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The Camera With No Film

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This is how my first time happened.


My first time happened when I was 13 with my friend who is about 1 1/2 years older than me. My friend (we'll call him Mason) and I used to hang out all of the time. Our families went to the same church and that's how we met. With time our friendship grew and we begin sleeping over each other's house all the time. One day he called me and asked if I wanted to stay over at his house that weekend. I agreed and said it shouldn't be a problem with my folks. Of course I was right, and I told him the next day that my Dad would bring me over Friday afternoon. If I had only known what was going to happen.
My dad dropped me off on Friday and we went and played basketball for a while before dinner. After dinner, we played video games 'till almost midnight. I was starting to get tired and everyone else in the house had already gone to bed. Mason turned off the game system and we headed for his room to go to sleep (or at least that's what I thought we were going to do).
In his room, we started to look at his porn mags. They were hardcore stuff so it didn't take long at all for me to get hard. Mason kept readjusting himself so I knew he was hard too. We looked at them for a little while longer and then turned out the lights and started talking. Of course our topic was about sex and I could feel the sexual tension in the air. He then asked me, 'How big are you?' This totally threw me off and I asked him what he was talking about (I really knew what he meant though). He then told me he wanted to know how big my penis was. I told him I had no idea. He asked me to show it to him. I was reluctant at first, but then said that he had to show me his too. He agreed.
Mason then opened his desk drawer and pulled out a camera with no film (I made him prove to me that it had no film). He said instead of turning on the lights to see my penis (he didn't want his parents to wonder why we were still up), he would have me pull down the front of my boxers and tell him that I was ready. When I told him 'ready' he would click on camera and the flash would show him my penis for a few seconds. It sounded fine to me.
So we got all situated and I pulled down the front of my boxers and said 'ready.' Flash. There was a sudden gasp from Mason. I asked what was wrong, and he then said that I had a really big penis (I'm uncircumcised and only about 6 inches long). This made me much hornier and my cock was aching for relief, but I ignored it and told him it was his turn. He got situated and then said 'ready.' Flash. 'Wow, your pretty big too (cut and about 5.5 inches long).' I said. We then took a few more snapshots of each other and the sexual tension was increasing quite a bit. He accidentally touched my dick when he was getting ready to take a snapshot. That felt really good. After a while we got bored and laid down in his twin size bed, beside each other.
We were laying there next to each other, and both of us had massive hard ons. After a while of silence and awkwardness, he asked me if he could touch it. I thought for a while and finally said ok. I felt his hand moving toward my waist and then finally under my boxers and clasped around my rock hard cock. He held it for a while and then checked out my balls. All the while, I was enjoying this very much but at the same time trying to show no emotion. Mason then moved my hand to his dick and told me to feel it. I did and checked out his balls as he had done to me. I rested my hand next to his penis, but he still had a grip on mine. He slowly started to stroke me, but I stopped him. 'Are you sure you want to do this?' I asked. He leaned over to my ear and whispered, 'I've been wanting to do this for a long time.' At that, he sat up, moved the sheet back, and took off my boxers. He took his off as well. Mason grabbed the sheet and then pulled it over us and he laid on top of me. It was an incredible feeling with him on top of me. We held each other, our penises both fully erect touching each other. We lay like that for a while just pushing our penises into each other. Precum was all over (I'm a heavy precummer). Mason then started to jack me off and after about a minute I decided to return the favor. We did it mutually for a while until I said to wait a second because I was about to cum. We stopped for a second and then he went to the end of the bed. I thought he was getting up to get something but then he grabbed my penis and put it into his mouth and started sucking hard. God, it felt good. I didn't last too much longer though and warned him that I was about to come. When I got really close, he stopped giving me head and started to jack me off again. I felt the point of no return coming and it came alright. I cummed everywhere: on his face, on my face, on the sheets, it was great. It was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. After I calmed down a bit, I returned the favor to him. He came a lot as well, and this became a routine for us when we would spend the night at each other's house until I was about 17. It happened less and less because we started to get older and women became more interesting. I'm not gay, but this was one of the best sexual experiences I've had. I hope you enjoyed my first time.



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