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The Chair

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Now that I'm older, I'm glad Ted didn't try to go further.


By the time I was fourteen my hormones were in overdrive. I'd learned to masturbate by the time I was seven. Somehow, I'd figured out that if I touched the secret place between my legs I would feel something really good. One night I rubbed the teddybear's leg against my little vulva and the feeling got better and better and bigger and bigger. My hips started thrusting and my heart beat really fast and after I was done I felt all flushed and trembly and sweaty, as if I'd run a really long time. The feeling was better than anything I'd ever imagined though, so the next night, I did it again.

Eventually I figured out what I was doing and I guess you could say that by fourteen I was something of an expert. By then my pussy looked like the ones I saw in the copies of erotic magazines I'd sneaked out of my stepdad's private stash-hairy, with a wet, pink slit. My nipples were big, too, with areolas like pink silver dollars, even though my breasts weren't nearly as big as I thought they should be. All I had to do, some days was think the word 'fuck' and the crotch of my panties would get slick. Then I'd creep off somewhere, part the new hair on my pussy lips and slide a pen in and out of my slippery wet cunt and rub my clit until I came. The best times, though were nights when my parents weren't home: I'd slip in a porn tape and straddle the arm of this old ugly armchair we had. The nubbly upholstery would rub against my engorged clit as I humped the chair arm. My mother thought that the stains on the upholstery were from spilled beer and I never told her any different. I probably wasn't emotionally ready for sex but my body was screaming 'ADULT' in the biggest possible way.

I didn't like my then stepdad Ron but I liked his younger brother named Ted. When I was really young I wished my mother had married him instead. Then, when I got older and noticed what he looked like with his shirt off, I was glad she didn't, because I thought fantasizing about a stepdad would be creepy.

One day I came home 'in need' (my euphemism for horny) and ran down to the basement, thinking nobody was there. Instead, Ted was sitting in the armchair, shirtless, waiting for my stepdad and watching t.v. I'd spent most of the afternoon thinking of licking and kissing his slim, tanned naked torso-and paying special attention to the line of blonde hairs that ran down the middle of his belly, so seeing him almost made me faint. I pretended to pout and said, 'you're in my chair!' and he smiled and said, 'come and get it' so I went and sat on his lap. 'Give up?' 'No.' I was already wet, and when I felt his bare thighs against mine (we were both wearing shorts) I felt a little gush of wetness in my panties. I wondered if I could make him hard, so squirmed my ass against his crotch and said, 'Give up now?' He laughed. 'Nope!' His crotch was hard. I kept squirming and asking, and he kept laughing. Finally, he reached under my arm and brushed my breast. It wasn't a mistake-I could tell. I leaned back without saying anything and he cupped both of my breasts in his hands for a minute before pushing me off the chair. 'Ron'll be home soon.' He was older-way older-and he'd get in a lot of trouble fooling around with me.

A few days later Ted and I were alone again, so I went upstairs, took off my bra and put on an old, thin t-shirt and sat on his lap, trying to make him give up 'my' chair. When he cupped my breasts he felt my nipples and rubbed his palms against them. Then he slid one hand under the shirt and rested it on my bare tummy. I didn't say anything, so he reached up and began to rub and squeeze my bare tits. I wanted to straddle his leg and rub my pussy against it but I didn't. We played like that until we heard the car in the driveway. Then Ted went to the bathroom and I went to my room. The crotch of my panties were soaked. I slid my hand down them and stroked, knowing that Ted was doing the same thing. We knew we could get in trouble, but it felt so good we just kept fooling around.

One night, when my parents were going to be out of town, they asked Ted to stay with me. Boy, if they'd known! I sat in Ted's lap in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts-no undies. For the first time, I straddled his leg as he played with my tits. He slid his hand down the waistband of my shorts and fingered my hot pussy, easing the tip of his finger gently into my cunt. I moaned and he slid it further in. His finger was just the width of my Sharpie and I fucked it for all I was worth. When I got up, I noticed a wet spot on the lump in Ted's pants. He wouldn't take them off.

'If we go any further, I'm gonna fuck you and that's NOT a good idea,' he said. We finally stopped playing around after that night-even though I was the instigator, I just wasn't ready for more, and I knew it. Fortunately, he knew it too, and he didn't try to persuade me.



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