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The Early Days

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Having recently told you of the secret game played by my wife and myself,and subsequently related how she has been able to perfect her techniques to give me pleasure in 'Her Loving Hands',from the things she has secretly learned and applied,I now want to tell you about how it all began by going back to my childhood.You must remember that children were less informed about sexual matters in those days and if the things I relate appear to be naive to you more enlightened younger people I apologise,but so far all I have related is true and I can only continue to be honest.My first experience of an erection was when I was 10 years of age and occurred as I was walking to school.My school friends had been giggling about one of their sister's developing tits and my small penis gave it's first reaction in the natural way.I was puzzled at why I was finding it difficult to walk and why my willie was getting stiff.That night in bed my thoughts returned to the mystery and I examined my willie and wondered why it was different from those of the other boys that I had seen when getting changed for P.E.Of course,it was because I had been circumcised at an early age,but to me it made me feel different and a little self-conscious.As I examined my willie,it grew before my eyes in slow undulating movements until I was looking at my stiff,small cock and touching it with my inquisitive hands to examine in more detail this strange but,even then to me,beautiful sight.As I handled my newly found friend I started to knock it about to see how springy it was and then I suddenly felt a weird ,aching sensation that made my body tremble all over.I liked the sensation so much that every night and at every opportunity I would play with my cock by slapping it about,the only way I knew to bring on the sensation but I could never repeat the feeling.I used to kneel in the toilet,when going for a pee and knock my erect cock about,trying to make it ache again and on one wonderful occasion I discovered that by holding my cock between my fingers I could move the skin up and down and get a nicer feeling of playing with it.Of course this time I found my second orgasm by natural means and from that moment on I was hooked.I would wank at every possible opportunity and by the time I witnessed my first ejaculation I had learned a little more from the school playground gossip and was not too worried at this development,in fact I was proud of it,although still somewhat ashamed of my differently shaped cock.Next time I will tell you how I came to get over that shame by relating some of my wanking adventures at home and at school in those formative years.



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