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The Exchange Student

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When I was 15, our family hosted a Swedish foreign exchange student. Sven was a tall thin handsome blonde. Apparently Swedes were much less inhibited about their bodies than Americans, and I was surprised the first week when coming out of the bathroom, I ran into Sven butt naked in the hall, patiently waiting to use the shower. What a sight. Now I had seen a few boy's dicks in my life, but nothing the size of the hose on Sven, and it was the first uncircumcised one I had ever seen. He nonchalantly went in the bathroom and closed the door, and I immediately went to my room and fingered myself to a great orgasm. Unfortunately my brother told Sven the custom in the US was to cover yourself with a towel, so I didn't get another morning surprise after that.

One Saturday morning, it was just Sven and me at home. I walked by his room and he was lying naked on his bed watching cartoons. He was absently tugging on his foreskin, and I stopped and stared. After about 10 seconds, he noticed me watching him, and without any sense of embarrassment, he just smiled at me, said good morning, and asked me if I liked cartoons. I shook my head no, but then blurted out, but I like that... staring at his dick. He just laughed, and flopped it a couple of times against his stomach. I told Sven I had never seen one with skin, and he just looked down, pulled on it again, and then asked me if I wanted to look closer. I sat on the side of his bed, and he pulled the skin back to reveal the head, and said, see now it looks no different. I reached over and touched his foreskin, and before I knew it, I was stroking him, and he was getting hard. It didn't grow all that much bigger, maybe from 5' soft to 7', but it was very thick, and my palm barely fit around it. I kept stroking him, and he leaned back with his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes. I was entranced watching his foreskin go over the head, and then pull down. I looked up and down his smooth lean body, and felt my pussy get wet. I reached down and slid a finger into my panties, and started diddling my clit. Sven's breathing became shallow, and he started to thrust his hips into my hand, and then he arched his back. His cum didn't shoot like the other boys I had messed around with, instead it sort of oozed out, and down the side of his dick, covering my hand. I was staring at the mess all over his dick, pubic hair, and my hand, when he opened his eyes, and saw me fingering myself.

He said with his cute little accent 'Ah..you must let me do you back in favor'. Never forget that! With that he scooted around, pulled my panties down, and started to finger my clit. He said 'It is a very pretty one. What is the word?' I remember just gasping out 'pussy', and he looked at me funny, and said 'like cat?' I was starting to see stars and could only nod. His middle finger was rubbing me furiously, and just as I glanced over and saw his big helmet covered dick, still glistening with his cum, it sent me over and I came with a small squirt on his hand. He reached over on his table and grabbed some tissues, and wiped me dry, then himself. He smiled at me, and said he really enjoyed playing with me.

The rest of the year, Sven and I messed around every which way possible. He was a terrific lover, and we had many romps together. But the first time I held that monster will always be my fondest memory.

'Like cat?' became a code word between us!



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