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The Ecstasy of Watching

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This for those who yearn to watch their partner masturbate and to be able to masturbate together.


Since our early years of marriage the openness of nudity and masturbation has not been a problem. It was just something we enjoyed. We started early on with a frank discussion about what we enjoyed doing, especially concerning masturbation. It was obvious the things we didn't care to discuss were things we quietly understood we would not do and let it go at that.

Our first episode before we married was me asking him if he wanted to spend the night. Talk about a night of exploration and learning about our bodies and the spots that brought moans of delight. After a shower together and about an hour of foreplay we ended with almost simultaneous masturbation orgasms.

From then on we progressed to more and more varieties of love making. Much of which we learned together watching videos while we masturbated. We both were highly turned on watching solo, mutual masturbation and positions of love making.

Initially, to learn how we liked to please ourselves I first I let him watch me masturbate. Then he let me watch him. We then masturbated each other. The next night we mutually masturbated. If you haven't been able to do what we enjoyed doing you have missed the optimum of open togetherness.

As we grew older and developed a few health issues intercourse slowly declined. That was not a problem as we spent many a night with extended foreplay which didn't necessarily need to end in orgasms.

We usually slept nude, after a shower mind you, and to learn something new we oft times watched masturbation and love making videos. There were times one of us may spontaneously begin to slowly masturbate. Several times he had caught me masturbating when I was in my own world. He usually didn't interrupt but just watched until I finished. When I opened my eyes and saw his hardon I couldn't resist jerking him off. He had been so turned on watching me in only seconds he was spurting cum all over me.

Periodically when we were in bed watching TV he would seem to unconsciously begin to play with himself. Just watching him as his dick slowly began to swell and harden was always so arousing. As time went on he began to fondle his balls with his other hand and his eyes closed so I realized he was in his own private world. By now his dick was fully hard and he would start out slow and then speed up which had me ready to masturbate too. My pussy was dripping wet but this was his time to enjoy himself as he had watched me do so many times.

Eventually I couldn't resist so I quietly and slowly began to run a finger over my wet pussy lips. As I noticed his breathing began to quicken I knew he was getting close. However I was so turned on by then had I touched my clit I would have cum instantly.

We had masturbated together so many times I could tell when he was getting close. He and I enjoyed watching cum shots so when I saw his eyes open and his body begin to stiffen I furiously began rubbing my clit as we watched spurts of cum begin to shoot all over his chest. When we came down from our orgasm highs he said, 'I'm sorry about that but you seemed to enjoy watching didn't you?' I said, 'You've done the same for me so I didn't dare interrupt you'.

I'll let you figure how I cleaned up his cum. We then cuddled up totally satisfied and enjoyed another nights sleep in each others arms. And so it went with our once or twice a day mutual sexual satisfaction.

If what we have enjoyed isn't part of your sexuality put some spice in your lives as you're missing the pure ecstasy of being true soul mates.

I'll close with a cute story of virgin young Chinese couple in bed on their wedding night I think you should enjoy. After a few minutes of cuddling the wife shyly turned to her husband and whispered, 'want to try something I have hear about from odda girls... Numbaa 69.'. The innocent young virgin husband paused, thought for a minute and finally replied, 'Ah-soo, you want....... garlic chicken wif snow peas?'

I'll stop here but you can guess 'chicken wif snow peas' wasn't our idea of numbaa 69!



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