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The Client

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Let me start by saying I'm not gay, maybe not even bi. But I do love being seen stroking and watching others get off. Because of this I find myself frequenting adult book stores when I travel for business. I'm an average guy (5'10', 195lbs, 6.5 cut cock) who works in the IT field.

This particular instance I was in Houston visiting a client who does work for us and maintains a network connection to us.

My client contact is a few years older than I am and not a bad looking guy. Not fit, but I can see he tries to keep in shape.

The client site had some hot women that got me thinking of having a good jerk at a local ABS. I couldn't wait to get out of work that day. Unfortunately some of their tech people invited me to dinner and I went along. The whole time waiting to get out so I could hit the store.

Finally I got free and headed right there. This store had toys, lingerie, etc in the front. A couples theater to the left at the back and the booth/theater section to the right.

I paid the fee and went to the booth/theater and wandered around a bit. Wasn't a lot going on. Ended up sitting in the theater and stroking one out to a nice scene on the screen. Launching my load all over the back of the seats in front of me and the floor. Then made a beeline out of there and back to the hotel.

The next day back at the client site, my contact (call him Joe) asked to meet with me.

We met in his office behind a closed door. We chatted a bit and then he asked me if I had a good time last night. I told him dinner was good, but he asked me about after. I got nervous and said I wasn't sure what he was talking about. He told me he saw me exit the booth area while he was getting some lingerie for his wife.

I stammered a bit but knew I was caught. So we started talking. He said he visited the booths now and again to stroke one out. I told him I liked to watch and be watched.

I didn't realize it then but he had pulled his cock out of his suit pants. He pushed his chair from the desk and leaned back and asked if I wanted to do it now, showing me his impossibly large cock in his hand. I got instantly hard and felt obliged to pull it out since he had his out.

I couldn't get my eyes off his member and he noticed that. He asked if I had ever jerked a guy off. I told him occasionally when the mood hit me. He asked if I wanted to stroke him, I said yes!!!

I walked to the other side of the desk next to him and grabbed a hold. His cock had to be at least 9-10' and thick. He played with my cock while I stroked his. He asked if I wanted extra visual stimulation. I said sure. On his PC he brought up a video of him fucking one of the ladies from the office. But the camera moved around, meaning someone was filming. This lady had a sweet big ass and she handled his big cock well. I heard a voice off camera say 'fuck her hard honey' and realized his wife was filming. He told me they were swingers and went to the couples theater often.

I could feel myself getting close and he was breathing pretty heavy. I asked where we should cum. He pushed aside the blotter on his large desk and exposed the glass covered surface, with a picture of his wife's shapely ass and pussy below.

He pointed my cock at her ass and jerked me off until I blew a huge load onto her image. He then asked me to finish him off with my cum. I scooped some up and stroked his cock with my cum slick hand, rubbing the tip through the cum still on the desk.

He grunted and I could feel his cock swell and spasm as a few big spurts of thick milky cum shot out of him, followed by some smaller globs that oozed out. I was amazed at the power of his spasms and that I could feel the cum surge up his shaft.

After relaxing a few minutes, we cleaned up and he told me that maybe he would introduce me to his wife. Or at the very least we should visit the booth/theater together.

I'm up for it.



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