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The Bike Rider

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There haven't been too many memorable sexual incidents in my life, so this one really stands out in my memory. It's been the mental engine behind many firehose spurts of white goo from my cock.

Not too many years ago I was driving out to my lake property by myself. I'm usually by myself, as my wife would rather sleep late than anything else, and I am a morning person. It was early in the morning on a summer day destined to be in the nineties, and the sun had only been up for a few minutes. Even so it would frequently drop below the horizon of the passing hilltops. As I was driving along the lakeshore, I happened to notice a woman in a bikini pushing a bicycle in the opposite direction. I thought that was a little odd, and quickly did a doubletake realizing it was my across-the-street neighbor and my wife's best friend. How odd that she would be here at this time. So I turned round and drove back to where she was walking along and noticed she was walking rather stiffly. As I pulled alongside she turned and smiled with recognition. 'Having a problem?' I asked. She heaved a big sigh and shook her head. 'I can't believe I was such a dope.' she said.

'This swimming suit was a really bad idea for riding my bike. It's about to give me blisters in my you-know-where.' I offered her a ride home and she readily accepted. 'I have to run out to the property first and start the water, but that's not far now'. 'No problem.' she said, throwing her bicycle in the back of my car.

Turning round again we were on our way. Her husband had been driving out past the lake this morning on the way to points East, and she had him drop her along the lake for a morning ride back home along the lake. She didn't get too far before she realized her lapse in judgement in choosing her clothes. She had hoped to get some sun, but failed to consider the bicycle seat.

Now she's a quite attractive woman, very petite, light brown hair with bleached streaks, just less than shoulder length, with very delicate features. Her occasional references to her discomfort in her crotch area made it difficult for me not to tent my shorts. I kept having to drive the images of her crotch out of my mind.

So after I've started my water and head back home, she asks me if I have anything she can wrap around her, as she can't stand the bikini bottoms any more. I told her all I had was the clothes I was wearing, and offered her my t-shirt. She said that was great, so I took it off and gave it to her. She covers up with it and slips out of her bikini bottoms, breathing a huge sigh of relief. 'That's SO much better!' she said. dropping the suit on the floor.

Well that was too much for me, and my cock practically jumped to attention. Now, all I have on is my shorts and sandals (no underwear) and it's impossible for me to hide my now throbbing stiffie. She giggles and says 'Oops, we woke the monster. Sorry. I should have figured...'. Then she smiled and slid over beside me reaching over and squeezing the head of my cock with her fingertips through my shorts. I nearly came right there. 'That's very flattering.' she said, 'and very cute, too. I've been wanting to ask you something since... well, since I saw you jacking off in your garage.'

I was stunned. 'What? How? When?' I stammered. She giggled again and said 'Last spring I saw the light on late and came around to the back door. I was just going to say hi, but when I looked in the window, there you were, leaning back against the hood of your car, stark naked and playing with your cock. I almost came in, but didn't want to embarrass you, so I just watched until I felt guilty for the intrusion, and left.'. I told her she was right, I probably would have been too embarrassed for words and it was probably best she didn't come in. 'But never mind the question for now, take off your shorts.' she said, snuggling up to my arm and running her hand up and down my thigh, 'I want to see your cock in your hand again.'

Wow, anticipating what was going to come, I suggested we head for home. I slipped off my shorts and now I'm naked except for my shoes, with the cutest woman I know (who is also my wife's best friend) and all she's wearing is a bikini top.

We pulled up in her drive, and I turned the engine off. I took hold of my cock and it felt like a steel rod. She bends over a little and watches intently as I gently (and carefully) make a few slow strokes, just up over the edge of the head and back, the way I like to do. She sighs and caresses my belly, then squeezes the head of my cock with her fingertips again. 'Can I?' she asked. I moved my hand away and she grasped the shaft with her tiny hand and mimicked the motion I had been making. Now we were mostly quiet as she gently stroked my cock. I had to stop her a couple of times, lest I lose my load all over my steering wheel. I am in heaven, and it seems so is she. She is fondling me, wiping a drop of my precum off with her finger and licking it off.

'Well we can't leave you like this, can we?' she said, slightly tightening her grip and quickening her stroke. The effect was electric. I made one feeble attempt to stop her, but she was determined so I just leaned back and let her do me. The pressure built to a point I still marvel over and when the contractions started I couldn't breathe. I spurted cum up under my chin, in my armpit, in my navel, on the steering wheel, and who knows where else, while she looked on mesmerized with the scene. I had barely stopped dribbling and regained my composure as she slid over and got out of the car, grabbing her suit on the way. She tossed my t-shirt back in the window, grabbed her bike, and said 'Thanks for the ride, talk to you later.' as she pushed her bicycle into her breezeway, still naked from the waist down.

So here I am, naked in my car in the neighbors driveway, covered in my own cum, cock barely starting to soften, watching my neighbor's bare ass disappearing into the garage. I took my shirt and wiped myself off, hoping I hadn't gotten any cum on my seats, and decided I needed to drive back out to the lake. Cock never got a chance to get soft. I replayed the whole scene in my head the whole trip, as I have many times since.



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