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The cousin + shower

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Two straight cousins exploring in the shower


This story is a follow on from "first time being jerked off" as there was some good feedback on there.

The story starts of very similar to the last one, but I will retell to give a better feeling to the story.

My cousin (14 at the time) and me (17 then) both had prior jerking off experience but not like this.

It begins with me inviting my cousin over to play a new game that had just came out on ps3, he came over at around 5pm and we had already been out all day playing soccer so we were quite sweaty and dirty.

We had the house all to ourselves at around 7pm so we could do what we pleased, so I asked if be wanted to watch some porn to ease the tension and to get us both in the mood. We decided on having our jerking session later on in the night so we were just watching it, commenting on each of the women and how we loved seeing them get pounded.

As it was a hot night we were both only wearing shorts and a singlet, I could see after a while my cousin was pitching a tent underneath his shorts and I commented saying "you like this stuff?" And then looking towards his cock, he replied with "yeah, I haven't had a wank in 3 days", I also hadn't gone without one for 3 days so we had a lot of jizz and testosterone stored up and I was looking forward to it.

After about an hour of watching porn I had decided I needed to have a shower as I was quite dirty from the days precedings, so I left my cousin with the porn and told him I would be about 10 minutes and said "don't bust your nut too early" with a laugh and he assured me he wouldn't with a grin on his face.

I had slid open to door to the bathroom and left it slightly ajar as we were both comfortable with each other and didn't really care about seeing each other in the nude.

After about 2 minutes in the shower, still on a semi hard on, I begun to lather up my 7 inch uncut cock with all the soaps that were in the shower. My cock felt like velvet and I loved it.

In the bathroom I had a mirror in which you could see the reflection of the door from inside the shower, I had been lathering my cock up facing away from the door when I could see a shadow moving outside, it could only be one person as we were home alone, it was my cousin, having a peak as I was stroking myself and I was loving the attention.

After a while I could see him with the iPad in which the porn was on in one hand, his other hand rubbing his cock and occasionally looking up at me jerking my wet, oily cock off.

I decided to turn around to see what his reaction was, he was like a deer in the headlights, but he had his eyes fixated on my long, erect cock.

I then asked if he liked what he saw and he nodded silently, he then slowly crept further into the bathroom and placed the iPad on the bench facing the shower, 2 busty babes fucking one lucky guy on the screen, he decided to pull down his shorts and out came his 6 inch uncut cock, on a raging hard and then decided to hop in the shower in which I was quite shocked but excited at the same time.

Whilst watching the porn I could sense him looking at my cock in awe, white soapy bubbles covering it, as smooth as silk. I looked at him and saw that he was also dirty from the day, so I asked him if he wanted to wash up and he obliged, he was lathering up his long, thick cock and it got me even harder than I was before, if that was even possible.

After we were both wet and oiled we began wanking, it was amazing, sharing such an experience with a male so close to you.

After jerking for a while, my cousin had stopped jerking himself and reached over to my cock, he began stroking it slowly, the sound of my soapy cock in his hands almost made me explode but I managed to hold it back, I then saw him get down onto his knees and he looked up and said "do you mind?" And of course I said go ahead, his lips wrapping around my cock felt unbelievable, going half way down my cock and the tip of mine touching the back of his mouth, it was amazing and I was so close to cumming but as I was about to he pulled back and got up and said that I had to return the favor. So I grabbed his thick, juicy cock and began stroking up and down, I felt my cousin shiver and he almost exploded on the spot but he did well to hold back.

His cock looked very similar in size and shape, but felt so different in my hand, stroking up and down the sound was turning me on and I bent down and begun to return the favor, I began to do what I thought would send me into euphoria so I began to tickle his balls, and then lick from the bottom of the shaft all the way to the tip, I then wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and began to shine it with my tongue, how he hadn't cum yet was beyond me, I then went as far as I could down and held it their until I couldn't any longer, after coming up for air I put both his balls in my mouth, sucking the juice out of them.

I got back up and we both agreed on cumming on each other, something I didn't think I would have been too keen on, but seeing as we were in the shower, it wouldn't be a problem.

So after about 30 seconds of quick fast jerking I saw his balls tighten and at about the exact same time we both shot so much cum onto each others cocks and stomach.

I had shot about 7 full strings of hot cum onto him and he returned fire with 5 strings of cum.

We almost collapsed but held it together, we both got cleaned up in the shower and got back to playing some ps3, we did this a few more times after this experience but has recently died out.

I'd love to have another one of these experiences but don't know how to go about it again, any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading



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