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The First Awakening

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Apart from the obvious, growing breasts and stuff, puberty can be awful for a girl. So many unexpected irregular periods at first. It really made me underconfident in my own body. My first orgasm had happened only a month before this incident, and even that ended in me wetting myself. So all in all, NOT a good start.


So, I was in class and feeling kinda antsy. I also knew that I was more moist than usual and I started to get worried about it being yet another unexpected period. The teacher in the class was one of those really strict types. You didn't ask to go to the bathroom in his lessons... Trust me! When I got to thinking that maybe something really was happening in my panties, I had slipped my hand up under my skirt and into the crotch of my panties and was relieved and really surprised to find that I hadn't come on, but holy moly was wet!

I ran my finger up my slit and my clit almost jumped out on my finger! That's when I realized that I was really REALLY horny. I caught sight of the teacher and suddenly realized that he had seen me put my hand up my skirt. (The classroom is sometimes used as a lecture theatre and the seating is banked up.) The rest of the lesson past in utter boredom and me desperate to get to the bathroom and relieve myself. (At that moment, I wouldn't have cared if I wet myself again. I just knew I needed to cum.)

When the ll eventually went, I gathered up my stuff and was the last one out. That's when he called me back. (Shit!) He said. 'Emma, you may not know how easy it is to see what you were doing in this classroom. I am well aware that young girls have needs, but attending to them in the class is not a good idea.' Then, of all things, he smiled. The first time I have ever seen him smile and I almost melted right there and then. 'I suppose you had better go and take care of yourself now.' He added with a little chuckle. That's when I said 'I wasn't far off just now, Sir.'

I suddenly really REALLY REALLY needed to cum.. like NOW! There was a kind of tense silence and he nodded over to the stock room. 'You can go in there if you like.' The thought of getting off almost in the same room was really horny so I went into the room. I didn't shut the door though. I just dumped my things on the floor and leaned back against the desk that was in there and lifted up my skirt. I could see his back the whole time. At first, I just put my hand in my panties but then I really got daring. I lowered them to my knees. I was desperate for him to turn and look at me, but you know what? He didn't. In the end, I felt my cum welling up and I moaned out loud a couple times as it hit. Fuck.. I would have done anything for him to help me out, I think I would even have gone the whole route with him. When I calmed down, I slipped my panties off and just left them on the desk in the stockroom and walked out of the class.

All the way home I was excited about what I had done and then I thought about him finding my wet panties. I sure hope he jacked off into them. By the time I got home I was horny again and I went to the bathroom for a shower. This time, I jilled off in the shower stall thinking about my teacher wrapping my panties around his dick and shooting his load into them. I wished he was inside me! I cummed so hard in the shower that I peed all down my leg and onto my hand. Later that night in bed, I cummed again thinking about how I would love him to take my cherry.



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