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The Boss's Daughter Is a Tease

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When I was in college, I worked at the local movie theater. It was a small town but big enough for one theater. The boss, a skinny guy right out of 'Deliverance' had a wonderful, cute daughter named Tracy. She was in Junior High, had nice black hair and the cutest body you can imagine.

I had only been working two weeks and she started coming in regularly, I suppose, to get to the new guy. When the movie started, everyone on the crew had little to do but chat. Tracy loved to bounce her way up to me and my friend by the register and talk. For the first couple of nights, I thought nothing of it. Then she became brave and started to tease.

She would bounce her way up to us, as she normally did, but then started leaning into me as she described something unimportant. Her eyes locked into mine, but her pouty mouth let out a smile. Her tits were fairly big for a girl her age and I think she started learning how to use her gifts. She woud lean past me brushing up her body against mine. I could feel her tits squeeze into my arms, letting them rest there and practically begging for attention.

I tried to remain calm, and pretended nothing was happening. I didn't want her to move her tits and I didn't want anyone seeing what was happening. But Tracy knew what she was doing. Her smile was big, her eyes hypnotic and she would manage to discuss many things emphasizing her point by leaning in really close. Tracy would also let her hands brush up against my body in different places or, when my hands were by my side, she would try to snuggle even closer, allowing my hands to brush up against her small ass or tits. I had to pretend to be innocent and dared not move my body when she pressed into mine. She was probably 13 but definitely going on 23.

I chalked this up to innocent exploring on her part and didn't worry I was doing anything wrong since I was able to control myself. I was convinced no one noticed anything but a chatting 13-year-old having fun with one of the employees. That all changed once she followed me up to the projectionist's booth. This was an old theater and the projectionist's booth was practically up in the attic. Since she was the boss' daughter, I knew she had free reign on the place and, since she was a nice kid, I didn't think too much about her accompanying me to the booth.

I was fidgeting with reels of film and, to my semi-surprise, she moved closer to me as we talked. Again, she brushed up, allowing her tits to press into my arms. Her hands were by her side and I could feel her fingers touching my thigh. Oh mercy. What to do? I stepped back a little and then reached for an empty reel. She quickly offered to get it for me and the timing put us dangerously close together. Her face was next to mine, her lips were close to mine and her tits were now firmly resting on my wrist. Time seemed to stand still as I remained motionless. I said, 'Tracy....' but she interrupted me saying, 'No one is around.' 'Just a hundred people in the theater!' 'But not in here' she said almost to knowingly.

I knew what that meant and it meant trouble. I took her by the hand and asked what she had in mind. She snuggled in closer letting a coy smile escape. She said, 'I can tell what you have in mind by your woody.' Her eyes were locked on to the size of my crotch which seem to grow more and more. 'Okay, you are making me a little horny, Tracy, but what do you expect when you brush up on me like that?' She smiled and moved even closer 'It's about time I got a reaction out of you.' I couldn't help but to laugh and said, 'Darling, you have no idea. Every time I think about your tits brushing up against me, I can't help but to have a reaction.' Tracy seemed surprised but delighted. 'You did notice my tits then, huh? What kind of reaction?' 'Tracy,' I said, 'we shouldn't be talking like this. If your Dad found out...' 'He won't. And I won't tell him, if you don't.' Imagine...me telling her Dad. Right. She said, 'show me how you react when you think of my tits.' 'Show me your tits then' I quickly added not expecting anything but silence. She looked towards the door for a brief second and then shocked the hell out of me when she lifted her shirt and revealed the most adorable tits you can picture.

She kept her shirt up as she moved closer. Without hesitation, she pressed her hand on my crotch. It was hard as a rock and my head was swirling with ideas. She looked up and, with her sweet voice said, 'your turn.' Our bodies were still close, her tits inches away, so with calm deliberation I undid my button and slid the zipper down slowly. 'Are you sure?' She nodded. I slid my jeans off, my cock pressed hard against my underware. I stepped closer catching her off guard. Her hand was by her side but now I moved in a way that the back of her hand was against my cock. 'Do you feel how hard it is? Do you want to touch it?' 'Can I?' she asked. I stepped back slightly allowing her to reach out and slide my briefs over my cock which sprung out to greet her. I stood there motionless. 'Let her do the exploring' I thought to myself thinking somehow that made it more innocent. She wasted no time. She slid two fingers down the length and then back up. I let out a little moan. 'I like that.' 'I thought you would' she said in a whisper. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and began to stroke it. I couldn't believe the feeling. She moved closer and again, her naked tits pushed into me. I didn't dare touch them, the cruel irony of my guilt making believe I could be innocent if I didn't initiate anything. But I was too deep in the moment to think straight or to really care. Her hand moved up and down, her eyes watching my pleasure. She rubbed her tits up and down my body and I was close to cumming.

'Tracy, you're amazing.' I put my hand on hers and together we jerked my cock faster. 'I'm going to cum.' I doubt she knew what that was. She just smiled and remained hypnotized at her exploration. I kept groanind and moaning. My fingers danced their way to her nipples as my other hand stroked my cock with her assistance. Finally, my cum started shooting out, enveloping our hands with the warmth. Ahhhhh.

I grabbed a nearby towel and wiped us clean. She pulled her shirt back over her glorious tits and moved in for a wonderful hug. I think she wanted to kiss me but I couldn't reciprocate. I just held her in my arms. 'Tracy, I hope you get a reaction tonight when you think back on this moment..' 'I'll let you know' she said sweetly.



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