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The Big One

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Great reading the stories. Wanted to submit my own


There is a small group of us, about 6 or so that are really close as we have known each other since well we were about 10 or around that age anyway and we knew pretty much everything about each other, well almost anything. One thing we never did was get really intimate together, I mean there was the odd fingering but was more due to experimentation or 'tutoring' but nothing really for a relationship, as it would make things awkward between us.

There is a few guys in the group as well and myself I had only seen one cock from the guys in our group, but he flashed his momentarily while just being stupid.

Anyway I'll get onto my story.

One of the guys (for privacy reasons, we'll name D) had recently been attacked by a stray dog while running one morning. He was knocked down by the dog which I think was a german shephard, I'm not sure. Anyway it attacked his right upper thigh and almost near the crotch, fortunately a neighbour of the area managed to restrain the dog and knocked it out (according to D anyway). While it was brief he did suffer some nasty bites and such.

So this was about three days later and I was changing the dressing on his wounds, as I had some experience in first aid. So I grabbed out the latex gloves and the bandages. I got him to take off his pants, and he was wearing a pair of boxers underneath them. At that stage I wasnt really thinking about seeing his cock or playing with it, but my rubbing against it while taking off the bandages got it aroused and I could see a significant bulge. D blushed a bit when I looked up at him.

I cleaned up around the wounds and I obviously had to get close to his crotch which this time I purposely rubbed up against, but made it look like I did it accidentally. After I finished putting the new dressing on I saw there was a fair size bulge coming from the boxers.

I decided to be adventurous and unbuttoned his boxers to see his cock, and when I started to, he didn't object to it at all, and actually went really red.

After it sprang out I was surprised at the size of it, I mean I've heard him brag about the size of his john to the boys at times but you know how guys are. Anyway it was about 8-9 inches long and round, well I'm not sure but if you put the tips of your index finger and thumb together and made a circle, that's about the circumference of it. I let out a gasp and said 'It's huge!'

He said it was a curse more than anything, as having sex wasn't exactly easy as not all girls could take it, and I could imagine.

I got quite wet looking at the monster so I started stroking and pumping it, while the gloves were on, which made it somewhat easier. I played with the head and the precum so I could lube up my hand a bit which made the masturbating easier. I could see the veins as well which made it more amazing and it looked liked something out of a porn movie. It wasn't long before he came. Having the come spurt out onto my hands, as I positioned them over the head and then I proceeded to masturbate myself, giving him a double treat. I looked at his cock while I masturbated and using his come.

I went on forever, occasionally playing with his cock to make it a little more erect, even flacid it was a fair size. I got him hard again and took off the glove (which was turned inside out now with his come) and put it over his cock and started to pump him again and made him come into the glove.

After that I cleaned up, well we cleaned up and we just chatted away like nothing had happened, but now everytime I masturbate I think of his cock.

Wow thinking about it now is making me all hot again.

Hope you liked my story and I hope to submit more later



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