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The Dirt Hill Escapades

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The evolution of two straight wankers and their 'line-jerks'.


So I have this friend who I've known for practically all my life. Anyway both of us are totally straight, we've both had girlfriends, and I'm pretty close to being in love with a girl who feels the same way about me. So neither of us are gay, we just love to experiment and have some fun, and yadayadayadayada... Okay, on with the story.

Me and my friend have both started experimenting with each other for years now. Before we even knew what semen was. We just heard that if you rub your dick it feels super sweet. It wasn't until we found out about the wonders of jacking off that we started doing it with each other. We went to this dirt hill in the middle of nowhere and started to build a fort out of all this old junk, and it was looking really cool. Now we both knew the real reason why we were building a fort, because we wanted a place to jack off in. Before we even finished the fort, we were both horny as fuck. With us, if we want to jack off together we dont just flat out say it. We just take out our dicks and wiggle them around in a joking way. By the time both of us have our dicks out we just start getting hard already. So my friend says 'do you want to touch it?' And after that he immediately says just kidding, even though its obvious he wasn't. So after beating around the bush for a few minutes, I jokingly touch his dick. It was the most disgusting thing in my life, and I wanted it never to happen again.

That was the first time I had ever touched his dick. After that we just jacked ourselves off, but he used to not cum because he was still developing so it was usually just me blowing my load into the bushes. After that it was pretty awkward, and we just went home and played video games. Never finished the fort, what was the point of it now?

The second time was much better, we found this fort someone else had made, and it was pretty well covered. We got inside, and saw two chairs right next to each other. We both sat down in them, and started talking about girls like we usually do before we get hard. He takes his dick out and I take mine out, and we both start jacking off. We love to stare at each other's dicks while we do it, but neither of us will admit it. So he once again says something like, 'Hey, I dare you to stroke my boner two times' and acts like he's saying that because he thinks its funny, when its obvious that he wants me to jack him off. I do what he dared me to, and he returned the favor. We finished ourselves off and it was awkward again.

The third time is the milestone though. We go to the dirt hill, and see that the fort was destroyed by a huge rain storm that was actually really awesome, but anyway back on topic... So by now, if either of us goes onto the dirt hill it just means 'hey can we please go jack off, I'm really horny'.

So we find this concrete gutter in the middle of the shrubs, and lay down in it. We no longer beat around the bush anymore, and just flat out say, hey lets jack off. I admit that by this time I had had my share of fantasies about stroking him, and him stroking me, because it was just amazing to think that you have a friend who you can do that with! So we are really both itching to rub each other. We finally do it, he says 'can I jack you off' and I just say 'yeah, sure'. he does it, and of course sucks at it, but it was our first time. He does it for about 5 seconds, and then tells me to do him. I do him for 10 seconds, and he does me for 15, and so on and so forth. We eventually got the hang of it, and just kept going. We just finished ourselves off as usual, and called it a weekend.

The fourth time, we found that old fort abandoned and ruined, but we were horny and daring enough to climb inside. After all it was accessible, and no one would know we were inside it. The two chairs were still there, and we got inside and sat down. We talked about it first though, like how its gotten better and now he doesn't just leave before he cums. It did get way better from before, but we still felt weird about it after wards, cause it was really awkward. We just re-assured ourselves that 95% of all guys our age do this stuff (and they do, its a proven fact) and that we may have bi-sexual fantasies and experimentations but its natural and damn fun. 'You don't have a boner!' By that time we both had our dicks out, and he gets hard as soon as he whips the one eyed monster out there. Oh yeah, he is about 5 1/2 inches, pretty narrow, and I'm 6 inches, and thick around, we're both cut, for any of you perverts who are wondering... So anyway he says something that I will never forget, he grabs over to my limp penis and starts to rub it really softly and slowly. 'I'll make it a boner' which is really hot for me to hear, and probably the gayest thing I've ever heard in my life but who cares. He jacks it off for about 30 seconds until I start to leak precum. I do him for about 20 seconds, until he drips out his precum. His dick was throbbing in my hand, it was really amazing but fuckin nasty too. He does me and I'm about to cum so I tell him to stop. I do him and he's extremely close to cumming, and whenever he's about to cum he always just says 'Let's finish ourselves off' he cums within 20 seconds and shoots ropes all over his shirt, which made me cum right away, listening to him moan and stuff. I came soooo much, it was everywhere. Probably about four good ropes and tons of dribble. he started laughing and I did too, which actually made it less awkward in the end.

The last time was a few weeks ago. We went to the fort again and saw that it had been completely obliterated. But I was itching to get off with him so bad that I just picked up the remains and told him to help me build a new fort. We did, saying we were just doing it for fun, even though we both knew why we were doing it. So we finally build this fort, which was actually really hard to make but looked super awesome. We get inside and whip out our dicks. With that we start jacking each other off, 'do you want me too?' He says as he puts his hand near my rock hard dick, and I nodded. We jack each other off, and soon get a nice case of the blue balls. 'Let's finish ourselves off' he says, as usual. So we both kneel down onto the ground and cum into the dirt, watching each other do it of course. I came at least four good ropes, he came less, but who cares it's not a contest. I got it everywhere, as did he, so we both covered it up with dirt, and left to go hang out with our big-boobed freind a few miles away.

He calls me later that week and tells me that our fort was completely gone. Now we have no place to jack each other, which kinda bummed me out. I am really itching to do it again, because each time we do it, it gets less awkward afterwards, and we both feel way more comfortable about it. And who doesn't love getting jacked off, right? Especially since we've gotten mighty good at it too.

Another thing that will hopefully change is the fact that we always finish ourselves off. It would feel a lot cooler if we could cum in each other's hands one time or another, for a change. Anyway sorry that was so long, but I just had to write it, it makes me really hard thinking about it. Once again, I may be bi-curious, but I'm by no means gay. I would never do this kinda stuff with any other guy, I only do it with him because he and I are jerk buddies. If you dont have one, I suggest you go get one, because its tons of fun.



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