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The Camping Trip

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After weeks of begging, my son had convinced me to take him on a father/son camping trip his scout leaders had been planning. Unfortunately, most of the fathers worked during the summer and they couldn't make it. Only four pairs ended up going, my son and myself, my son's closest friend and his father, Steve, and the two scout leaders and their sons.

We were instructed to pack lightly, but enough for at least a week, and bring our own sleeping bags and tent. We were suppose to sleep in our own tent with our child, but as soon as we set up our tent, my son asked if he could share the tent with his buddy. With permission from his father, I accepted, and shared a tent with Steve, while our sons shared a tent.

After the daily activities were done for the day, we all decided to call it a night. Steve and I talked for a bit in our tent before we decided to get out and say goodnight to our sons. When he unzipped their tent, we heard them scramble and hushed whispers. When it was open, we saw them naked from the chest up, both clutching their sleeping bags, red faced and panting.

We asked them to remove their sleeping bags, which the reluctantly did. Both were completely naked and a porn magazine lay between them. Both of them started crying hysterically, but we were able to calm them down by explaining that experimenting was normal, but should be done in private. We confiscated the magazine, had them get dressed, and said our goodnights.

Back in our tent, Steve apologized to me and told me the magazine was his. His son must have stolen it and brought it without him knowing. I laughed it off. I don't remember how exactly it started, but eventually we were both flipping through the magazine, using the dim lighting from my gas lantern.

It was obvious we were both very turned by the pictures, but I'm sure we both would have felt like hypocrites to masturbate right there.

Finally, Steve turned to me and said, 'Look, we're both adults. I see your rubbing yourself through your pyjamas. Our sons are young and should not be doing that here, but we're both straight, married men, right? We're both comfortable with our sexuality so a little messing around would not effect us, as it would them.'

I agreed and eagerly kicked my bottoms off. My erection laid against my thigh. A bead of precum ran down my leg. It felt amazing being able to stroke it. Steve removed his shorts too, revealing his large erection. I would have guessed around seven inches. He was uncut, so it was fascinating seeing the his foreskin moved when he stroked it.

We continued to flip through the magazine, stealing glances at each other more and more until the magazine was closed and our eyes were locked on each other.

He dripped out so much pre cum, it was unbelievable. If I wasn't staring at him, I would have thought he came. Some it was used at lubrication, but most of it dripped off his head and gathered in a puddle on his sleeping bag.

Once we started staring, it wasn't much longer until he reached out and grabbed my swollen member. I was hesitant at first; his wedding ring was on his hand, rubbing against my cock as he slowing stroked it. The ring that symbolized his love and commitment! I gently grabbed his hand and removed his ring. He gasped, I could see the guilt fall across his face as he realized why I had done that. I removed mine and placed his hand back on my cock. He slowly began to resume. He told me to lay back, which I did.

As I laid down, he sat up next to me, using both hands to stroke and explore my body. He found that I responded the most when he gently tugged and massaged my balls while he smeared what little precum I had around my head. I eventually dried up, so he began to stroke again, when I asked him to use his. He smiled and gathered as much as he could and smeared all around my head.

The sensation was too much. I bit my lip to prevent myself from moaning as my cum shot out of me, landing on my chest, his hands, and his thighs. I took a moment to catch my breath before I pushed him down and returned the favor.

I found he really liked to be stroked with a twisting motion. As I did this, I used my other hand to play with his foreskin, fascinated by it. It was long before he was cumming too.

I laid back down. Both of us were covered in our mess and both needed to clean up desperately. I peaked outside of our tent and saw the cost was clear. Since I didn't want to soil my pyjamas, we had to run to the river buck naked to clean up.

Once we were in the cool water, the risk of being caught and the act of cleaning each other quickly aroused us again.

We were like a couple of teenagers on that trip, really. We masturbated everyday, usually two or three times. Always once at night, occasionally in the river afterwards, and a few times we even rubbed each other off using our feet while sitting at the picnic table eating with everyone else!

After the camping trip, we returned to our wives like nothing had happened, wedding rings on our fingers. I look forward to next years camping trip now, no way will I miss that again!



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