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The First 'O'

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I loved everything about growing up. I was so excited when my little breasts started to develop and when I noticed the hair between my legs becoming more prominent. I loved my first period, (though NOT the tummy ache that came with it) but above all, I loved the way I felt when I squeezed my legs together or when I got the courage to actually touch down there. But I never had an orgams. It felt great, of course, but never the shattering experience I read about.

On day in school I was feeling horny. Even though I was not quite regular by then, I knew when my period was coming because my breasts ached, and I felt really REALLY horny. I sat in class partly squeezing my legs together but also sitting with my legs as wide apart as I could. Knowing that all that covered my pussy was a thin piece of white cotton was kinda kinky to me back then. This particular day, I reached under the long tartan skirts we had to wear and tugged my panties to one side then sat with my legs open. There was no danger of anyone seeing, but knowing I was exposing myself was really good. After a few moments of this I began to feel really REALLY antsy and like I needed to pee. I also felt some wetness and I wondered if I had started. I asked to leave the room and went to the bathroom.

Once there I locked myself in a stall and took my skirt and panties off. I hadn't started, but I was wet, wetter than ever I had been before.

I stood there and opened my legs and reached for my clit. I remember standing over the lavatory, like boys do when they pee and rubbing myself. I leaned right back and thrust my mound forward and felt something building between my legs. Then, suddenly I thought I was going to pee, actually, I TRIED to pee and BLAM.... the orgasm hit me so hard. It seemed to touch me everywhere from my toes to my head, but most of all between my legs. Convulsion after convulsion rippled through me. I know I was gasping and making little sounds, but I didnt care. When I finished coming, a voice from outside said 'Dirty bitch' before I heard a toilet flush and the outside door slamming. Someone had heard me getting off. THAT I totally LOVED.

I dressed and walked back to class a different person. I could cum now. Of course, that night, I jilled myself silly but I really got into masturbating in public places. I would go into the toilets when I went to the mall, or in changing rooms in stores. Sometimes I would try on clothes, jill off in them and put them back.

So now, I am 16 and still an avid outdoor masturbator. I know that I want to be 'caught' but I am scared that whoever catches me will try to rape me, so I guess I'm not THAT grown up yet, but maybe I will try it in an all-girl kinda place. Not that I want to do anything with another girl, (yuck!) but just to get caught would be really cool.

Ok, I am off to take care of myself. Bye Bye.



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