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The Best Walk Ever

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This is another exciting time I had with my friend Hannah, although we were never officially a couple we have always been close friends, and always had an understanding about needing a release of pleasure, as friends we would often help each other out if needed, which led us to explore each other and ourselves a lot we were never ashamed to say anything on our minds, and never held back anything we wanted to say.


Hannah and I both enjoyed going for walks, we had many routes we would take and choose a different one each time. My favourite walks were ones where we walked through parks or across fields, for what I had in mine the less people around the better. There was not much Hannah and I hadn't done by this point but doing something out in public was always something i wanted to try.

So the day came, I chose to dress lightly, it was a hot day, quite humid, so I dressed in a light shirt and some 3/4 combat shorts, feeling a bit more risky I chose not to wear any underwear. Hannah worked at an office near by and we arranged for us to meet outside. Being commando was a new feeling for me, I noticed myself getting hard outside Hannah's office and did what I could to take my mind off what I had planned.

Hannah finally arrived out of her office, I was standing in the shade under a tree over the road, she noticed me and waved me over, we first had to walk to hers for her to get changed into something a bit more suitable for a long walk.

She let me in, got me a cold drink and told me to sit on the sofa whilst I waited for her to get changed. She disappeared up to her room, she came downstairs not long after in a tank top vest, not wearing a bra, the straps weren't doing a good job of staying on her shoulders, and as always she was wearing a skirt. This was more tight fitting and denim, a bit shorter than usual, of course I thought she looked stunning, and I couldnt stop eyeing her up. She noticed my eyes looking all over her, I caught eye contact and she gave me a nice smile and said shall we go?

We started walking and she asked what route we should take, as I didn't want to bump into anyone I chose the local nature reserve. It was a bit of a walk to their alone so I knew I was going to be pretty hot by the time we got there.

On the way we were walking along side a fairly empty road, a car would pass every now and then but over all we were alone. I noticed Hannah's straps kept falling from her shoulders, as the one closest to me fell I told her to leave it "I can't my top will fall down eventually" I told her that was the point! She looked at me pretending to be all shocked, we carried on walking and talking about...life, all I could focus on was her top as it slowly started to fall down, her nipples were already poking through the material, so I could already tell she was horny. I watched as her breasts were nearly on show before a car came past and she quickly pulled the straps over her shoulders "spoil sport" I moaned "I'm not letting it fall down someone might see" I said it wouldn't be the end of the world, and I know her well enough to know she'd enjoy it.

Which led us onto a conversation which made the rest of the day extremely exciting. Hannah said "have you ever been naked in public then?" Me "no, I admit it does sound exciting though, I wouldn't mind doing it one day" Me "have you ever been nude or done anything in public" Hannah "maybe" Hannah stepped in front of me facing me "wait here a second" she disappeared through a gap in the hedge, I stood there confused until she came back a couple of minutes after Me "toilet?" Hannah walked up to me "not quite" she had her usual cheeky smile "she grabbed my hand and placed her hand over it and then gave me her panties, Hannah was also now going commando, and the only thing stopping me from seeing anything was her skirt, being around seven inches too long.

She told me how she could feel the breeze on her pussy, and how it was making her wet. I was getting extremely aroused by this point and was finding it hard to walk with an erection. We finally arrived at the nature reserve, just woods and fields for miles, Hannah spotted some rabbits and did the usual cute things women do when they see cute little animals, the rabbit ran into the bushes, Hannah walked up to the bush and bent over forward, giving me a nice upskirt view of her ass and pussy. She looked back at me, and hiked up her skirt more, now I had a clear view and it made my cock twitch, she pulled it back down and we carried on walking.

My cock was pressing against my shorts asking to let me free. "why don't you let it out?" I didn't need to be told again I lifted my shirt, and pulled my shorts right down to my ankles, not being careful enough to check around me first I noticed an older couple walking their dog, I panicked and quickly pulled them back up. I don't think they noticed but I avoided eye contact as they walked past. "that was close" I said laughing as my face was bright red, we waited for them to leave, Hannah kept a good look out. It was clear, it's rare you bump into people around this place, the likelyhood of it happening again we gathered was going to be low.

I was leaning up a tree, Hannah walked back into the middle of the pathway and looked both ways for the final check and to my surprise she unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to her ankles and she stepped out of it, she then ripped off her top and dropped it to the ground, there she was standing completely naked in the middle of this woodland.

She looked at me as I was grabbing the head of my erect penis through my shorts "now you" within seconds I took my shirt off and pulled off my shorts, my cock was standing at attention point right up at Hannah. The breeze against my naked body was amazing, I have never felt so free, and I was so so turned on. Hannah picked up her clothes folding them and holding them in one hand and I picked mine up too "shall we carry on walking" she said "erm yea" we walked through the woodland more completely naked.

My cock bobbed up and down with each step I took, I looked at Hannah as her boobs bounced around, my cock was aching for attention, I couldnt help it. I reached down and began to stroke it, Hannah was surprised and smacked my hand away "that's not allowed" I complained saying I needed to cum and I can't hold off much longer, she insisted I waited a little while longer. She grabbed my hand and stuck it between her legs, placing my fingers between her lips, she was soaked "you're not the only one whose horny" and pushed my hand away and carried on walking.

We eventually got to a free line and ahead of us was a small field and at the end of the field was another part of the woods. She looked at me with a huge smile "race me?" She then began to run ahead of me, giving herself a slight head start. I began, she ran after her, running naked across a field was fun. I was lost in the moment and didn't think too much about people seeing us.

We got to the other part of the woods, and I leant against another tree catching my breath, Hannah was standing there laughing, she looked down at my still erect cock, and grabbed it, she pushed my agaisnt the tree and began to stroke me and tease me circling her thumb and fingers around my swolen head. She kissed me before getting down on her knees, she slowly began to lick my head, circling her tongue around it before licking it at the base of the shaft making her way to the top. It was becoming too much for me, but I wanted to hold off cumming so quickly. 

She took it in her mouth whilst stroking the rest of it with her hand, she had a nice firm grip whilst she let more and more of it into her mouth each time. She looked up at me, with the naughty sparkle in her eyes and I pulled her back up onto her feet. I pushed her against the tree pinning her hands aganst it. I kissed her passionately, I began kissing down her neck and chest, working my way down her body. I circle my tongue around her already erect nipples, she gasped as I took them in my mouth giving them a nice suck and even a little nibble, slightly pulling on them with my teeth.

I get onto my knees I kiss down her belly, I run my hands up and down the back of her legs grabbing that great ass of hers, I spread her legs and began to lick her soaking wet pussy. I use one hand to spread her lips as I flicked her clit with my tongue. She moaned out in pleasure as I kept this going, I got two fingers and slid them into her continuing to lick her juices.

I began to pick up the rythm with my fingers thrusting them deeper and deeper into her, she began to squirm and move around she let out a huge moan "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" I quickened the rythm and she pulled my head closer forcing it right into her. Her juices poured out of her, and her body twitched all over the place. I got up catching her as she nearly collapsed, I let her relax as long as she needed before she came back to reality she looked me in the eyes and kissed me passionately, my still erect cock was pressing against her crotch.

She reached down and began to pump it hard and fast, getting down on her knees. I was getting harder and she was going faster with each grunt and moan I made, I couldn't hold off any longer, I told her I was about to cum. She aimed my cock at her breasts I started shooting my load over her breasts, my body twitched as she carried on pumping it before slowing down

I caught my breath, Hannah was on her knees wiping my cum off of herself, even licking it off her fingers, she looked up at me "I think I need to have a shower when I get home" She grabbed her panties using them to finish off wiping herself clean. I began to put my shorts and shirt back on as she also got dressed.

We began to walk back, talking rubbish as we usually do. We finally got back to hers, I walked her to her door at this point we were both hot and sweaty, and she was extremely sticky. she invited me in for a cold drink, I sat on the sofa she stood in front of me. "Right I'm going for a shower" stripping naked in front of me she made her way to the bathroom, she looked back and gave me the signal to join her, this part I can't share on this website, but use your imagination. I'm sure you know what could have happened.



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