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The 'Boob' Factor

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Being a hormonal teen was rarely easy, as you never knew what would set you off, along with all the other awkwardness that comes with it.

Funnily, for me whenever I heard or saw the word 'boob' or 'boobs', I'd giggle and would also get a little aroused as I'd be thinking about boobs.

One day I came across a couple of guys in another class giggling at the computers in the library. There was some kind of program/game that at certain points once figuring out a puzzle or something that you'd put in a word and after each part was completed the game would spit out a passage with the words you put in, of course you could put in anything so you could make it sound as silly as you wanted as the passage itself was usually the same.

I jumped on another free computer and I too would put silly words and eventually ended up using words like tit and boobs and so on. Of course this would get me aroused and would play it a few times before leaving and went to read a book while my hard on went away.

I'd do this every lunch break for a little while.

Then I got my own computer in my room. This was mostly when the internet was still in it's infancy so I just used it for games and homework. I managed to get the game off a friend I think, installed it on my computer and had a couple of goes at just random words and laughing at it.

One night I finished my homework, it was a Friday so I would stay up as late as I wanted. I booted up the game again and this time I went the 'boob' route. I did a couple of goes of it and I was feeling rather aroused by now. My parents were downstairs watching TV and they usually stayed up late too. At this point I was already showered as I did so after dinner to relax more, I wanted to masturbate but I had never really done it much before. I pulled my boxers down and stared at my erect penis. I then sat back into the computer chair and had a couple more shots at the game and got more excited.

I had to relieve myself, I couldn't just let it pass/subside now. I was trying to think what to use, as just my hands never really appealed to me and so I went in search of something. I wanted to use my bmx gloves but I couldn't find them in my room and I think I left them downstairs and I wasn't going to go downstairs for that.

I then remembered my mom had bought some rubber gloves and other cleaning products and put them in the vanity cupboard in the upstairs bathroom as seeing as I mainly used it, it was decided I should start cleaning my own bathroom, I reluctantly agreed at the time but it was pocket money so I guess I had to if I wanted something.

I don't know why but I snuck over to the bathroom, even though my room was the only one up there plus the entertainment and rumpus room, all other rooms were downstairs and there was a bathroom down there too but regardless I sneaked my way over to it and slowly opened the door and went over to the vanity cupboard. I could see as there was moonlight coming in, I walked over and got down on my knees and opened the cupboard door, found the gloves and started to open them. I put the plastic in the bin and made my way back to my room, oddly sneaking when there was no need to.

I made it back to my bed with the gloves in front of me. I wasn't sure what I'd do with them but I figured putting them on would be the most logical. It was soon evident that they were way too big for my hands and looking at the marking, they were XL, so far too big for me. My fingers barely went halfway into the glove fingers but I managed to put them both on. I re-read my last game and it brought me back. I sat back down on my bed and just started rubbing my penis in some kind of fashion.

'Oh wow' I thought, the rubbery gloves felt so good. I kept on going, the fingers of the glove half flailing around my penis as I did whatever to enjoy it. I took off the gloves and got one and put my penis into one of them to see what it felt like. It was different to the outer part and I tried to fit it into the thumb part. I got part of the way in it, I found it amusing and flicked the thumb where the air was trapped in it. It oddly tickled me in a way so I kept doing it for a bit. After a little bit I started to take my penis out of the glove and it was then I really had my first orgasm as such. Everything down there started to spasm as it would when in orgasm. It was the first time, it felt strangely good. I felt like I was going to pee but nothing happened. After that it went down, I closed down my computer and snuck back to the bathroom (however pointless) and put the gloves back in the vanity cupboard.

I don't know what it was but I either became more attached to the 'Boob' thing or the gloves for masturbation, I guess I would find out sooner or later.



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