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The Car Game Again! My Favourite

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True stories are hard to find on this list sometimes. Enjoy this one.


In broad daylight today I needed to go on an errand about 10 miles each way across town. I made a decision as I headed out to the truck that I would play my special game as I drove. Once again I'd play the pump yer horny dick while you drive until you cum game! I had my sweat pants around my ankles about 20 feet from my driveway and started pumping in earnest.

The rules of the game are that I pump until I cum-no holds barred-while driving and while at stoplights regardless of what happened, who saw, or when I came. And there's some detailed rules regarding the point of no return that make it a very special game...read about this rule later.

I have a full size Chevy pickup, so most people weren't likely to know much was going on, or so I thought. My whole route was two lane roads, with only a few spots with turnlanes-aka the risky spots!

About 2 miles from the house, I was sitting at my first stoplight when a pretty nice looking soccer mom pulled up in an Excursion next to me on my left. Both lights would turn green at the same time, but there were a LOT of cars coming from our Right-which I noticed was the direction she was looking. I was pumping away pretty good, about 4 strokes per second, and I guess I realized at that point that my truck was shaking-or I guess I was bouncing somewhat in my seat. I was still trying to pretty much look straight ahead with my left arm propped up on the wheel, and my right hand goin' nutz. I felt these eyes drilling into me on my left so I finally decided to casually pan from the Right (where from my periferal vision I could see she was looking) over toward her on my left, when I realized that she wasn't looking at the stream of cars coming from the right at all. She was smiling and watching me! Still blazing away on my meat pickle, I finally looked right at her and made eye contact and she mouthed the words 'having fun?'. I just nodded with a delirious smile-like the one I imagine I have when I'm getting head. She then gave the 'peering over the edge' look like she was trying to see what was going on. So just as the light turned green, I lifted my butt way up so that see the whole thing! I simultaneously pressed the gas and moved into the now empty intersection...but she moved right with me! I looked over at her and could tell from the look on her face that she was truly enjoying my game. She did make a left turn, but saw no fewer 20 good strokes before I sat back down-terrified! She gave a toot of her horn and I headed on.

That whole experience was NOT what I had expected at all! I've been playing the jackoff behind the wheel until you cum game for years and this is the first time I've ever been caught AND communicated with...ever! And I hadn't cum yet, and rules are rules, so I kept a pumpin. I never missed a beat.

As I drove along, I passed many walkers, bike riders, joggers and other cars, but no one noticed my game, or I'm quite sure they didn't. That's how the game usually works. In public, but unnoticed. ...Until I got to a stop sign where I'd be turning right. There was just enough traffic at this point that the four way stop was full as I was to make my right turn. And as I was stopped and then making a slow turn to the left, I noticed that someone on the corner, getting into their car at the corner lot, saw me clearly. It was an nicely dressed older lady-late 40's perhaps-and she was expressionless. Her head tracked me all the way as I drove by and she was still looking at my truck when I looked through the rear view mirror. She probably had a pretty good view of what was going on, but I can never tell just how much someone can really see-even in the daylight. I watched her as she got into her car...no indication of disgust, no whipping out the cell phone for a 911 call. Cool!

Finally, I was getting there! Both to the store and the 'happy ending' to my game! I could see the store about two lights away and I was getting REALLY close-you know, that drooly feeling you get. Now, before I left the driveway, I had already gotten a paper towel out from behind the seat and at this point I quickly grabbed it from between my legs with my left hand and put it on my belly so I'd have a landing pad for the cum shots. Hey, I was headed into a store in a few minutes! I finally felt the oh-so-hot stirring that ushers in the point of no return. Part of the game requires that I raise my butt off the seat (like I'd done with the lady in the Excursion) when the point of no return comes on. Another interesting fact is that I've never hit the point of no return as I approached a yellow traffic light! Well, as I just said, rules are rules, and a late 30's couple across the light from me that approached the yellow light as I did, and a young girl on my right that was stopped at the light as I approached ALL got to experience the full effect of my orgasm-according to the rules!

The thrill of getting caught red handed apparently pressurized things such that when the first burst of my orgasm hit, it cleared the paper towel on my belly by no more than a foot! It hit me right in the nose and upper lip! The girl on my right was laughing her head off as she VERY slowly entered the intersection-right in front of me! Still fully visible to anyone looking my way now (probably half my dick was higher than the dash at this point and all of it visible out either side window) and pumping for all I was worth, I looked across at the couple in their little car and they were enjoying the scene probably almost as much as I was enjoying the orgasmic blasts that continued. Two more shots hit me on the chin and neck before it began to slow a bit. When I do count I usually have a minimum of 8 cumshots until the fun's over, I figure I had more than my minimum since the shots seemed never ending...even the dribblers at the end. One other hard and fast rule of the game: Since this is historically termed 'self abuse' the standard needs to be maintained by continuing to pump a full 25 pumps beyond the last noticeable dribbler. So, I was finally done. Spent. Laughed at. And laughing myself as much as is possible in a post orgasmic stupor! The light FINALLY turned green and as I drove through the intersection the couple watched me with huge smiles. She was noticeably giggling. He was probably already thinking about doing it himself someday! Game Over. Good thing the plates are too dirty to read and that my cap was pulled low!

I still can't believe I was seen at three different points. And the orgasmic display actually had me petrified that I'd be in jail. I alwasy read these in-public stories and figure they're lies-when people see this stuff they'd surely report. But then I got to thinking about it. If my wife and I were driving along and saw such a display, we wouldn't call in. For sure we wouldn't. It would be entertaining. So I guess it's not as dangerous a sport as I initially thought.

I love motorsports.



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