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The Blonde at Hardware Hanks

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There is a locally owned hardware store a mile from my house where the owner and his entire family work the place. It is a little more expensive but very convenient for those times when you need something quickly. One weekend 3 years ago I needed a new garden hose so off I ran. I walked in and headed straight to the garden area. When I got to where it used to be I was lost. I immediately headed for the register to ask the wife, who usually mans the counter, what they did with the garden products. But instead of finding the wife, what I found was a great looking blonde named Kirsten with the bluest eyes and most seductive smile. She looked to be in her early to mid 20's and had the beauty every father wants for his daughter but dreads when the dating starts. I asked her where the garden equipment had moved to and she nodded her head as if I hadn't been the first to ask this question.
She opened up the swinging doors to the back storage room and said, 'Mom can you watch the counter while I help this gentleman.' Being the super sleuth I am, I realized she was the owner's daughter. As she brought me to the isle where all the garden equipment had moved, I asked her how come I have never seen her working before. She explained she just moved back from college and while in high school had no interest in working there. So being polite, I asked her what college she attended and my mouth hit the floor when she told me UC Santa Cruz. I chuckled and she immediately said, 'why do you find that funny?' I told her I was not laughing at her choice of schools but rather at the coincidence since it was my Alma Mater and not too many people from Minnesota attend University of California schools. A smile came over her face and after talking for about a half hour and reliving some old college times, I told her I needed to get on my way but really enjoyed the conversation. She looked me straight in the eyes and in the most erotic way said, 'I did too, I hope you come in again real soon.'
A few weeks after my hardware store encounter, my wife and kids as part of a yearly ritual went to our cabin with a friend and her kids while I stayed home. Since I am left fending for myself I decided to go to the grocery store and pick up some steaks to grill. I had just walked in grabbed a basket and was in the produce area getting some mushrooms to accompany my steak when someone tapped me on the shoulder. It turned out to be the blonde from the hardware store. She had on this tank top that barely covered up her breasts and stopped short of her navel exposing her midriff and a belly button piercing. Her shorts were very short and very form fitting and I noticed she had on some summer sandals that finished off her summer seduction-ware just perfectly. She said, 'I haven't seen you back in the store I must not have been a good enough salesperson.'
We engaged in some small talk for a little while and as the conversation kept going I noticed it appeared she was flirting with me. I told her of my bachelor week to see how she would react and upon hearing she smiled in that same erotic way as before in the hardware store. What came next almost knocked me off of my feet. She said, 'how about I cook you dinner?' I laughed and said, 'yea right you've got nothing better to do than cook me dinner. Besides I am just grilling steaks and sautéing mushrooms. How fun can that be?' She said, 'I love steak and mushrooms make me horny.' At that point I grabbed a handful more of mushrooms and said, 't-bone or porterhouse?
She followed me back to my house and as she walked in I started to feel a little perverted for having this younger woman in my house. I didn't quite know how far this would go but for some strange reason I couldn't resist the idea of a younger woman desiring me. As the steaks were cooking on the grill she sautéed the mushrooms and fixed a wonderful salad. She acted well beyond being 23. While cooking we talked about Santa Cruz, how she ended up there and how I ended up in Minnesota. When I asked her the question, 'so why are you here with me a guy who is at least 15 years your senior?' She told me how she was always attracted too much older men. In high school she never dated because she was always attracted to men not kids and in college she dated a few of the professors. She thought men my age cherished the female form much greater than men her own age.
She asked my why I accepted her offer. As much as I loved my wife it was clear her priorities in life were kids, social position, and than me. However, kids and social position took more hours in the day then she had so obviously I was merely an investment for her not a loved one. We started dinner and our conversation continued as before.
We were close to finishing our dinner when she said can you pass me some more mushrooms and my mind raced back to the grocery store. I asked her how she knew mushrooms had the affect she claimed. When she promptly said you tell me if they work and stood up from her chair and proceeded to remove her tank top exposing the two nicest breasts I have seen in ages. She stood next to me and I couldn't help but start to kiss her breasts and tease her nipples with my tongue. I stood up and led her to my room where she started to undress me and I her.
As we lay there naked exploring each other's body I said, 'this is much better than masturbating to some internet pictures while my wife and kids were away.' She giggled and said, 'I love to masturbate and I have masturbated to thoughts of you many times since that first day I met you at the store.' I asked her if she would show me how she masturbates and I would do the same for her. I quickly got out my favorite lube while Kristen spread her legs and began to play with her pussy. She watched me stroke my dick and I watched her slide her middle finger between her lips and part them showing me how swollen they had become with our sexual foreplay. She asked me to stroke my dick slowly and wanted to know if it felt the same as a pussy. I told her orgasms for men are probably like orgasms for women each being a little different than the next but all very good. I asked her to slide a finger or two into her pussy and lift her legs up toward her head and she did. She asked if my wife had a vibrator or dildo she could use. She did not; but my kid's kitchen set came with this plastic banana that could do the trick if she was interested. She said, 'Show me.' So I stopped mid-stroke and found it in the playroom. I quickly cleaned it up and presented it. The plastic banana was approximately 7 inches long but better than that it was fat and straight not curved like most bananas. She quickly grabbed it and inserted it into her accepting pussy. She was so wet she required no lubrication for the plastic banana. I on the other hand needed to be lubed up again. Never having seen a woman use a sex toy in person pushed me over the top and I told Kristen I was ready to blow a load. Without asking I faced her and shot everything I had all over her tits and stomach. She said I love when a man shoots his load on my tits and face. I love to watch the stream jettison all over me. I watched her for some time with the plastic banana coming close to an orgasm several times but never climaxing.
I went and grabbed a towel and cleaned off my dick and asked her if I could join her with her self-pleasure. She smiled removed the plastic banana and guided my head between her legs. As I got closer to her pussy with my tongue I grabbed her legs behind the knees and held them up so she could use her hands elsewhere. She was purely erotic and I was lost in the fact that this beautiful woman of 23 years craved me sexually.
I told her to let me know what she wanted and I would be her sex tool. She first had me spread her lips and trace my tongue around them staying away from her clit. As I did this I took the initiative to rim her anus and she squirmed with pleasure. I did this a couple of times and each time she moaned a little more. I then slid my tongue down her pussy as far as I could and then did the same with her ass. While my tongue was in her ass she asked me to reached up with one of my hands and spread her pussy lips open and play with her clit. She was moaning ever so loudly and occasionally looking at me with that wild lustful stare she was so good at.
She seemed to be getting close to having a orgasm so I stopped and inserted two fingers into her pussy to prolong the pleasure for her or me I am not sure which. She was so wet her juices were dripping down my wrist. I wiggled and twisted my fingers inside of her and when I stopped she told me to keep wiggling them it felt so good. I found her g spot and started to work on that when she decided her clit need some attention again. I started to touch it with my free hand when she asked me to suck on it like a straw. The second I did this she went into a mind blowing orgasm that seem to last at least a minute.
That week went by fast to say the least; however the relationship never ended so I may have a few more stories to share, however, I would like her read this one first and maybe we will coauthor the next one.



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