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The Early Days

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I've been a fan of this site for several years, often finding myself coming here to inspire some solo play. I've frequently thought about posting something, but the idea of doing so usually gets me so excited that my hands are otherwise engaged.

Alas, it's finally time for my first posting! I thought I would start with a brief, if not all that exciting, story of my early days as a masturbator. If you enjoy it, please let me know, and I'll be encouraged to follow up with more, juicier stories.

In middle school, I would often hear other kids make comments or jokes eluding to masturbation. While I had a decent idea of what they were referring to, I had not yet tried it for myself. I was a late bloomer, so I suppose I was about a year behind everyone else before I first tried sliding my foreskin around over the head of my cock. As I said, I was a late developer, so the area around my small, young package was still mostly hairless. I would grab my shaft with my right hand, or at least the first few fingers, and slide the foreskin of my uncut cock back and forth.

I loved the feeling of the stimulation, and just as much, I loved the thrill of feeling like I was up to something naughty and grown-up. At this point, I would only achieve, at best, a small, dry orgasm. But I loved it nonetheless.

Privacy was rare around my house, my bedroom door didn't have a lock on it, and family members would enter rooms without knocking just often enough that you couldn't be sure they wouldn't surprise you. The only chance I got to stroke was in the shower or while sitting on the toilet. In fact, I clearly remember one day sitting on the toilet in my bathroom when I had my first REAL cum. As I finished, I could feel it building stronger than usual, and as I finished a small glob of cum oozed out of the head of my cock and dropped into the toilet. The amazing feelings were overshadowed by the excitement of feeling like I was grown up and the door was open to an even wider world of pleasure. But, one can only spend so much time in the bathroom without people asking questions. As I got a bit older, I started taking the bus home from school, and because of the schedule of my other family members, if the bus was on time, I would have 20 minutes to an hour of alone time.

In the beginning, I would just drop trousers and stroke away. As time wore on, this lost its novelty and I needed to try something new. I started snooping around the house during my alone time, and eventually discovered a stash of adult magazines my dad had hidden away in a drawer. I stood, knees trembling and butterflies in my stomach, looking through the pages at the sexy, topless women. I pulled out a second magazine, and opened up to find a gorgeous blonde with beautiful, perky tits, sitting on a bench totally naked. Her legs were slightly apart and my eyes were glued to her pink slit. I was so excited, I could barely contain myself. I carefully returned the magazines to the drawer, being careful to set them and the drawer back just exactly as I had found them. I ran immediately back to my bedroom, where I stripped all of my clothes off, and masturbated completely naked with the door open. I felt so free and open and natural, and it really turned me on to be so naked while I stroked, when I was so used to doing so in secret. My cock was so hard it pointed nearly straight up at the ceiling, and I quickly came.

As I grew a bit more as a masturbator, I started exploring internet porn. The second I would get home from school and I verified that I was home alone, I would draw the blinds in the room that held the family computer, and google a few key words to get my imagination stimulated. I was always very careful to cover my tracks to avoid getting caught.

Midway through high school, I would get my own computer in my room. After awhile, I thought to rearrange the furniture so that the computer screen faced away from the door, and my desk afforded me some coverage, and I could jerk in prime-time! I didn't have quite enough coverage, so I couldn't openly jerk off the way I loved to do when I was alone, but I could at least slip a hand down my pants and tease myself while I looked at porn, or sites like Solo Touch. This is how edging became a big part of my sexual life, I would sit for an hour or more browsing the internet and slowly teasing myself. When I couldn't take it any more, I would slip into the bathroom, give a few good tugs to push me over the edge, and fire my load into the toilet.

While I was never blatantly caught, I know that at times my parents could tell what I was up to, when the walked in to find my with a red face, adjusting myself in my seat, and with the room probably stinking of sex. Thankfully they saved me the embarrassment of talking about it out loud.

I look forward to sharing more about my growth as a masturbator, now that I've popped my Solo Touch cherry!

The self-restraint involved with reliving these exciting memories, while forcing myself to keep both hands up on the keyboard has me aching with horny excitement. I've been oozing pre-cum for the last few paragraphs, and I can't wait to free my cock the second I hit the submit button, I hope you'll join me.




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