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The First Time

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'Jake' says to tell you 'I read and approved this message.'


When I was 13 I was always worried about my body. Like, if the bones were right in my chest because they felt odd to me, and stuff like that. I would ask my friend 'Jake' feel my chest bones and let me feel his to see if they were the same. This happened a few times and I got very worried once because my nuts didn't feel right and one of them hurt. I was afraid to ask Jake to let me check out his but I asked him what his felt like and tried to describe what mine felt like, how they were shaped and their size. So he said I should just check him out myself wherever I wanted on his body and he would check me out. He said he wanted to do this anyhow because I was not circumcised and he wanted to get a closer look at how I worked down there to understand it better.

So we both completely stripped and he just stood in the middle of the room with his legs apart and his hands on his head and told me to check him out however I wanted. I felt him all over and felt myself in the same spots to see if there was anything different or odd about me. I put his nut between my fingers and felt and squeezed it. I felt the small veins in his nut sack and felt mine too. I had him open his mouth and looked down his throat and put my finger in and felt his tongue and gums and did the same to my own to compare. I felt all around in his crotch area and legs and feet and toes. He leaned over a desk so I could slide my finger up into his asshole and I felt all around inside and as far up as I could reach. Then with my other hand I felt myself to see if anything was different. His cock was hard while I was doing it and so I felt what his cock felt like hard and rubbed it some to see how big it could get. And I even spread open his pee hole and looked in.

Then it was his turn. Mostly he was interested in my cock and it was pretty hard already and when he touched it and started to spread open the skin to examine me, the tip of my cock came all the way out of the skin which was the first time it came that far out because it was so tight. And that felt really good with him examining it that way but it hurt some too, from the skin stretching, and my whole dick started to pulse which had happened before. Then he wanted to check out my asshole and so I bent over the same desk and spreaded my cheeks open with my hands. He tried but said I was holding too tight so his finger wouldn't go in. So I spit on his finger and tried hard to relax and he worked it in and felt all around for a long long time. He was moving it all around and in and out and I think he must have done this to himself a lot and learned how to make it feel good because it felt so good I was starting to rub my cock not even knowing what I was doing. He reached around and took my hand off my cock and put his own on it and stroked it while his finger was still moving around up inside my ass. The pulsings got harder than ever and I felt something oozing out but couldn't see what it was. But it felt so good I didn't care and didn't want it to ever stop.

That was the first time I cummed. I just stayed leaning on the desk. He laid on the bed and wanted me to rub his cock for him then but I was so messed up from my first cumm that I couldn't move for a long time and so he whacked off himself while I watched. He cummed a good stream and I can tell he had been doing it a lot before and never told me. After that I got worried because his cumm was so much different from my little ooze. So we did it again the next day and the next day so that we could compare. And on those days I stroked him and he stroked me. After that time we still compared things and checked each other out a lot. I cum good streams now. Things changed now and just sometimes we still cumm together and what Jake likes is to be playing his finger up inside my asshole while I stroke myself with one hand and him with the other. I love that feeling too and it is a great way to relax and get my mind off things. We have a hard time finding a place to do it with enough privacy though. So it's not as much as we would like. I try to store up until we can do it together. Jake says he can't hold out that long and says he has to do it at least four times every day.



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