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The Domino Effect

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Watching a woman masturbate is so sensual. All you ladies-keep up the good work.


For me, watching a woman masturbate is a huge turn-on. Subsequently in most of my relationships, the girls I have been with have been more than happy to openly masturbate for me. I really love women and this unfortunately often leads me astray and unable to stay faithful within a relationship. I am however trying and have certainly improved a lot over the past few years.

The following encounter was different from the normal for me. I was 20 years old at the time and was on leave from the army. I have a friend Timothy (22 at the time) who lived close to my house where we spent a lot of time when we were at school together. He had a separate flat at the bottom of his parent's garden where he lived and where we used to hang-out. My girlfriend Claire and his girlfriend Jenna were both 21 years old.

I had not met his girlfriend Jenna before as I had not been home from the army for close to five months. Claire and I went around to Timothy's flat, spent some time catching up and then went out partying. We all went back to Timothy's after our night out as we usually spent the night there over the weekends.

Jenna went to lie down on the couch while the three of us were chatting in the other room. Probably a half hour later, Timothy went to the bathroom. He came back to where we were sitting and called Claire and I to come see Jenna. We walked into the room and she was lying on the couch pretty much asleep with her hand in her pants rubbing her clit. What a sight! I was so turned on that I immediately stuck my hand up Claire's skirt and started fingering her. She in turn un-zipped my jeans and pulled out my already hard cock and started wanking me. Evidently she was just as turned on by Jenna lying in front of us with her hand in her pants. You couldn't see her cunt - just the top of her shortly trimmed pubic hair.

Well with Claire and me openly groping each other, Timothy was also in need of some action and roused Jenna from her daze. She looked at us, all the time keeping her hand in her pants rubbing her cunt. Timothy proceeded to pull her pants and panties off leaving her lying there in only her t-shirt. He then stripped himself naked and they started feeling each other all over.

Claire and I went to the bedroom (open plan to where they were lying on the couch), also stripped naked and masturbated each other to rather fast orgasms. Not long after, Timothy came through to where we were lying and started talking to me. He was still naked as were we. I remember Claire staring at his now semi-limp uncircumcised cock. I also remember him telling Claire she had lovely tits (they were nice sized and perfectly shaped 32 B's). I have always had a preference for smallish tits myself - although I am far from fussy.

Nothing more happened that night, but it was the start of more to follow. Once I finished in the army, we continued our fun together as a foursome. It progressed to sharing our girlfriends and that type of thing. I told Jenna how much watching her masturbate had turned me on that first night and she would often sit naked in a chair with her legs pulled up, rubbing her cunt knowing how much it turned me on (what a wonderful way to be teased).

The girls also used to get together and put on masturbation shows for Timothy and myself - touching themselves and each other. I remember us lying around naked after a game of strip poker one night. We were just chatting and Timothy started sticking his fingers in my girlfriend's cunt. Jenna had just gone to the bathroom and when she came back, she said she wanted to finger her too. So there are my friend and his girlfriend arguing about who was going to finger fuck my girlfriend. Quite amusing when you look back on it.

Timothy and Jenna broke up about a year later and that put a damper on our foursome fun. I carried on seeing her for about a year after they had broken up (Claire was not privy to this information at the time) - sexual encounters on the side. She eventually got married.

Claire and I lived together till I was 26. We shared some other experiences with other friends after that. Looks like Jenna's hand in her pants that first night sparked a desire in us all. Claire wanted to get married and I wasn't interested in the commitment at that stage. We broke up. She got pregnant (twins) and married within a year. I went to her wedding and we remained friends while she lived in the area. After that we lost touch.

About 2 months ago, she phoned out of the blue saying she was in town and wanted to come say hello. Just so happened that Timothy and his wife were coming around to my house for supper that night so I invited her along (much to my finance's dismay). Nothing happened that night but it certainly jogged some great memories and brought about some knowing smiles.



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