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The Education of Mary

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When I was 16 the hang out place for me and other kids was the large rec room of a neighborhood girl, Mary. Boys always outnumbered girls by a wide margin in our get-togethers at Mary's. In addition to having a favorable place in the supply and demand equation, Mary had discovered the power that teenage girls can have over teenage boys. Mary quite readily introduced me to the French kiss and the touch of a breast-at least on the first occasion. After that such favors were doled out very irregularly and after much pleading and queuing. There were no other intimacies allowed.

A new girl, Cathy, came to be a part of the group. Cathy took a liking to me and, in stark contrast to Mary, she was very free with her favors. Until I met Cathy I did not realize that teenage girls can be as horny as teenage boys. Cathy and I used to retire to a nearby woods where we would find privacy in an out-of-the-way clearing. After a couple of sessions of wet kisses and fondling through clothes we progressed to that stage popularly known as third base. It was a thrill for me to reach under the elastic band of Kathy's panties, feel the first erotic touch of her pussy hair, and then play with her squishy wet cunt. She taught me where the clit was located and I had the satisfaction of making her come. In turn, I taught Cathy how to beat me off. She was surprised the first time she drew sperm from my dick. She knew the facts of life but she was not prepared to see the amount of sperm or the force of the ejaculation.

Fortunately for me, Cathy always looked forward to the culmination of our beat off sessions. She knew from my reaction when I was about to come and she took care to watch the effect of her stroking. It was a turn on for me that it was a turn on for her. After a little coaxing Cathy allowed me to please her with my tongue. This was reserved for the rare occasions when we were alone in a house. The rules of the forum don't allow me to elaborate on this part of our sex fun. Let me just say I loved the taste and smell of her wet pussy. After finger fucking her I would not wash my hand so I could keep the smell of her pussy with me for the rest of the day.

Cathy and I would get together on the weekends and we never failed to bring each other off. Her period did not deter us. I would not eat her out during this time but neither of us had any reluctance about manual stimulation. Intercourse was out of bounds because of the fear of pregnancy.

Several months in to the girlfriend boyfriend thing I got a welcome telephone call from Cathy. Her parents were out for the evening, and she and Mary had the place to themselves. Would I like to come over? I was over at her house in minutes. With Mary in our midst our initial activity consisted of gossip, TV watching and snacking. I wanted a session with Cathy but what to do about Mary? The three of us were seated on a couch with me in the middle. In front of us on the coffee table was an empty bottle of pop. In the past I had played spin the bottle with Mary in her basement. She was the prime attraction on those occasions. It pleased her to be the center of attention in a group of horny guys. She was a serial French kisser but there was no touching below the belt by either her or the guys. I really did not expect Cathy and Mary to go for it but I picked up the empty bottle and suggested that we play the game.

The first reaction of the girls was something like: 'sure you want to play, you're the only guy here'. This was followed by Mary asking Cathy, 'you wouldn't want me to kiss your boyfriend would you', and Cathy saying, 'it would be okay with me, he'll still be my boyfriend'. I quickly chimed in something like,'yeah it's just a game, it will be fun'.

With Cathy's acceptance assured, I picked up and spun the bottle. It pointed to Cathy which was probably a good thing in order to break the ice. I leaned over and gave her a short French kiss. Mary was next up, and we had a brief exchange of tongues. As our game went on, the kisses became deeper and longer. I soon skipped spinning the bottle and just kissed the girls in turn. The activity was having the predictable effect on me. Mary was the first to comment. She looked at my lap and said, 'Brian has a hardon'. Cathy giggled and said, 'he always does'. Cathy's hand had been resting on my thigh. With a grin she placed her hand on the bulge in my pants. She asked me, 'do you want me to'?

At this point I really did want her to. But what about Mary? I said to neither of them in particular, 'I'm not sure Mary would want us to do that'. Mary said, 'you guys can do whatever you want'. Then Cathy said to me, 'I want to show Mary what happens when a guy comes'. My rampaging teenage horniness overcame my undeveloped teenage sense of decorum and I said, 'OK'. Cathy unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my pants. I raised my hips as she lowered my shorts and underpants exposing my stiff dick and balls. Though I am average in size Mary said,'geez, that thing is big'.

Cathy took her familiar grip and began stroking. She looked at me and said, 'you like this don't you Brian'? I gave her back a, 'Hmmm'. She said to Mary, 'he wants me to do this every time we are together'. Mary was leaning back with her elbows on the arm of the sofa. I asked her to kiss me while Cathy beat me off. She said, 'no, I just want to watch'. Cathy had a firm grip and a steady stroke. It didn't take long for me to feel the cum rising from my balls. My breathing changes before I come. When Cathy noticed this she said, 'now watch this Mary'. Cathy speeded up her pace and quickly milked the sperm from my dick in four or five spasms. I groaned in appreciation. I'm a dribbler now but back then it would shoot all over the place. Mary reacted with an 'oh my God'. Cathy said, 'can you believe how much these guys cum'? Cathy turned to me and said, 'feel better now'? I said,'yes', followed by, 'would you get me some Kleenex'? Mary remained an observer as I cleaned up the end of my dick and the puddles of come.

Mary left within a few minutes. There was a complete change in mood after the show was over. I left soon after she did without providing Cathy the usual reciprocal orgasm.

Cathy and I had some petty quarrel a few months later which caused our breakup. It wasn't long before I regretted not having her company. It was a long time before I had a relationship with a girl who had such an uninhibited attitude towards sex.

Many years later I ran into Cathy on the street when we were both mature adults. She told me she had three kids. She had put on a lot of weight but I would have dearly loved to put my tongue in her mouth and a hand down her panties for old times sake. Unfortunately she wasn't that uninhibited. Seeing her again did result in her resuming a starring role in my solitary masturbation sessions for some time afterwards.



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