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The Cracker Game

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This happened on a choir trip with two straight guys and I.


It was late at night and we were all in our hotel room. Shaun, Josh, Luke and I were sharing a room on the choir trip. Everyone was talking about guy stuff, when Josh, the youngest of the group, had enough and wanted to get his rocks off.

Shaun brought his computer, but wouldn't let Josh look up any porn because he was afraid of viruses. So we tried a chatroom. Unfortunately that didn't work out too well, and Josh was still tense. Shaun jokingly suggested we play the cracker game. Josh didn't know what that was so Shaun explained it to him.

'It's a game where all of us would jack off over a cracker and shoot onto it. Whoever shoots last has to eat it.'

Josh thought about it and then said, 'Alright, I'm game.' This wasn't exactly surprising. Josh, which the youngest, had the hottest body and wasn't afraid to show it off. And he looked up to Shaun so much, he was willing to do anything to appease him. He also just really wanted to show us his dick.

I reluctantly agreed to play as well. Being closeted at the time, I couldn't really let on to how much this game excited me. Luke, on the other hand said he would rather not and rolled over in his bed facing away from us.

Josh and I were hard instantly. He had a cute dick, probably about five inches long with a nice pink head, and he shaved his whole torso, including his pubes. I had a raging six and a half inch hard on and hadn't trimmed my pubes in a while. Shaun was nervous or something and couldn't really get it up, but he had a nice sized dick from what I could tell.

We placed the chip we were using on the toilet seat and gathered around it. Everyone kept saying that this was kinda weird, and I was just teasing them saying how they wanted to play this so they should finish. Eventually we got tired of standing, so we moved to our beds. Josh and I shared a bed, and he started jacking off next to me under the covers. I was bummed, so I said, 'We've all seen your dick, you don't have to cover it. It would probably be easier anyway.' He thought about it and then decided to expose himself again.

It was all I could do not to grab his dick, but I knew that would be crossing a line, so I restrained. Soon I couldn't stand it anymore and headed to the bathroom to shoot onto the chip. The other boys followed and watched my cumshot. Afterward, neither of them could bring themselves to shoot, which was a bummer to me.

In the end, no one ate the chip. It stared getting soggy and we flushed it down the toilet. That was the only time we ever masturbated together. Josh did (with mine and Luke's encouragement) try to teabag Shaun, but that was the most naked we got together after that.



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