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The Exotic Dance

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When I was in my late twenties and early thirties I was what is nicely called an exotic dancer. In truth I wore bright, colorful costumes which I slowly and very erotically removed as I 'danced' to loud, pulsating music. When I was finished with my dance I was totally naked except for my sandals. There is a fine line between serious erotica in the dance and plain raunch. I was good at what I did and did not have to resort to raunch to please my audience. I am now forty two and I still maintain the body that I had when I danced. Five years ago I moved to another state and established a group of friends over time. I'm friends with my neighbors and through them I have become friends with their friends. Elaine is the only one who knows about my dancing past and she continues to express an interest in the subject. I never went into details about my actual dance except to say that I wore skimpy clothing while dancing similar to a belly dancer. Well, Elaine and her hubby were planning a party and I was invited. There were about thirty friends at the party. Elaine said she wanted something a little different rather than just the same old parties where you listen to music while chatting and eating and drinking. She asked me if I would do one of my exotic dances at the party. I told her I would give it some thought and then let her know. I did think hard about it and I pulled out one of my dance outfits and sure enough, it still fit very nicely. Two days later I told Elaine I would be happy to dance at her party.

I did some serious practicing at home for several days and I felt I still had the technique. I was actually starting to get excited about the party and was looking forward to party night. Party night arrives and Elaine had told me that at around nine o'clock she would gather everyone into her Great Room where I would dance. I gave her my music. It's now nine o'clock. All are in the big room and waiting for me to come out of one of the bedrooms where I got dressed. All Elaine told the group was that I was going to dance for them since that's what I once did for a living. My outfit is very much like the outfit a belly dancer would wear. Mine was blue and gold with a full length wrap-around semi see-through skirt and matching bra top. Lots of bangles and other jewelry. I wore lots of make-up. I looked both exotic and quite erotic. The music came on and out I came with a flourish onto the hardwood floor of the Great Room. I had everything moving, hips, belly, head and tits. The facial expressions were amazing. Lots of wide eyes and open mouths. I began by dancing very similar to what a belly dancer would do. My castinets added real flair to my dance. I moved around the floor and passed by all the party-goers.

After several minutes of this type of dancing I reached back and unhooked the bra part of my outfit. I let the straps hang while my tits held up the two cups. I continued dancing. I couldn't believe the expression on Elaine's face. Little by little I lowered the bra cups to the point where my nipples were just barely covered. I danced toward one of the women and got real close. I stuck out my chest toward her and pointed to my tits. She got the idea and reached out and pulled off my bra. Out popped my two tits and my huge, dark brown areolas and nipples. I heard gasps as well as applause and some whistles. I was now dancing to the pounding beat of the music as erotically as I could. I touched my tits and my nipples and then lifted one tit toward my head and briefly licked the nipple. More applauding and whistling. I strutted back and forth with my big tits jiggling and swaying.

Now I turned my back to my audience and undid the hook to my skirt. I pulled the top of the skirt down slightly to just start to expose my bare butt. After shaking my hips for awhile I pulled the skirt top down to show my entire bare butt. Again, lots of vocal comments and calls. I then turned to face my friends and held the skirt in front of me while I gyrated to the music. I pranced back and forth while covering my cunt with the skirt. Both men and the ladies were now shouting to me and saying, 'show us your pussy.' I made them wait for at least another two minutes while I used my skirt as a dancing prop. As I neared the audience one lady got my ear and said,'we must see your pussy.' I strutted back to the center of the floor and threw the skirt to the side exposing my bald cunt. I have just a tiny thin patch of short black hair directly above my cunt. I faced them sideways so they still couldn't see it. I then turned toward them and continued dancing entirely naked except for my clear plastic slippers and jewelry.

I frequently touched the outside of my cunt with my fingertips bringing more calls and cheers. I knew my music was nearing an end so I now ran a finger through my slit several times and then put the finger in my mouth. I couldn't believe how loud the people got at that point. The music then ended. The entire group of friends now were chanting 'more, more' over and over. I took a bow and picked up my outfit and went to the bedroom to change. I joined the party and got rave compliments the rest of the night from everyone including Elaine who said, 'I just can't believe you did that in front of all your friends.' I did and I loved it. When I finally got home I was extremely aroused sexually from the reactions I got from my audience. One lady friend actually said to me, 'I'll lick your pussy anytime.' she was serious.

I got a nice warm shower and then climbed on my bed and masturbated to an intense orgasm. I continue to think about the woman who offered to lick my cunt. I've never been with a woman before and I think I might like to try that.

The next day one of my lady friends from the party stopped by to talk with me. She said she was planning a party six weeks from now and was inviting the people that she works with. She asked me if I would do my dance at her party just like I did last night. Before I even had a chance to think about it she offered to pay me one hundred dollars to do the dance. I immediately accepted. Imagine getting paid nicely for something you would be willing to do for free. believe me, I'll give her guests a show like they've never experienced before and no raunch.



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