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The Best Way To Start The Day Together

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When my wife came back to bed naked one morning last week, I knew I was in for a treat.


When I woke up one day last week as the light began to filter through the curtains, I was feeling horny as usual. As I moved and stretched, I was aware that Zoe, my wife, was also stirring. Sometimes Zoe sleeps naked and sometimes she sleeps in nightclothes. On this day, as she sat up in bed I could see that she was wearing nothing. I love to look at her body which is still beautiful, with smooth skin and firm breasts, though she is sixty years old. I am 68 now, but could never have imagined, as a young man, that any woman could still be so beautiful at sixty. Now, as I look at Zoe, I have proof before my eyes. I love her for being so beautiful.

Zoe swung her legs out of the bed and went to the bathroom without putting any clothes on. I then heard her cleaning her teeth and she returned to the bedroom, but instead of reaching for her clothes or her robe, as she normally does, she slipped back into bed. She snuggled close to me and I knew that I was in for a treat.

My hands felt down her back, holding her tight. I could feel her breasts pushing against me and her pelvis pressed against my already erect penis. 'Hang-on' I said, 'I need to go to the bathroom too', so I had a quick pee and also cleaned my teeth. (There's nothing worse than bad breath when you want to make love). In a flash I was back alongside her in the bed also naked.

She reached down to hold my penis. 'You're already hard' she said, as she kissed me deeply and slowly massaged my penis. My hands were on her round bottom, moving down and between her legs. Zoe turned partly onto her back and opened her legs so that my hand could explore her thick dark, bush and cunt. I stroked all around her pubes and at the top of her legs, before returning to the moist centre of her vagina. My fingers slipped onto her clit and began to move slowly over her most sensitive place. Soon I could feel her labia opening to receive my massage. I licked my fingers so that they could run more smoothly over her inner lips and around her cunt.

Her hand continued to massage my hard cock. I didn't want to come too soon, so I reached down to her breasts, taking a nipple in my mouth. This meant that Zoe couldn't reach my cock, so she lay back to enjoy the sensation of my sucking on her nipple and my fingers stroking her cunt. Zoe has only recently learned that having her nipples sucked can be very pleasurable. She used to say that she had no sexual feeling in her nipples, but in the seven years we have been together, she has learned to enjoy me licking, sucking and nibbling her nipples. They now respond by growing hard in a way they never used to when we first met.

Zoe has never had babies and this may explain why she has such a great figure. It also explains why her cunt is tight and very responsive. My fingers were exploring the folds of her labia, moving over the smooth surface of her clitoris, polishing her 'pearl' as the saying goes. All the while we continued to kiss and feel each other's tongue.

We like to use lube to help things along. I suppose this is because we are in our sixties and need the lubrication that nature no longer supplies in the quantities it once did. I would recommend all post-menopausal women to use lube, unless they are on HRT when I guess it's not needed so much. Personally I love the moment when Zoe reaches for the lube and applies it to my dick. She then puts another squirt onto herself and for a little while she massages her cunt with the lube while still stroking my cock. I fondle her breasts while she does this, enjoying the feeling of her hand moving over my cock made slippery by the lube.

She opened her legs wider and slipped a finger into her hole and then brought it up to her clit, circling and pressing harder in a rhythmical motion. I know that Zoe enjoys masturbating herself as part of our lovemaking, so I put my hand down to my cock and took over from her so that she could concentrate on her own pleasure. She looked down to see my hand moving on my wet penis, which seemed to excite her more. Once again I took her nipple in my mouth while I pumped my cock harder.

It did not take long for Zoe to begin to approach orgasm. I could tell from her moans and the increased pace of her breathing that she was getting close. I could hear the rhythmical slurping sounds as her hand was moving more rapidly over her clitoris, pressing harder down and circling faster.

I stopped wanking myself and moved my hand to touch the area between her cunt and her anus - the perineum, I think it's called. I massaged this erogenous area and then slipped a finger into her wet vagina. No sooner had I done this than she began to convulse with a powerful orgasm. Her body shook and her legs jerked, not just once but several times as she gasped with pleasure. She cried out with the intensity of the moment of satisfaction. Then, as she began to relax, I rested my hand over hers which still covered her pubes. 'Wow', she sighed as she smiled broadly. 'That was a really strong one. I must have needed that. Now what about you?'

Witnessing her orgasm had given me an extreme hard-on and I really needed to cum, so as I kissed her again I began to wank myself. She placed her hand over mine as it moved rapidly up and down the shaft of my cock. 'Show me how you like to do it', she said. I didn't reply but continued to rub myself hard. Then I raised myself onto my knees so that my cock was above her face as I continued to wank hard. Excited by seeing my hand wanking my cock, Zoe started to massage her clit again. I could see that she wanted to go for it a second time while she was still aroused from her first orgasm.

So that I could see her fingers on her clit I lay down with my face between her legs. I was looking straight at her cunt as her fingers whipped her clit into another frenzy. My hand was wanking my cock where she could see what I was doing alongside her. This was a truly erotic experience where each of us could be totally relaxed about masturbating in front of and with each other. In just a few minutes we both came together, my cum spurting over her breasts and her fingers plunging deep into her cunt.

We both lay back with pleasure and exhaustion. 'What a great way to start the day' I said. 'Yes, for me too', she replied. We needed a glass of water and then we took a shower together. I rubbed her down with a nice fluffy new towel and only then did we start to think about some breakfast and starting the rest of our day.

I am very lucky to have found someone who is happy with us masturbating together. We love having penetrative sex as well, but we don't feel we have to do the conventional sex thing all the time. It is all about being tolerant and not making judgements about what's right or 'must' happen. Instead we enjoy each other whatever that person wants to do.



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