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The First Time Changes All

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Ever since lone masturbation just didn't seem fun.


I was around five maybe six, not very old, so it sends some regrets to me, but I would go round to this girls house and we'd just generally play with each other, but we started to go further, I can't recall how far we went, and I don't want to. Me and that girl see each other very often but neither of us have ever talked about it. Thinks we are scared that maybe the other doesn't remember, I don't know. Anyway, I think that's how my young hornyness started.

From the age of about seven I spent most of my time like most boys my age, playing with toys, watching TV, and playing with cars. When I got to about the age of nine I had friends come over and spend the night. We would talk about girls from school, as by this time I was really getting into girls. So anyway we'd chat, toy fight, have pillow fights, the usual. After about a year or so, me and a friend (let's say James) decided to play dares. Started off all innocently 'I dare you to open kiss the wall' or 'I dare you to turn the lights on and off really fast for ten seconds.'

After a few weeks of this it got a bit boring, so the stakes got changed a bit, with forfeits. But with this came more intense daring. Rembering we were only nine to ten years old, so this was a lot really. We'd dare each other to stand up naked for ten seconds or else touch the other persons penis with our elbows or something strange like that. After a few weeks of these dares it was changed again. To masterbate, in front of each other. I was really good friends with this lad, and he had a way of manipulating you. I'm not one to fall to peer pressure, but he made it so hard for me. Anyway, I'd never actually masturbated before, I'd often been horny since a very young age, but usually just rubbed myself, so I wasn't entirely sure what to do.

So anyway, we went to bed, and turned the lights off. When my parents had gone to bed we put a lamp on. I did the trick and made him do the dare first, giving me the chance to see how it was done properly. Well James pulled down his briefs and started to play with himself, he was pretty much the same size as me so I wasn't going to be embarrassed or anything. It didn't take him long to get hard but he started to go up and down. After about three minutes he had done, he seemed to enjoy it so I thought I'd give it a go his way. Not that I had much choice on the matter. I stood up, removed my underwear and lay back down. I was so nervous I couldn't even get hard, so I turned on my TV and put 'Manchester Live' on. An English channel, mainly topless darts, body painting and cars. Well, luckily it was body painting so it didn't take me long to get hard, it was about three inches long and I was pretty horny now. So I started to pull at it, wasn't that good at first but when I got the pace right it started to feel good. It didn't take me long to orgasm, probably about thirty seconds or so. The feeling was so intense I'd never felt so good in my life. I had another later on in the night, I think he heard me, it might have freaked him out a bit, he asked me what I was doing I just said I was humming to myself.

A few weeks passed, and it became a sort of habit for us. Where ever we were, his house or mine. We'd just have a wank together. We even stole my dads newspaper, (English newspaper, with topless women on page three), and would take them into the shed and look at them, pose naked like the women were. I have a lot of recollections about things that happened with him and other friends both male and female, but that's not what this is about.

It stopped after about two months, we stopped seeing as much of each other, think we kinda scared each other away, when it got to a further point, where we started hugging with hardons and touching each other. I've always wondered what might have happened if we had stayed in contact with each other?

I'm straight, but when I think about the past it often makes me wonder, maybe if I was gay, or even Bi would I be so horny? I don't know. Those nights we spent masturbating, seemed to do it for me, I'd not really need anything for a week or so. Ever since where it stopped, I've been so horny, even one night stands, short term, never did the trick. Long term relationships, well, they just don't happen. Yes I'm still young. Maybe I just enjoy masturbating so much, no man/woman can fulfil it's place? There isn't enough hours in the day (or free time in the day) to get a good wank in. Wanking on your own just isn't any fun.



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