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The Book

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My mother purchased this perfectly normal book for me and my step brother. We were not prudish I guess. This was a wonderful book for us and it helped me say a big welcome to my daily changing bod.
I was defiantly in to exploring my body and enjoying exploring with my mirror in, yes, that position.

My hormones really went wild after all that new information and caressing I was giving myself. I love those hot hot hot firsts that I achieved, they were mind blowing even if I had not had any real orgasms yet.

I now saw boys and girls in a different light, wondering if they were doing themselves.

I knew my brother was and I often heard his low quiet ooohs, and aaahs, as I an sure he probably heard mine, the heater vents shared our common wall.

At 13 our parents left us alone with me in charge for some short moments while they would run errands or go to other short functions. As kids that age we would sit around playing, reading or doing homework but somehow our curiosity got the best of us and we started talking about our bodies and the book we knew we both had.

Since we knew our bodies and had seen the pictures of the other sex we asked some questions about our opposite sex parts, and then I glanced at his crotch and could see the outline of his erection.

I see you have a erection I said? Uummm. Yes he said. Do you need relief. I asked? Yes he replied. I just casually asked can I see I?

We always felt very comfortable around each other and were very close step brother and sister.

In my room he says, I followed him excitedly.

He gets in his bed lays down and pulls his pants down, I can see his glistening head poking out of the top of his briefs as he pulls them down exposing his fully erect penis. He had some pubic hair growing but not too much yet.

I sat on the side of the bed as he took some of the clear sticky fluid leaking out of this huge erect penis and rubbed it around the head and his left hand as he went to wrap his hand all around the shaft followed by three strokes up and down, all this time I could hear him breathe deeply and all of a sudden he stops, and his body seemed to stiffen as his penis started to shoot streams of cum all over, he was grunting in what seemed pain and I looked at his face he was flushed and had this look of pain but also joy as he calmed down.

Wow I was amazed at what I had just seen, real life example along with this weird aroma in the air of what was his cum had me sweating. I took my top off as he was cleaning himself and then my bottoms.

He scooted over as I lay on his bed next to him and I closed my eyes and spread my legs wide as I liked how my lips were really exposed as I proceeded to rub myself off.

I had been pleasuring myself for a good year now and loved this way the most. I usually would place the mirror in front and watch myself love.

I felt him move to see me touching myself he was in between my legs as I was rubbing my swollen lips with my whole hand up and down cupping all the inner and outer lips to my clitoris up and down it was wonderful. I was receiving these jolts and shocks that seemed to be building more than normal,

Ooooh aaah I loved the feeling of caressing my lips, my breathing was deep and hard I could feel my heart pounding in my chest so I could hear it in my ears as I was feeling this huge build up of stimulation making my body stiff. I felt my pelvis aching and aching for more and more. I started to moan loudly as my body thrust my Pelvis up to my hand saying harder harder applying more pressures to my hand then all of a sudden I had this huge eruption causing my body to shake and get stiff at the same time, all the way from my toes to my hair.

This shock of electricity it seemed was sooooooo unbelievable and made me see stars and I was grunting and crying in pleasure .

I was soaked in sweat and figured it felt like I just had my first orgasm, ooooooooooh how wonderful it was.

I was trying to catch my breath and calm down as I heard my brother grunting ooo ooo oooo aaaahhhh. I opened my eyes to see my step brother on his knees between my legs penis in hand and then shooting streams of cum all over .

Oh we barely got to come to our senses when our parents made a noise walking in the door, what a close call.

That night I had the most erotic flash back dream of our experience I awoke soaking wet hand in my lips rubbing ever so hard.

The next couple of weekends we would once again repeat our sessions.

About three months later the touching and exploring of each other started, my first ever touching of a real life hard penis was wonderful. The sight of the hard erect shaft with that mushroom head was to me so gorgeous I finally got to feel how warm it was and well how solid it got when fully erect.

I started by just caressing, feeling him all over to his testes and then to the head, he was dripping that clear sticky fluid from the slit on the tip and he was shaking as I touched him. I next wrapped my hand around him and gave one or two strokes, bam he had this huge orgasm and I could feel his penis expand and contract in my hand as he ejaculated.

I was now soaking wet and leaking fluid all over I felt very hot and tingling more than normal. I was on my knees and could feel my lips really pushing against my inner thigh, I spread my legs to see that my lips seemed much bigger than normal.

I went to my room to stand at my mirror to see better and wow I was very flushed and my vulva and labia seemed to really grow and hang down as my step brother arrived to say wow.

I brought my legs together and could feel my hips placing pressure on my lips ummmm, very sensitive as I walk to my bed and lay down with my step brother placing his hand on me caressing me soooooooo softly as I had this huge orgasm.

Many more adventures followed and well let's stop here .

Me and my step brother became very educated thanks to that book learning about each other. We brought life to the book and I firmly believe its perfectly normal to self love.

I did loan it to other friends so they could also learn about there bodies but never told about our adventures.



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