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The Brain, Our Most Powerful Sex Organ

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No idea why she got to me like she did, but she certainly did.


Yesterday, I had one of the finest orgasms I have ever had in my life. For some reason best known to itself, my cock had been particularly sensitive for most of the day and so, when I found the time, I decided to give it the attention it seemed literally to be crying for. I was already dribbling, even while I made my preparations. That's unusual for me and it is indicative of how exceptionally randy I had been feeling.

First, I fetched tissues, towel, lube and a newfound delight, my electric toothbrush. I have read the praise that female contributors heap upon their various toys, but like many men, I have never found vibrators and the like particularly pleasing. Not, that is, until I bought an inexpensive electric toothbrush at my local supermarket. It isn't the widely advertised one with the rotating head; rather the brush is wagged, much like a dog wagging its tail. It provides plenty of motion, instead of the tiny oscillations produced by a vibrator, something that I find irritating.

Anyway, I stripped and then I stretched out here in my recliner, in front of the computer, perusing some of my favourite websites. By chance, I first went to that delightful Canadian woman's site, the one who writes all about her vagina. She writes about all the intimate little details that we guys find so fascinating. She has recently overhauled her pages and I discovered a link to a site that I'd never visited before, which is run by Betty Dodson, the sexologist. She is a keen advocate of the benefits of masturbation who writes primarily for women, although she has recently extended the scope of her activities to include men. There's a section there for people to write in to her and maybe include an intimate self-portrait, or two.

So, there I was, randy as a Billy goat and reading Betty's pages, when I encountered a contribution from a woman who wrote to thank BD for opening up her sexual horizons. She had submitted a photo of her spread vulva and she wrote that she had always been a shy woman, but now felt able to have this picture posted on the net, for the world to see. She said that the notion men might become aroused by it was very stimulating for her. Well, that did it for me, I sat there with my cock dribbling while I studied her picture and then I started to stroke. Slowly at first and then more vigorously until I was on the very brink of coming. I stopped and waited for the delightful sensations to subside before reaching for my toothbrush. I lubricated the back of the head and applied it to the underside of my cock, in the hollow of that inverted V.

A second or two of power on the brush and my cock was straining again, jerking oh so delightfully, while I tried to relax and let the ejaculatory impulse subside. By way of variation, I resumed stroking and applied the brush to that interesting area between scrotum and anus. Another near orgasm soon followed, but with some semen leakage this time and a greatly extended relaxation period, my cock screaming with delight the whole while. It's strange what can turn us on and the idea that the owner of the genitals I was admiring, liked the fact I was looking, had me totally enthralled. I went on and on, stroking for her, almost coming repeatedly until I was near frantic with the need to ejaculate to conclusion.

When I could finally stand it no more, I let it happen. Oh, what an orgasm that was. My cock leapt again and again, spurting out its pleasure and overwhelming me with the pure animal delight of its release. My whole body was jerking, shuddering and I was helplessly moaning with the pure unutterable ecstasy of it. It was as if from somewhere else, somewhere beyond my normal existence.

It was a truly spectacular experience and special enough for me to want to write and tell you about it. I have no idea if the owner of that pussy ever reads these pages, but if she does I hope she enjoys knowing that she was an integral part of a very special masturbatory interlude.

The sites I mentioned in my story are as follows:



Both sites freely promote masturbation.



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