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The Cats Away

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Should you fire someone you find was surfing banned porn at work and masturbating on the clock.


I own a business, we sell retail but most of our sales are wholesale. Sometimes there is only one of us in the office, we don't have a ton of cash, most folks either have an account or pay with a card. But we usually have enough to make change. We were robbed a while back and the cops suggested we put in surveillance cams. One of the cams looks at the reception desk; one overlooks the office, one on the parking lot, one on the loading dock.

Although we have signs all over warning of the cameras, one tends to forget they are there. No one checks them unless there is a problem. I can VPN into the system to make sure the lights are off, or check out a motion alarm and reset the system. There is a recorder that records about a month on the hard drive. But we have never had reason to check it out, until recently.

I admit our receptionist was hired for her looks, although she is very efficient. She never works over and always finds time to tidy up and decorate and such. A real change from the bimbo my partner hired before her. I digress.

I was calling in an order and the phone was ringing off the hook, this was unusual so I got on line to make sure everything was ok. The reception desk was empty put there was a huge dildo on the corner of the desk. I was relieved that the distraction and was not more nefarious, but I was curious as to what exactly had gone on. The receptionist, we'll call her Belle, was back at her desk in a bit, and took out her purse and stuffed some panties in and sat back down. She cleaned up the dildo with some wipes put it in her bottom drawer. Then she turned right toward the camera, (away from the only window) and wiped her pussy one last time with a wipe. She went back to work as she was clearing her computer windows closing them one at a time. I saw several porn sites, a surprise, as I thought we had that blocked. Like I said, she is no dummy. She finally was back to work so I called. She said she was tied up on line with someone and couldn't pick up. She apologized, but said I had not left a message. (She had already checked messages before she even went to compose herself. What a girl.) Well I gave her the order to input and that was it for then. But I vowed to review the recordings when I got back..

The next day I stayed over and reviewed the recording from the prior day. Belle had been surfing porn for the better part of an hour before my call. She was mostly rubbing her crotch and tits over her clothes, anyone could have come in but she had all her clothes on, other than being a little flushed, no male would have ever noticed anything out of the ordinary. As the time of my call approached things got hot and heavy. She went to lock the door and put a sign on the door. Then she came back to her desk and got out a huge dildo and a clit vibe. She slid her panties over and mounted the dildo on the desk and hiked up her skirt and watched some porn as she ground away. It was impossible to make out exactly what was on the screen, but the rhythm of the motion left not doubt. Belle was fully impaled and buzzing her clit in less than 30 seconds and in a minute and a half it was over. Her crotch, the dildo, and the desk was soaked. She used wipes to clean up before retiring to the lavatory to freshen up.

I was so horny I could not stand it. My desk is in a distant view of the office cam but there was no way I was going to have a recorded shameful moment. I went to the lav and had the best wank I've had in years. I swapped the hard drive in the recorder and took it home for more research. Belle as it turned out, had a session nearly every day she was alone in the office. How she has this much time blows my mind. I thought about finding a subtle way to tell her I had found some less embarrassing recording to warn her of the risk. But then I thought I'm the only one who knows, I pay her, why should I not be the one to benefit from her performance at work.

Yea, I hear you fems screaming at the screen. But I suspect she does it here for the risk of being caught, she could just as easily do it in the lav. So I caught her. I would be well within my rights to fire her, but that is in no ones interest. Other than reconnaissance of her locked desk drawer, a desk I own, and for which I have an extra key, and the fact that I upgraded the cam in her office and the recorder to high res, Other than these two departures. All is as normal. If I were 15 years younger and she were not married. I might make a pass, but office romances never end well.

I've never married and masturbation porn is a private indulgence I have had for a long time. Now to have a private stash of some of the best I have seen. If I saw them on line I would swear they were staged they are that good.



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