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The First Time

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Best friends do everything together


I had always considered myself to be fairly sexual when I was younger. I discovered what adult videos were all about with my best friend when I was in public school. From there I went on to discover a lot about myself and what masturbating was all about.

My first experience with girls came around the time I was 15. My best guy friend and I were very close at this, having experimented with each other before. We both, however, are straight and as time went on we started taking more and more interest in girls, and priorities changed.

It started at a hockey tournament in the winter months. We were young, and at this point if you'd have kissed a girl that was pretty adventurous. The team was all boys, however, two of the guys had sisters who would always come to the games to cheer us on. We can call them 'Dani' and 'Mel'. It was around the time of March break, when I would have the house all to myself until my parents came home at night. These two girls, and my best friend, were planning to just hang out sometime over this break and I told them we could go to my house. Somewhere along the conversation it was brought up that my parents weren't going to be home. We were all young, and undoubtedly horny, and although none of us brought it up we knew what would happen if us four managed to be alone in someone's house. So that was that-we set the date to just 'hang-out'.

I neglected to tell my parents of these plans, but they found out through the grape vine (I'd suspect someone else's mom brought it up). My parents were skeptical at first and I sensed they weren't comfortable with us four hanging out alone. I suggested a compromise, proposing that one of the girl's brother come and hang out too. This seemed to put them at ease and they said it was okay with them.

My friend slept over the night before, and I remember him telling me to 'jack-off' because that way we would last longer if something did happen. I followed his instructions, masturbating to the thought of what might happen with these two girls tomorrow. I think I was nervous for some reason trying to fall asleep that night. The thought of being with a girl made me want to touch myself again.

When morning came, the girls came over (with their brother too, unfortunately). Poor guy, but I think he knew what was going on because he offered to just stay upstairs and watch TV as the rest of us went down the basement. So there we were, four awkward, horny teenagers sitting alone in the basement without a clue of what to do. After making small chat for a while, one of the girls suggested we play with these dice she brought over. They had actions and body parts on them, such as 'lick' and 'ear'. We played a couple of rounds of this, and it was pretty evident everyone was getting a little hot from this game. No one seemed to be able to break the awkwardness however, and we went back to just sitting there.

After what felt like eternity, my best friend spoke up. He suggest we all go into my bedroom together and just turn off the light. We knew where it was going, but we all acted naive. The four of us go into the bedroom and my best friend and I lie sideways on the bed. The girls left for a moment, and when they came back they stripped off their shirts and pants. It was first time ever seeing a girl in here bra and panties and I could feel my penis starting to get hard against my pant leg. The one, Dani, came over to me and knelt in front of me. The other girl did the same to my buddy. They were laughing and giggling, but eventually mustered up the courage to pull our pants down a little bit. Not wanting it to be awkward, I grabbed on of the big couch cushions and put it between my friend and I. I grabbed Dani's hand and guided her to where my penis was. The feeling of a girl touching my dick for the first time took my breath away. I slowly showed her what to do, stroking up and down lightly. Her small boobs where bouncing slowly up and down as she stroked my hard cock. Her blonde hair was messy all around her head as she used her hand to push it back. I was looking into her eyes and she was looking into mine, a moment I won't soon forget. She kept going harder, and then slower, and then tighter, almost like she's done it before. I looked over at my friend who was getting the same treatment I was. Something about being next to my buddy as he had his first experience with a girl made the situation even hotter. As Dani kept stroking me, I felt my back start arch, my breathing get shallower and my leg muscles clench. She could sense the change, start going harder, and asked me if I liked it. All I could get out was a small head nod as rope of cum came shooting out of my dick. 6, 7, maybe even 8 hot shots came flying out, all over the pillow next to me on the bed. My cum was all over her hand, and she wiped it over her bra. I don't even remember if my friend beside me finished or not, I was on cloud 9. Unfortunately Dani wouldn't let me do anything to her, but I would fantasise about it whenever I would touch myself for the few months after that.

That was my first, and my only, experience with that girl. I would go back in a heartbeat to that moment and relive it if I could. We've lost touch now and don't talk but it's one of those times I won't forget. And if we ever cross paths again-well, who knows. Maybe that'll be another story for another time.



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