to notice. I had never seen another guy naked before and I found it quite interesting to see how they looked. Most of them were older than I and had already entered puberty so they had hair and quite large cocks and balls.

A couple of the guys were about my age and had no hair around their cocks like me so I didn't feel too weird. I did notice that my cock even though it was hairless it was quite a bit bigger than theirs. One afternoon a week or so after I started going there to swim, I saw a couple of the older guys playing around with each other and noticed that their cocks began to get hard. They were in shallow water and as they wrestled around, I could clearly see their cocks and they were both very large and stuck out. I knew what an erection was as mine got that way a lot but I had never seen another cock on hard before and I was really curious about them so I just stared at the two guys. After a lot of horse play they got out of the water and walked off into the bushes together. I was standing in water that came up to my chest so no one could see that my cock was very hard also. There was another guy in the water with me who was just about my age and he laughed and said that the guys were going into the bushes to beat their meat. I didn't know what he meant and asked what was that. Well, maybe you call It something else, fucking your fist, jerking off, masturbating.

Puzzled, I replied that I didn't know what any of that was. He said, what do you call it when you take your hard cock in your hand and pump it until it tickles? Surprised, I said, I don't do that. Oh, he said, I thought all guys our age had learned to make themselves feel good. No, not me, I said growing more curious what is it. Well, he went on, guys fuck girls don't they? But not being sure just what fucking a girl was, I just nodded dumbly and he kept talking. You can't find a girl when ever you need one so the next best thing is to use your hand, fucking your fist. When you wrap your hand around your hard cock and pump it back and forth, soon it will start to tickle, just like it would if you were sticking it up a girls pussy. Boy, does it feel good! Those guys are older and when they do it, their cocks shoot off, this white stuff that makes a girl get pregnant shoots out when they tickle. It is called cumming and the white stuff is cum. Even if you aren't old enough to cum, your cock will still tickle something fantastic. After it tickles, it is so sensitive that you can't stand for it to be touched for a while. You get soft and your cock is all red looking and it still tingles real good. I like to do it at night before I go to sleep but sometimes I do it when I am sitting on the toilet, well I do it a lot like most guys do. You are old enough for it to tickle so you should try it sometime.

When did you learn, I asked. He thought a bit and said I started doing it before it would tickle but after a few months it started to tickle every time. How did you learn? I used to swim here with the other guys and they talked about it all the time and sometimes they would sit on the bank and do it so I saw how they did it. Then one day I was here with just one guy and he asked me to play with his cock so I played with him, he showed me how to stroke it. It sure was big, really huge, bigger than either of those guys and it was really hard and hot and it got really wet and slick while I played with it. While I fondled his, he was feeling of mine which was hard also. Mine didn't tickle but his shot off a big load of cum after a while. I liked playing with his so several times over that summer, I would stroke his while he played with mine. He showed me how he liked for me to do it and told me how good it felt and would let me know when he was getting ready to cum. After his would cum, I would sometimes put my hand on mine and stroke it, with the cum his cock had shot on my hand covering my own little cock. I liked to do it even though it didn't tickle really hard but toward the end of the summer, when I was doing him and he was playing with mine, I felt it get really sensitive and start to tickle. We did it several more times after than and mine would tickle every time. I sure did like it. He moved away before school started but I knew how to make mine feel good so I started doing it to myself and it sure did feel good.

I felt really funny, kind of excited, curious and very interested in knowing more about it. He didn't offer to show me how to do it but I wished he would have taken my cock in his hand and stroked it. I could feel that it sure was hard. Then he said he had to go but as he got out of the water, I could see that his cock was on hard just like mine. Mine was quite a bit larger, I noted with pleasure. After a while the two guys came back to the pool and I could see their cocks were both limp but they looked really red and somewhat swollen. I was really curious about what they had done and even asked them. We had some business we needed to take care of, one of them sniggered. Bravely, I asked if the business involved their cocks. What do you think, one laughed. They were really big and hard when you left and now they are all limp and red. Yeah, they get that way after a good workout, one laughed and then they got out of the water and dressed and left the creek leaving me there all alone. I decided that I would go home and started to get out of the water when I heard another boy approaching so I quickly got back in the water since my cock was still very hard.

It was a boy I knew from town but had never seen here at the creek before. He said hello and that he really wanted a good swim to cool off and began to strip off his clothes. I was really shocked when I saw his cock. It was huge even though it was not on hard, it just hung down and swung from side to side and he walked to the water. It must have been 6 inches long, made mine look tiny. He swam around and floated on his back and his big cock just lay there across his belly and I just stared at it in wonder. Finally, no longer able to contain myself, I said you sure are big, as he floated by his cock just a couple of feet from my face. Yeah, I have always been big, even when I was your age I was bigger than anyone else. Do you make it cum? I asked wondering what it would look like all swollen up and hard. Yeah, he said and offered no other comments. I don't know how to make mine tickle, I added innocently, feeling myself filled with a new interest and curiosity. Well, how do you know about it then, he asked. A while ago two guys went off into the bushes with their cocks all stiff and hard and then came back with them all soft and swollen like. This guy who was here with me told me that they were fucking their fists and he told me all about it. I had never heard of it before so I just wonder about guys doing it.

He then went to to say that was surprising because most guys knew how to beat their meat by the time they were as old as I was. How did you learn? I asked. All the guys did it so I just knew about it all the time and then I started trying to do it to myself. Nothing much happened so I asked some of the older guys about it and one showed me how he did himself and later another let me do it to him. I made him feel good so he often would ask me to beat him off and then he started doing it to me and after a while mine would tickle after he had pumped if for a while. After a while, I just started doing it to myself and found I could make it tickle whenever I wanted to. I wish I knew how, I lamented. He didn't comment so I got braver and asked if he would teach me. We were both standing in the water now and I couldn't see that he had an erection just like I did. I would have know he was interested if I had been able to see his cock but I just wasn't sure. Why do you think you want to learn, he asked. If it feels as good as you say, I want to do it, I guess I am old enough, don't you think. Yeah, he commented, you are old enough, most guys learn it before now. Have you ever taught anyone how to do it, I asked? Yeah, I guess so, maybe two or three he said. Were they able to tickle? I asked. Yeah, one came the first time we did it and another one took several try's before he managed to cum. Did they make you cum? I asked. Yeah, they made me shoot off a lot. Did you like that? I questioned. Yeah, he laughed, I liked that a LOT. I was hoping he would offer to show me how but he didn't say anything so I finally told him that if he would show me how, I would make his cum. I would like that, he said quietly. Can we do it now? I asked. OK, I know a place back in the bushes where we can go. It is the place all the guys go to beat their meat. OK, good, I said, lets do it. He turned and walked out of the water and I followed along behind. He picked up his clothes and so I did also then followed him into the bushes.

I was walking behind him so I couldn't see his cock until we got to an open place in the bushes and he turned around towards me. I was shocked when I saw him. His cock was fully erect and it was huge, I couldn't have imagined a cock could be so big. It stood straight out from his body and was at least 8 inches long and really big and thick. You sure are big was all I could mutter. Maybe you will be that big someday, you have a very large one for a kid. He spread his clothes on the ground and sat down, indicating for me to sit beside him. When I did, he reached over and took my cock in his hand and began to fondle it. I liked for him to do that and it really felt good. I let him play with me for a while and then asked if I could feel his. It is all yours, he said. So I reached out and gently put my hand around the big shaft. I could hardly get my hand all the way around it because it was so thick. It felt very hot and I realized that it was wet. You're wet, I exclaimed. Yeah, I'm so hot that I am dripping cock juice, you know what that is for don't you. No, I had no idea so he explained about how it was a lubricant and that when you were sexually aroused your cock would leak this fluid to lubricate it when you had sex. It feels much better to beat your cock when it is well lubricated with cock juice, he added. See, you have it too, he said showing me his hand that was wet from my cock juice.

I felt very pleased. Is that cum? I asked. No, he told me, cum shoots out when you orgasm, when your cock tickles after you have been fucking it for a while. Cum is a white fluid and it has a funny smell, you will know what it is when you see it, he assured me. Do you think I can cum? I wanted to know. Probably, you can make cock juice and your balls are beginning to grow and you even have hair around the base of your cock. Where, I said surprised as I hadn't noticed that before. When he showed me, I was pleased to see a bush of soft, blonde hair growing around the base of my cock. That must have just grown, I said, I didn't know it was there. You just haven't been paying enough attention to you cock, he said. After you learn how to make it tickle, I'll bet it gets a lot of attention. We played with each other for several minutes and then he asked if I was ready to make him cum. I was so he lay back and showed me how to hold his and just how to stroke it. It was so big that I could hardly hold it so I tried it with both hands. He showed me that he had a foreskin and showed me how to slide it up over his cock head with each upstroke and then to push down hard against his belly. His cock was so hard and hot and it was very wet and slick with cock juice so I worked hard at sliding my hands up and down the big shaft and it made slurping sounds as I moved it. He would give me some suggestions, helping me to make it feel better and after a while he said he was soon going to shoot off. When it starts to spurt, don't stop pumping it, keep it going until I tell you to stop. He was wiggling about and making funny grunting, moaning sounds, muttering that I was making him feel good. Then he said, here it comes, here it comes, don't stop, fuck it faster, faster and then as I watched I saw a drop of white stuff come out of the hole in the end and then there was a big spurt of it and another spurt. It shot way into the air and fell heavily on his chest and his stomach. Now, he was wiggling and grunting hard and he started begging me to stop fucking him. I just held his cock in my hands and watched the thick white stuff run out and down over my hands into the mass of hair at the base of his cock. I could feel his cock growing limp in my hands and then I caught the smell of his cum, a pungent odour that I would always remember. I held him until he was completely limp and the white stuff ran off my hands and off his belly down to the ground underneath.

My own cock was throbbing, it was so hard and I wanted so bad for him to do it to me. After a while he said to me, now lie back, it is your turn. I released his cock and did as he said, my hands all wet and sticky with his cum. He wiped up a handful from his body and then put his wet hand around my hard cock. His cum mingled with my cock juice and it was very wet and slick as he began to pump it. Almost immediately I could feel a pleasurable sensation in my cock shaft and it continued to intensify as he pumped it. In just a minute or so, I could feel a new, wonderful sensation growing in my pelvis and it got stronger and stronger. I found myself wiggling about, stretching my legs, holding them stiff, holding my breath and grunting as it felt better and better. Then, in just an instant it happened, Wow, it was overpowering, it felt so good, I could feel a wonderful feeling of pleasure that quickly intensified to a point that I couldn't stand for him to stroke it any more and I forced my hands on his to make him stop. From what little of my cock I could see as his hand covered most of it, I noticed that it was very, very red and also I saw more of the white stuff running down over his hand. OH, it was wonderful. That first time was just the beginning. Now several years and hundreds of orgasms later I still love to let him stroke me to orgasm and I never tire of making his big cock shoot those big jets of cum. In between the times we can get together, ever few weeks, I make my own cock cum daily, sometimes several times a day. There are more stories to tell, that will come later.



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