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The Bosses Wife

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Last week my husband and I flew to Boston so he could meet with his boss and other execs from the company that he works for. The meeting was for three days. Part of the overall plan was for the bosses wife Janie and I to do a bit of sightseeing while the men worked. Janie knows the area quite well and proved to be an excellent tour guide for me. We also enjoyed a nice lunch.

That evening the four of us went out to dinner. The next day was more of the same except we visited a different area of Boston. For the second time I noticed that Janie was very touchy-feely with me during the day and especially during lunch. I'm somewhat touchy-feely myself so not only did it not bother me but I actually enjoyed it.

Janie took me back to our hotel after lunch and before leaving me she suggested that we have a drink at the bar before she left. I thought it was a great idea and like it or not, Janie liking me certainly couldn't hurt my husband's relationship with his boss, Janie's husband. More touchy-feely at the bar. I reciprocated. At one point she put her hand on my knee and without thinking I slightly opened my legs just a tiny bit. Her hand immediately travelled an inch or so up the inside of my thigh (I wore a dress) and I felt her lightly squeeze it.

Our eyes locked on each others for several seconds while she held her hand on my thigh. Her hand rose about another inch upward as we sat facing each other on our bar stools. I opened my legs another small bit and she rose another inch. Janie then suggested we chat for a while in my hotel room. I knew it would be more than just chatting but I agreed. I really can't describe the excitement I was feeling at this point. I wasn't sure what might happen next as I had never been with a woman in any kind of sexual context.

As we headed up to my room the excitement was quickly replaced with extreme nervousness. I was starting to think that I had acted foolishly at the bar and now I was in a bit of a mess. I decided I would act naive once in the room and try to end the day without embarrassment.

Once in the room Janie was a different person and very aggressive. She stood in front of me and removed her blouse and bra. I just stared at her tits. She took my hand and placed it on one tit. I began to feel the tit and the nipple which was quite hard to the touch. At this point I was concerned that I just might pee myself I was so nervous but so excited at the same time.

She then reached forward and unbuttoned my blouse. Next came the bra. My idea of ending this before it started was gone completely. However, I was also now getting quite excited again and I was ready for more. She squeezed both my tits several times and then held onto my nipples for awhile. She bent forward and put a nipple in her mouth. I could feel her tongue on it and then I could really feel her teeth gently biting me. It didn't hurt, it felt stimulating!

Janie then stopped and took off her skirt and her panties. I took off mine. Her pussy was completely without hair. I was very self-conscious now about my dark bushy pussy. I immediately knew that that would change real soon. Hers looked so clean and soft and smooth. We got on the bed now naked and began to have sex. I loved every second of what we did. We kissed a lot and touched a lot. We used our mouth's quite a bit in making each other feel so good. I thought I knew what sex was all about but I was a student that afternoon.

After well over an hour Janie massaged my clitoris with two fingers while penetrating my pussy with two fingers of her other hand. It was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. I then made her cum.

We had dinner again that night and we both acted as though today was just a normal sight-seeing day. My husband and I left the next afternoon and he informed me that the trip was a complete success for him.

I'm an honest person and I lived with what I had done for over a week. Finally, in tears, I confessed to my husband what took place that afternoon at our hotel room. After telling him, there was a long long pause and then he smiled and said, 'I wish I could have watched, what a turn-on that would have been.' Relief flooded over me completely.

He asked me if I might want to have sex with another woman in the future and I told him I most definitely would. He seems OK with that.

He now loves my shaved pussy.

I only regret that I hadn't tried this a lot sooner. While I totally love my husband, sex with Janie was different and I have to say, better. I really do look forward to enjoying a sexual encounter soon with another woman. I just have to find one.



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