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The Delivery Girl

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This occured back when I was in my early to mid 40s. I was working as a mechanic in a garage. Every Tuesday this girl (mid to late 20s) who worked for a rental uniform company came by around 11 AM delivering clean uniforms and picking up the dirty ones. She and I were friendly with each other and the guys at the garage kept telling me that she had the 'hots' for me. She was quite short and wore these tight mid thigh shorts and I was always looking at her nice ass in those tight shorts and fantasizing about her nice ass and legs.

I then started paying a little more attention to her and would walk her out to her van. After a couple of weeks of this I then asked her if she wanted to meet me at this restaurant up the street on the next Tuesday. She was thinking about it but didn't say yes or no so I just came right out then and told her 'or I can get a room at that motel up there and we can meet there'. She immediately answered this with a 'yes' and told me she'd rush things next week and told me to be there around 10 that morning wanting to give us a good hour together.

Next Tuesday I went and paid for a room on my way to work. As 10 o'clock approached I made up some excuse to leave work and went to the motel. I checked out the room & turned on the air. I then went out side the room to wait. At around 10:25 she pulled into the parking lot and I waved to her to get her attention. She parked and we went into the room. I noticed she wasn't smiling and didn't really come on to me as I was expecting and I asked her if anything was wrong. She looked at me telling me she was sorry but last week she wasn't thinking this far ahead and that she was in the middle of her period and was not in very good shape. I under my breath said something like 'oh shit' for I was sure looking forward to getting into that sweet little pussy of hers. She again told me she was sorry. I was sporting a heck of a hard on in my pants in anticipation of this get together and she couldn't help but see it and she then reached over and started rubbing it thru my pants telling me 'I don't want to leave you like this and we can do other things if you'd like'. With this I brightened up and got a nice smile on my face knowing all certainly wasn't lost. We then kissed as she continued to rub my cock.

I told her that I'd love to get my hands on that sweet little ass I'm always getting an eye full of every week at the garage. With this she proceeded to remove her shirt and shorts. She stood in front of me and turned around to give me a good view of her wonderful little ass thru her little panties. She removed her bra and turned back around. She had very little tits but what she had from the waist down more than made up for what whe was missing up stairs. She had the most beautiful sexy legs that I'd ever seen. I quickly took off my clothes and walked over to kiss her. I reached around running my hands under her panties and cupped her wonderful soft little ass. I was getting harder and harder by the second. I then laid her down on the bed on her side and ran my hands up her thigh taking in its wonderful soft feeling and ran my hand under her leg opening to her ass again. I was so horny feeling this fantastic flesh and dying to get off.

I then laid besides her and we passionately kissed. I was on my back and she then went down kissing my chest and belly. She then took my cock in her hand and rubbed it up and down a few times. She then came back up and we continued to kiss as her hand wrapped around my cock again. She put her leg over my thighs and I went to feeling it up with my left hand and had my right arm over her and my hand under her panties feeling her soft little ass. She felt so good. She then laid her head on my chest looking at my cock as she continued to stroke it. I then went to jerking and thrusting my hips and growning as my orgasm built up. I finally blew sending cum flying from my cock. The first shot actually hit her cheek and she pulled back to avoid it from happening again. The rest covered my belly. We finally got up and I cleaned up in the bathroom. We dressed and made a 'date' for the next week when her period was over. I'm sure the readers know how this get together went.

She and I eventually ended up meeting at a grocery store parking lot and would get in the back of her van for our fun. It was usually a mutual masturbation thing with us. Also, the guys at the garage also put two and two together and soon figured out what was going on and they'd come up to me when she was there wanting to know just how good she was. I'd smile back and say 'if only you knew'.

She eventually had an accident in the van and I never saw her again. But do I ever remember her and her sweet ass and legs and the fantastic pleasures we brought to each other.



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