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The Doctor That Helped Me Become a Man

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I had a delayed puberty due to lack of hormones. This very good doctor helped me develop into a man.


I was a late bloomer physically. By age 15, I had just begun to enter puberty and this had been a major source of embarrassment for the past couple of years. One time, when I was almost 14, I visited my cousin who was the same age as I was. He told me about masturbation, describing how good it felt and how he liked to do it and suggested that we do it together. I had never heard about it but it did sound interesting even if the idea of showing him my private parts was somewhat embarrassing. Well, it turned out to be a major embarrassment as he was so much more developed than I was. He didn't make fun of my prepubescent cock but it was obvious he was surprised. Of course I was even more surprised when I saw the size of his cock and the bush of hair that grew all around it. He was very hard when he took his pants off but mine was still limp and small as I dropped my under shorts. Obviously, he didn't know what to make of my little cock but he suggested that it would get hard if he played with it. Sure enough it did although it was very tiny compared to his monster cock. He showed me how to stroke his cock and I worked hard at it even if I was embarrassed at how small mine was in comparison. He pumped away at mine, asking if it felt good. Well, I didn't know what it was supposed to feel like but I assured him that it did feel good. He said I was really making his feel good and asked me to stroke him faster and I did. Soon he was panting, squirming and grunting that it felt good and that he was about to cum. He urged me to stroke him faster and harder. I stroked as fast as I could with him wiggling and squirming like that. He completely stopped stroking mine and just let me work on him. I was really surprised when I saw white fluid begin to come out of his cock and then it shot out, flying way into the air and down onto his belly. I kept pumping his cock and it kept spurting this white stuff. I could feel the hot fluid running down my hand and I smelled a new, pungent odor. His cock began to grow limp and he put his hand over mine, forcing me to stop stroking his cock. He said nothing for a while, just lay there panting, holding my hand away from his cock. Then he said, that's what happens when you have an orgasm, man it sure does feel good. You do yours he said, indicating that I should stroke my own cock which was still stiff even if so small. I put my fingers around mine and started to pump. He assured me that if I did it long enough it would tickle really good. I kept stroking and stroking but I didn't really feel anything. After some time, I said that my cock was feeling sore and stopped. He said that I should keep working on it during the coming weeks and that it would feel good and he knew I would really like to do it. The night before I left for home, he wanted me to beat him off again, saying I sure made him feel good. I really didn't want to, still feeling so inadequate over my small size but he kept asking so I agreed. He played with mine while I stroked him. I got hard and it did feel kind of nice but nothing else and then I made his cock shoot off again and he stopped stroking me and we went to sleep.

During the next few months, I often thought about what he had told me and several times my cock would get hard and I would pump it but nothing really happened until about 3 months later. That time it just felt different from the start and I really liked how it felt and kept stroking. After a few minutes my little cock began to tickle so hard I couldn't stand to keep stroking. I just looked at it as it stood there, throbbing and twitching and very, very red. After that, I would make it tickle every few days and really did like how it felt.

About this time, my parents realized that I was really late in entering puberty and arranged for me to visit a doctor. That was especially embarrassing as he had me take my pants off and he felt my cock and my balls, examining them very carefully. He asked me several questions regarding if my penis had recently begun to grow larger, and if it would get erect. He kept feeling my balls and asked me if I masturbated. I didn't know what that was and he explained, saying that I shouldn't be embarrassed, it was something that all boys did and it would help him to understand about my problem if he knew if I could have an orgasm. He went on to explain that an orgasm happened after one rubbed his penis until it began to tickle. So, I confessed to him that yes, I did rub it and that it made it tickle. He then asked if it got really red and sensitive after I rubbed it for a while. I told him that it got so sensitive that I couldn't stand to touch it anymore. He asked if any fluid came out of the end of it when it tickled. I told him that it didn't but I remembered how much came out of my cousin's cock when I beat him off. He went on to explain to me how the normal hormones that boys produced that made their bodies grow into men had just been slow in coming for me and that he was going to give me some shots over the next few months that would make my body change. He explained that I would begin to grow hair under my arms and around my penis and that it would get significantly larger as would my testicles. He said that when I masturbated as my body was growing that I would begin to feel somewhat different when it tickled and that fluid would come out of the hole in the end. This was normal he said and that I shouldn't be bothered by it. It would be clear at first but as I grew more it would turn white and there would be more of it when my penis tickled. I was puzzled and really embarrassed but I managed to ask him if it was ok to do that to myself. Sure, he said, all the guys do it, its normal, healthy and besides it feels good. He asked if I felt weird when I saw other boys my age naked. I admitted that it did and he suggested that it might be best if I kept my private parts private until they grew to a normal size. If there are any other guys who have seen you like you are, well they understand and you don't have to be secretive with them. They will be surprised as they see how you are growing. Do you know if they masturbate? He asked. Yeah, I admitted and he went on to say that if we were masturbating together that it was ok to continue since they already knew mine was smaller then theirs. Anyway, you will probably soon be bigger than they are, he laughed. He gave me the first shot and told my parents to bring me back every 2 months for more shots. The shots really worked and after the 3rd month, I had really changed. I was taller, my voice sounded different and especially my penis was lots bigger. When I went back after 6 months, the doctor did another very complete exam. This time my penis was a lot bigger and so were my testicles. He felt of them carefully and closely examined my penis, sliding the foreskin back and looking at my cock. I felt myself begin to get a hard on and to my embarrassment, my cock began to lengthen and swell noticeably. He commented that it sure had grown and was developing very nicely. Have you noticed that you produce semen when you masturbate? No, I said, I don't think so. How often do you do it? He asked. Well, I hesitated and stammered, It's ok, he assured me, it will help me to know how you are growing if I know how your body is functioning. Do you masturbate every day? Without waiting for a reply, he went on to say that most boys probably do it to themselves everyday or several times a day, what about you? I do it most every day, sometimes twice, I managed to mumble out. That's ok, he said, do you spit on it for lubrication while you do it? No, I muttered. Well, if you did that would make the semen that young boys make hard to notice as it would mix with the saliva. Seeing I was puzzled, he explained that many guys find that using something as a lubricant made masturbation more pleasurable and the most common lubricant was saliva, guys just spit on it. Oh, I exclaimed, surprised and relived. If you are masturbating that frequently, you might consider using some kind of a lubricant as it will protect your penis from getting sore. Has it gotten sore after you masturbate. Once or twice I explained. Probably that was when you did it several times close together, he said. Yeah, I admitted. Use a lube, I think you will find that you like it. If you don't like the idea of saliva, you can use lotion or Vaseline. You can buy special lubes at the pharmacy but that might be a bit embarrassing he laughed. Just try saliva, he said, you can get a mouthful and spit it onto the head of you penis and spread it around with you hand. You will like it, he said again. Oh, one more thing, try not to masturbate for several days, maybe a week then do it and watch carefully when it tickles and see if any semen comes out. You do know what it looks like don't you? You have seen other guys ejaculate? Yeah, I admitted that I knew what it was. Good, he said, I don't want you to be shocked and surprised when it happens. Sometimes guys are so surprised the first time they do it that they are scared and afraid something is wrong. As we had been talking, I was sitting there on the exam table naked and my penis was swelled up to almost a full erection. He looked at it and said, you are coming along nicely, you will have quite a large one I'll bet. He reached out, clasped it in his hand and slid the foreskin back and examined it some more. Yeah, that is a nice one he said again as I grew harder in his hand. You are really doing well, he said again, if you can get it fully erect, I would like to measure it. He continued to hold it in his hand as he gently stroked it back and forth and felt it grow fully hard. He put a measure beside it and said, a bit over 4 inches, good. If we had just been able to have done that the first time I examined you we would know how it has grown. Do you know how big it would get erect before the first hormone shot. About 2 1/2 inches, I said. And how thick? He asked. About like this, I said, holding my thumb and forefinger a half inch apart. Well, he said, you are just over an inch thick now so you are really doing well. Lets keep watching it. Measure it every month and we can watch how it grows. He showed me how to measure the length and the circumference and said I could just tell him each time, no need to make any records that anyone might see and wonder about. I got another shot and left. The next week I decided to abstain and see if I could cum. It sure was hard and every night I would get a hard on and want to masturbate so bad but I would force myself to forget about it and go to sleep. I promised myself that I would beat off on the 6th day and I could hardly wait for that day to come. I decided that I would do it in the afternoon when I had the house all to myself so I waited impatiently all morning for my folks to leave. I could hardly keep it from being hard all morning so I was really ready to beat it off when they left. I ran to my room, took off all my clothes and lay on the bed and began to play with my hard cock. It really was hard, more that it seemed it used to get and I spent a long time looking at it, feeling it and playing around before getting down to some serious stroking. I hesitated to spit on it because I wanted to be sure if I make any semen or not. I had tried doing like the doctor said and found that it did feel lots better when it was all slick with saliva. I kept playing with it dry like I used to do and then to my surprise, I felt something wet and slippery on my cock head. I looked closely and squeezed my cock and saw there was a clear liquid that was coming out of the hole in the end. It was thick and really slippery. There was almost enough of it to lubricate my cock head really well but not quite. By now, I could hardly wait and began to stroke in earnest, watching my cock as I stroked it. It was really quick in starting to tickle, boy did it feel good so I kept pumping as fast as I could. When the tickling became overpowering and I couldn't take any more stroking, I looked closely and there was quite a lot of the clear fluid that ran out of the hole. For the next few weeks, I went back to my daily masturbation sessions, using generous amounts of saliva for lubrication. My cock continued to grow and a lot more hair grew in around the base. I measured it every week and now it was 5 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches around. By the time I went back to the doctor, it was 6 inches long and almost 3 inches around. I was really pleased and so was he. How big will it get? I wanted to know. Well, you are just about normal for an adult now and probably won't get much larger, maybe an inch and perhaps a bit thicker. Can you let it get erect, he asked as he was examining it with his hands. This time he had left his gloves off and touched me with his bare hands. He felt it gently as he asked about my semen production. Did you go for a week like I suggested. Yeah and when I did it, a lot of clear fluid came out. That's just lubricant, he explained, when you make semen, it will be white, of course you know that, don't you, he laughed. Some guys find that they make enough of this clear fluid to use that for lubrication. Of course, it takes a while for your body to begin to make it, you have to be sexually aroused for a few minutes for it to appear and some men make more than others. You might want to try to do it that way some time he suggested. Yeah, I agreed, I already have. Oh, he said, you make enough for lubrication already? Yeah, well not every time, just when I haven't done if for a few days. Oh, so you don't do it everyday anymore? Well yeah, mostly but I sometimes try to hold off a few days like you suggested to see if I can cum. All the time we were talking, he continued to hold my cock and balls in his hands, gently massaging them. Sure enough, my cock grew into full hardness. When he measured it, it now was just over 6 inches long and more than 3 inches around. Before I left he told me he wanted me to continue to observe how it was growing and watch for semen. He suggested that I try every two weeks to wait for 5 days before masturbating and note what came out when I ejaculated.

After that, I would beat my meat every day, usually 2 times for 12 days then go 5 days without doing it. It sure was hard and I though about it a lot but I was determined to do as he said. I noticed that every time I held off that the orgasm felt a lot better, stronger, more enjoyable-if that is possible-and sure enough the fluid that came from my cock when my orgasm came was milky looking and I could smell that pungent odor. Always there was plenty of thick, clear lubricant for me to beat with, allowing my hand to glide easily up and down the shaft of my very hard cock. Sometimes now, I noticed that the milky fluid would come out when I was beating off every day, just a couple of drops but it always ran out when my cock was tingling in pleasure. It so happened that one time when I was holding off for the 5 days, my cousin whom I had jerked off almost 2 years before came for a visit. I heard he was coming so I deliberately held off another 2 days so that it had been a week since I last came the night he arrived. I was ready to go to bed an hour before we finally did and as soon as we turned off the lights and got into bed, I asked him if he still beat his meat. Yeah, he did and asked if I had learned how. I assured him that I had and that I really enjoyed it. I thanked him for teaching me how. I'll bet you could make mine cum now, I reminded him that I couldn't do anything when he did it to me before. He didn't take much urging before he was ready. I suggested we turn the lights on so I could see him cum-what I really wanted to do was for him to see my cock and how it had grown. He agreed and when I switched on the light and he saw the size of my cock, he gasped in surprise. Now he was the one who looked small!!

My cock was a good 2 inches longer than he was and much thicker. Wow, you are big, he exclaimed and reached out and gently fondled my erect cock. We played with each other for some time and soon my cock was dripping thick clear fluid just like his was. I told him that I liked to use that for lubricant to beat off. He said he liked it too so we stroked each other's slippery, wet cock. He wanted to see me cum so I let him beat me off first and just lay back and enjoyed him stroking it. Neither of us were prepared for my orgasm. I was really feeling good, my dick tickling something wonderfully and I could feel the tension building in my belly. When I got to the point of orgasm, jet after jet of thick, white cum shot from my cock, spurting all the way up to my chest. I could feel the hot stuff run down my body and could smell the pungent cum odor. I was very surprised and very happy. He was about as shocked as I was. This time I really enjoyed pumping his cock to orgasm and noticing that when he shot off, it was a lot less than I had done. That pleased me a lot. We had to get up and take showers to get all the spunk off.

It was a couple of months after that that I went back to see the doctor. By now my cock had almost stopped growing, measuring just over 7 inches and almost 4 inches around. By now, I was jerking off every 2 or 3 days, having decided that it was more enjoyable to wait a bit between sessions and then to spend more time making them last a while getting more aroused and see how much cock juice oozed out to lubricate my cock and then watch closely to see how much cum I could shoot off. I was usually not disappointed because each orgasm was accompanied by a lot of thick, white cum. I hadn't beat my meat for almost a week when I went in to the doctor. I had waited the usual 5 days and then decided since it was so close to the appointment, to just wait a couple more days. So, I went into the exam room with a full load ready to explode. He did his usual exam, this time not bothering with the gloves, with me sitting on the end of the exam table, him standing between my legs. Of course, my cock began to swell when he began to examine it. He said, that's good, lets see how it has grown and kept feeling it and my balls as we both watched it rise into a full erection. My, you have really done well, he said, responded so nicely to treatment, I am very pleased. Then he added, I guess you are pleased too. Yeah, I agreed. Well, you should be, you have quite a penis, I wouldn't have thought it would grow so big when we started treatment. What about your orgasms, plenty of semen? Yeah, lots, I replied. I went on to explain that now I usually went 2 or 3 days without masturbating and when I did there always was a lot of cum-I meant to say semen but cum just slipped out. How much do you think you cum, maybe a tablespoon or so? Well, maybe, I haven't measured it, but it's a lot. It usually shoots up all over my chest in 5 or 6 spurts. My, my that sounds like a lot and I see you produce plenty of lubricant as his hand was filled with the cock juice that was running out of my cock head. When you jerk off, how long does it take for it to cum? He wanted to know. Well, that depends upon how bad I want to do it, but usually just a minute or so. Do you have to spit on it, it seems that you have plenty of natural lubricant. I like to use just cock juice so I play with it until there is plenty to jerk off with. You are very fortunate, not many men can make it like you seem to be able to do. When you jerk off, how many time can you make it cum? He asked and I noticed he had started using the slang I used, not his medical jargon. I like to do it at least two times, sometimes three but usually the third one takes a really long time to bring off. If you have the time, why not wait half an hour or so between jerking off, he suggested, that way your cock can recover a bit and it will feel good, maybe not as sensitive as a second orgasm right after the first but it will still be good and it won't take so long to bring off. I think you are about as hard as you are going to get so let me measure it one more time. I held my cock while he put the tape against it and pronounced that it was 7 1/2 inches long, quite remarkable, not many guys have one that big. I felt so pleased. And, you really are thick, lets see, almost 5 inches around, that is something. It's about all you can do to get your hand around it, he said laughing. I really would like to know how much cum you produce, wish I had told you to measure that. Lets see, he thought, how long has it been since you beat it off? A week today, I quickly replied. A week, wow you probably have built up quite a load. If I gave you a cup, maybe you could go into the bathroom and shoot off-but, that would look strange, maybe I could leave the room and you could do it in the cup. I'll bet you could do it for me, I said, shocked at my boldness but somehow sensing that he would do it and feeling that I would like it if he did. He didn't say anything, just stood there with my hard cock in his hand. After a long pause, he asked has anyone made you cum? Yeah, I said. Um, he thought, did you like it? Yeah, it was really good, it was my cousin who is my age but was so much bigger than I was. I made him cum almost 3 years ago when I couldn't do anything. It was embarrassing but then a couple of months back, I showed him how I had grown and asked him to make me cum. He really made it shoot a lot. It was the most I have ever done and when I beat him off, he shot off a lot less than I did. Tell you what, he said, I have other patients to see but if you can wait around for about an hour when I am finished, we can work on it. Lets tell your mom that I have a test I want to do that will take a couple of hours and then I will drop you off at home. I'll tell her, because with that hard on you are in no condition to be in public! He laughed. He left me in the exam room with the gown on saying he would be back later. I don't know what he told his workers but in about an hour he was back and the office was empty. Do you still have a hard on? Yeah, I laughed. My, sitting here all this time getting horny, I'll bet you really are ready to shoot a big load. I think so, I replied. He checked to be sure the office was empty and then came back. I had slipped the exam gown off and sat naked on the exam table. Lets see, he said, if you lay back on the table, when you cum, it will shoot every where and I won't be able to measure it, maybe if you stand, you can shoot it into this cup. Maybe, we can just let it shoot wherever then scoop it up in the cup and measure it. I should have put a condom on you to catch all that cock juice that is dripping everywhere. There is plenty to beat me off with, I said. There sure is, he said. And you too, I added. He looked surprised but didn't say anything. Don't I get to make you cum too, I asked. Well, he stammered, I hadn't thought about that. I'll bet I could, don't you think it would feel good, I said. He half laughed, yeah, I am sure you could and yeah, it would feel pretty good. Who gets it first, I asked, you or me? Well, he said, you are the subject, we had better think about you. Well, I replied, if we think about you also, it would make me cum easier. Really, he exclaimed. You really would like to beat me off? Yeah, I think I owe you that after what you have done for me. Its been a long time, he said. But, you have had you cock jerked off by someone else haven't you. Yeah, that's true. And, you liked it didn't you. Yes, I sure did he admitted. Well, that settles it, you deserve a good meat beating. Well, he said, lets work on you, we can discuss me later. OK, I said, but you take your clothes off too. What, he exclaimed. Yeah, let me see your cock, that will make mine really hard. OK, he said, not needing much more encouragement, and he dropped his pants, took off his shirt and then removed his shorts exposing a fully hard cock that was quite a bit smaller than mine. I reached for it and felt that he too was dripping cock juice. He, you are horny too, I exclaimed. Show me how you beat your meat, I asked. He wrapped his hand around his cock and began to stroke it rapidly. The copious cock juice made it slurp noisily. Ah, feels good, he said but he stopped and said, now about you, show me how you jerk off. So, I wrapped my hand around my cock and stroked it rapidly a few times. Well, lets see how you can cum, he said, you want to stand here and I will fuck you into this cup. Let me just lie back on the table and you give it to me that way, lets forget about measuring it. I lay back on the table, he pulled out the little tray for my legs and then stood beside me, reaching for my dripping cock. I reached down and began to fondle his while he felt my balls and my cock. He explained that if I would tense the muscles in my legs while I was being jerked off it would make the orgasm feel better and when I shot off it probably will shoot further. He was beating it in earnest now and yes, I kept tensing my muscles in my legs and butt and wow did it ever feel good. He kept asking how I was doing and I tried to tell how great it felt and how much I enjoyed it and how bad I wanted to cum. Just let it happen he urged, let me fuck you and you let your cock shoot off. I was almost ready to cum, just on the verge, it really felt great but my orgasm didn't happen, it just tickled something wonderfully. Wow! I had never had one like this, this good or this long, it was wonderful. I couldn't help but wiggle about on the table, grunting and moaning, it felt so good. This went on for several minutes, the feeling growing and growing and the pleasure just overpowering. I couldn't stroke his cock that I continued to hold in my hand but I just squeezed it. Then I felt the first spasm, I'm Cumming, I moaned, I Cumming now, now, now, I almost squealed with pleasure it was so overpowering. The first jet of cum went straight up an inch or so then fell back on his hand the next erupted in a white blur, a thick jet that was almost a continuous stream from my cock head up to my chest. That powerful eruption was followed by several more, each less powerful than the previous until cum just poured out of my cock and ran down his hand. He had stopped stroking as he knew how I felt and he just watched with me and more and more cum ran out of my cock down over his hand and into the mass of hair at the base. As I lay there, I started weakly to stroke his cock that I still held in my hand. It was still just as hard as when I first touched it. After a bit, I got up and sat on the stool in front of him, cum running down my chest over my belly between my legs and onto the stool and the floor. I took his dripping cock in my hand and began to stroke. He thrust his hips forward, presenting his cock for me to fuck. He was circumcised and I had never felt a cut dick before but I though it nice and realized how much lubrication he needed to allow my hand to slide so easily over the shaft. He was feeling good, getting closer and closer to Cumming. I could feel him shudder, wiggling, grunting and hear his exclamation of pleasure, encouraging me to fuck him faster, fuck him harder, to give it to him and then he started to jerk and his cock began to shoot cum. He shot his load onto the floor in front of him, puddle after puddle of white cum. I felt his cock go soft as he held his hand over mine to stop me from stroking. He panted and grunted as his cock jerked and dribbles of cum kept running out. Watching him made my cock began to swell into hardness again. He soon was rested enough to begin to clean up the mess and I was on hard again ready to cum one more time. I wanted him to do me again but he was out of the mood but I couldn't resist so I grabbed my cock and pumped it into another orgasm, dropping more cum onto the floor that he was busy mopping up. He was embarrassed afterwards and I felt pretty weak and let down, maybe a bit embarrassed also. On the drive home, I thanked him for all the help he had given me, told him how happy I was with my new body and so thankful for his help. Then I said, I really appreciated what he did tonight, that it was about the best orgasm I had ever had and that I understood how sensitive it was and that I would never tell anyone about that 'treatment' He said he sure would appreciate that. For the next year, until I turned 20, I went back to the office every 4 months but we never did that again, nor did he question me so much about sexual things nor did he ever examine my penis again. I was always prepared and I made sure I didn't beat my meat for the week prior to the office visit. But, never again did I get that treatment again. I really would have liked to.

It has been almost 10 years since I last had an appointment with him but hardly a day goes by that I don't think of him and am grateful for the wonderful cock he gave me. A lot of other people have reason to be grateful but they don't know the story, they are just fascinated by the size of my monster cock. Some girls have been put off by it as they were afraid they couldn't take it up their cunt but once it went in they changed their minds and they reported that it really made them feel good. Unfortunately, it is just too big to be sucked but occasionally with a combination of mouth over the head and hands on the shaft, they have been able to give me a good one. Usually the guys are intimidated and I understand why as I had that same feeling so many years before. I have found the younger guys who still have hopes of growing more are quite impressed by it and enjoy making it cum, seeing how big a load it can shoot. They are seldom disappointed!

Well, it has been something remembering this experience, in fact, it was pretty arousing, made me remember many very erotic masturbation sessions and gives me a big hard on that I will take care of now.



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