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The Company Christmas Party

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This happened a few nights ago and I am still shivering from it.


It is amazing the amount of fantasies a person can have about one co-worker. I have had several about Jack (not his real name), several in the last few hours that is. He and I have been working at the same firm for a few years now, and every time I look at him I can't help but feel myself get wet. He was 34, tall, even for me and I am 5'9', at 6'5' with this beautiful thick black hair just long enough to get that wind blown look, and green eyes that could make a person cum just thinking about them and I have many times. I had never thought that he had even looked twice at me. Not that I am unattractive, tall, lean, with tan skin, brown hair, grey eyes, and average boobs; just I supposed that he went for those super-model type women that could match his looks.

That never did stop me from fantasizing about him, hell I know that there were several times in my office when I brought myself to orgasm just remembering the way he smelled as he sat next to me that morning in the meeting. I would just lock the door, lean back the chair, raise my business skirt just high enough, and slide my fingers over my clit until I felt my self tensing with my orgasm. Minutes later I would step out into the hall and spy him and couldn't help but smile at the thought of what I had just done and if he only knew.

This incident that had lead to our encounter happened the Friday before Christmas. We, the members of the firm, were all gathered around the conference table. I, in my usual habit, had not worn panties under my short skirt that day. No one knew and I didn't think that they would, I just did it because I always felt a little naughty for doing it. Well, any ways, I sat there my feet under the table and legs spread just a little. No one was going to look and so it didn't really matter.

Some time during the meeting, I suppose that Jack had dropped a pen or something under the table and went after it. I had not noticed his actions until he came up from under the table and lifted an eyebrow in my direction. I blinked for a moment before I realized that he had just had a little show. Embarrassed I turned my attention back to the speaker and tried to pretend nothing had happened.

When the meeting was over I escaped to my office. For some reason I was so wet and ready that I needed to do something before I could go on with my day. Just the thought of Jack staring at me, with my legs apart like that brought me to the biggest orgasm I had ever given myself, and once did not satisfy me but had to cum three more times before I was spent. For the rest of the work day I had managed to avoid him.

That night was the Company Christmas Party, and I had a special outfit picked out for the event and as I looked in the mirror I could not but think I looked hot, red was a good colour for me and the short length of the dress showed my legs off to perfection and that was only enhanced when I slipped on my new stilettos.

When I entered the room I felt his eyes on me, but he never came near me. Even as I danced with other co-workers I could feel the heat of his gaze and I grew damp between the legs.

When the night was coming to a close I made my farewells and grabbed my coat and headed to the car lot about two blocks away. It was a cold night, it had just snowed two days before, but downtown was lit for the season and it was beautiful so I didn't mind the walk. As I neared an alley I was suddenly grabbed and pulled into the shadows. I could not see who had grabbed me as I was shoved hard against a wall and kissed deeply. I fought it until my mind recognized the sent. It was Jack. Dear God in Heaven, and he was one hell of a kisser. As his tongue probed deeply into my mouth I could feel his rock hard cock on my stomach.

One of his hands captured both of mine and held them to the wall above my head, while the other grabbed my ass and pulled my skirt up. 'I have wanted to do this for so fucking long,' he breathed against my lips and I felt two of his fingers thrust inside of me. I groaned as my body convulsed. His thumb danced over my clit as he slid in and out of my body. 'I know what you do in there,' he said in a harsh whisper. 'Every time, you come out of there and send that smile to me,' He punctuated each word with a hard thrust of his hand. 'And today when I saw you, when I smelt you,' It was all I could do not to fuck you in front of them,' He growled with one final thrust and my body shattered. He captured my scream with his mouth, showing me no mercy.

I felt his fingers slide out of me and he brought them to my mouth. He licked them as he kissed me. He released my hands and I went to grab him but he stopped me. 'Let's go to my place,' he said and we did. It was a great night, full of hot sex and more, I was happily surprised to know that he was as big a freak as me.



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