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The Bet

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Tim and I were cramped inside a toilet cubicle. I had agreed to show him how I masturbate after losing a bet with him. We were sweating, and our heavy panting fueled the already tense atmosphere.
'You first.'
'No, you lost the bet, you first.'
With trembling hands, I unbuckled my belt and Jim followed suit. Then I went on to pull down my pants, revealing my bulging crotch. Having seen me do it, Tim did the same, revealing a comparable bulge, obviously having an erection like me. I was excited that we had not seen each other's privates since we were five or six (we were 13 then). I cheekily revealed my sparse pubic hair, keeping my vital parts covered. Tim softly chucked and revealed a thick and dark bush. I gaped in surprise as I was still very much a 'hairless pig', a far cry from his manly bush.
'I never knew you had so much pubic hair.'
'Better than you, so little.'
I felt my pride being hurt as I never expected him to respond like that. Nevertheless, I lowered my remaining piece of underpants, and my penis sprang out straight like a stick. I thought I had quite a huge penis at that age compared to my peers, slightly over 10cm, as I was larger built then most of them. Being uncircumcised, my glans remained covered under my foreskin, with only the tip showing. I felt the cold air between my thighs and on my genitals, making my penis twitch and expand to the maximum.
Having confirmed that I had got my penis out, Tim proudly flashed his. His teenage penis was about the same size as mine, equally thick. However, his was pointing upwards, and had so much pubic hair that I could hardly see any uncovered patch at the base of his penis. It was really an eye opener, as that was the first time I was so close to someone's penis. His looked like a miniature of an adult's, with the skin on his penis is darker than the rest of his body. It certainly looked outsized considering his small built.
'Wow you are enormous,' I complimented.
'So are you.'
When I was not aware, he playfully touched my penis in a flash. I blushed, as only my mother had touched it when I was young. I tried to touch him in revenge but he was quick to shield it with his hands.
'Now show me how you masturbate.'
I wrapped my palm round my young penis, and moved it up and down using the 'fist method'. One palm was enough to cover my entire penis. He stared attentively for a few minutes, but I still did not climax. I saw his penis slowly lowering like a flagpole and shrinking to normal size.
'Ok, that's enough,' he said as he disappointedly pulled up his pants and fastened his belt.
'No, hold on,' I pleaded as I continued pumping my tender penis. Gradually I felt my body turn warm, and my heart beat faster. Tim sensed that something is going to happen and glued his eyes on my privates. Then, I felt like I was going to pee, and three drops of semen slowly flowed out from the tip of my foreskin, like foams from a beer bottle (I did not shoot as mentioned in other stories). As Tim had not come before, he was caught unprepared, and hastily dug out some tissue paper for me to clean up. I caught my breath, and joked that his left testicles looked larger to relieve the tension.
'You are still so dirty minded after masturbating,' he replied, as he left the cubicle, leaving me alone. I cleaned up and caught up with him. After that, I asked him if he thought masturbating is stupid, he replied yes. I did not know what to say. After that day, we seldom saw each other as we were busy with our schoolwork, and we never had any sexual experiences again. Now we are both grown-up young men, and I recently saw him on the streets with a girl, they looked very close. None of us are gay, and in fact, I kind of feel uncomfortable with the idea of homosexual relationships. It was just a day which plain childlike innocence, curiosity and playfulness took control of us. It will always be a piece of my sweet childhood memories.



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