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The First of Many Trials

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Dedicated to my mistress, may you enjoy this story as much as I enjoy you.


I had been reading different masturbation methods online, and one of the top-rated styles was to get as close to orgasm, then to stop. While this was generally a standard practice for me, there was also mention that the person should avoid orgasm for as long as possible, even days, to increase the strength. Thinking this was a good idea, I began to masturbate as normal, coming to the edge at least 5 times that day, before going to bed. I awoke the next morning and continued on my quest, edging away as much as possible... fighting the urge to just go a few strokes more. It was harder; soon the edges were making my hips thrust into the seat, forcing me to keep everything away from the tip of my penis, lest a single touch send me over.

Sleep was harder to get that night - my penis was left hard and twitching, slippery with it's covering of pre-cum as I forcefully rolled over and tried to force the mental images out of my mind.

Due to a holiday, I was able to continue my playing the next day, but, despite being free from other responsibilities, I was still under a great deal of pressure. I could almost feel a weight in my groin, reminding me of how good it would feel to just orgasm, to let it all shoot out... it was too much, I gave in. I decided, though, that if I was going to finish, I would finish it creatively.

With nobody around the house, I gathered a plastic sandwich bag and a bottle of hand cream. Liberally soaking the inside of the bag and covering my penis with the white liquid, I placed the bag over my enlarged member, and placed it underneath my mattress. I began to thrust, groaning with every pump... it was exquisite, feeling the edge of the box-spring grinding up and down my shaft... it felt so good... but it wasn't enough... I wanted it so badly, but I couldn't go over the edge.

Still feeling adventurous, I decided a bit of teasing was in order... Grabbing a bit of shoelace, I quickly pulled back my foreskin, allowing the purplish head of my penis to feel the air, and began to tie a tight knot around the base of my penis and my testicles...immediately, I could feel it begin to harden even more as bluish veins started to stand out along the shaft... the urge to just cover my twitching penis in hand cream and pump away was incredible, but I had to hold on. Having some Tiger Balm nearby, I decided to add a bit of pain to the equation... scooping some out of its small bottle, I rubbed it all over my penis, covering the head especially... Before long, I could feel little tingles all over... like tiny little pin pricks... not enough to hurt, but just enough to make it itch even harder with desire... But I wasn't finished yet... stripping down, I grabbed an electric toothbrush, something I knew would feel good, but not enough to send me over, and set the quickly moving bristles loose on the underside of my penis-head.

Ahhh... how it twitched! Between the swelling, tight feeling along the shaft and in my testicles from the shoelace, the burning from the tiger-balm, and the maddening stimulation from the bristles... it was almost too much...

I couldn't go on... I had to orgasm...

Putting down the still humming brush, I scooped another bit of tiger balm out and began to quickly rub along the shaft...

I could feel my orgasm building... the head of my penis started to almost radiate, as small tingles ran up my thighs, through my testicles, and up my shaft.

This was it... I was going over... my muscles clenched and...

It honestly felt like my body exploded... my head was forced back, every muscle in my body seemed to clench... teeth gritted, eyes closed, I could see stars all along my eyelids. I had no idea of the time... the shocks running through my penis just seemed to last forever... as I came, my liquid allowed my hand to move faster, harder, making every thing more intense...

Finally... it all began to quiet... it was so hard to open my eyes, the tingling in my head made me just want to lie there. The world could end, and I would die a happy man... I knew I'd remember that moment forever.



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