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The Boy on the Dike

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I am an older bi guy, long married, and these days don't fool around with anyone but my wife, but I had an interestingly varied youth. One event that happened forty years ago continues to inspire my best masturbation sessions, even after all these years.
My best friend and I decided to go on a backpacking summer around Europe the year we graduated from College. While visiting Amsterdam we decided it would be fun to visit a nude beach, so we headed out to Zaandvoort on the train. We spread out our towels on the sand next to a young couple about our age. She was incredibly gorgeous, a large breasted blond Dutch beauty. He was an athletic hunk, beautiful as only tall blond Dutch guys can be beautiful. I couldn't decide which one turned me on more. I got a lot of vicarious pleasure watching them lying there naked, laughing, kissing, touching each other and just generally enjoying each other's company all afternoon. Needless to say it was making me very horny.
What put me over the edge was when she decided it was time to give him a back massage. He lay on his stomach and she sat on his butt and thoroughly gave him the works. I had to roll onto my stomach because of the boner I was getting just watching her work on him. She really got into it and occasionally let her large breasts brush his back, her nipples getting visibly hard as she did it. He was absolutely moaning with pleasure. When she finished, she stood up and started telling him it was time to get up and go home. He was laughing because he didn't want to get up, clearly because of his erection. She teased him, pulling on him trying to make him get up. Finally he jumped up with his towel in front of him with the most massive hardon I have ever seen holding the towel up and out from him at a proud angle. With the towel over it, he raced for the North Sea, dropped the towel and dived into the icy water. She was standing there laughing uproariously. I was watching and laughing too. She and I looked at each other sharing the fun of it. I looked at her more seriously and rolled on my side displaying my enormous erection that was oozing precum. She looked at it, sort of turned red and looked away. Her boyfriend came back up the beach, his manhood a bit more shrunken from the water. She whispered to him and he glared at me. They picked up their stuff and headed down the beach hand in hand. She turned and looked at me as they walked off.
This left me feeling hornier than I had ever been in my life. My friend was sound asleep (having missed the entire show) next to me. I needed to get my rocks off so bad I couldn't stand it. There was a path going up over the dike so I pulled on my trunks and followed it. At the top of the dike there was a place where you could get through the fence - illegal, but it looked like many people had done it. I climbed through and followed a well-worn path down through the scrub brush. I soon reached a clearing and stopped. I didn't see anyone else around, so I pulled down my shorts and started a slow languorous jack off, thinking about the beautiful couple, imagining the fuck they would have when they got home. I was enjoying the sun on my naked body, and the wind blowing on me. I had closed my eyes and was taking my time and really enjoying it. When I opened my eyes I saw a boy of about 16 or 17 standing at the other side of the clearing watching me. He was wearing cutoffs and a red nylon jacket. He seemed transfixed watching me and was rubbing his crotch idly. I continued my jack and he opened his fly and took out his cock. I decided to cross the clearing and see if we couldn't make this more interesting. When I stepped toward him he zipped up and ran like a scared rabbit down the path he had come up. I was again left standing feeling explosively horny. I followed the path and came to another clearing and found him standing there frantically jacking off. Again I smiled and took a few steps toward him and again he ran off. Now I was out of control and the hunt was on. I followed and again found him in a further clearing jacking. This time I stood still and took out my cock. We jacked watching each other at a distance and were both clearly much turned on. Finally I could feel my cum was ready to fly and the look on my face clearly relayed this information to him. As I bent my knees wide and started to cum, he ran across, diving onto his knees in the sand at my feet and took my cock into his mouth. As he sucked the cum from my cock I could feel his own cum pumping over my legs and feet in huge spurts. I had just about the best cum I ever remember having in my life as all the events of that day exploded in my mind.
As fast as it had happened, he jumped up and ran off down the path like his life depended on it. I was left alone standing with his cum all over my legs. I reached down and took some on my fingers and tasted it. It tasted so sweet. I tasted more and ended up eating most of it, bits of sand ruining some of the pleasure. I ended up jacking off a second time standing there and had another great cum.
Finally I pulled up my trunks and walked back down to the beach where my friend was waiting and wondering where I had gone. I never did fill him in on the details, but I let him know I had had quite an adventure. To this day I think about the boy in the red jacket when I masturbate. I wonder what other adventures he has had in his lifetime. I also think about the beautiful couple and imagine them fucking in a bathroom on the train riding back to Amsterdam. I ended up married to a blond Nordic looking woman not unlike the one on the beach. I sometimes think of that scene when we have sex. I told her the story, and she used to sometimes wear a red jacket to inspire me, asking if she was as cute as the boy on the dike. Having written this down I think I'll have a jack now.



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