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The Best Times of my Sexual Awakening

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[I found this site a month ago and have read most of its content. I love the stories - most I believe are based in truth which is why I include one of mine. I wish my life now was as exciting sexually as it was when I was 15... Maybe I'll find some excitement through this experience. Best of luck and tell the readers to be true and never give up their dreams...]
----------------------------------------The Best Times of My Sexual Awakening
I remember when I was fifteen. I had my own bedroom and pushed my bed up by the window to be better able to experience the weather at night. While a fence separated my house from the house next door - the ends were open in both my front and back yards so anyone could walk through. There were these two girls, one who lived across the street and the other who lived across the ally from me, and I noticed that they sometimes walked between their houses to visit each other by taking the shortcut on my side of the fence.
One early Friday night (it was still somewhat light outside) I was home alone and lying completely naked in my bed by my open window. I was so horny and I was beating my meat with the idea of blowing my wad out of the window into the yard - before I could reach a climax, I heard young female voices approaching along the driveway. I begin to panic with my heart pumping 1000 miles per hour but my desires had taken over me and I waited for these girls while holding my penis's position pointing through the window. As I laid on the side of my bed, I pushed my torso slightly upon the window's sill so I had full exposure of my naked body from the mid-thigh up to just above my nipples - which were becoming hard as rocks. As I listened to the girls approaching, I could suddenly see they were on my side of the fence and walking slowing along my driveway. I then knew these two would soon pass beside my window and were going to see a guy getting his rocks off, likely, for the first time in either of their lives. It was definitely the first time in my life to masturbate in female company.
I didn't concern myself with any consequences - I felt I knew for sure which two girls these were - I had seen them both looking in my windows before during the day. They were several years younger than me and very cute. As they were upon me I began feeling pre-cum at the end of my throbbing, aching penis, and I knew my glory was going to sing as these young girls walked by allowing them to visibly see & hear my torso's contortions as my body raged.
These two blue and green-eyed Blonds were maybe 12 or 13 years old and were definitely ripening on the vine. They saw me finally as I moaned while my come flew out into the air like projectiles from a mighty cannon blast. I was shaking so out of control while trying to see their reaction. Instead of screaming or running they just stopped and watched while holding on to each other. I nearly passed out. One girl said to the other, "Wow, what a trippy scene," while the other said, "I always wanted to see how that worked." They then giggled and boogied along into the night. It was a completely wonderful experience and I never slept so well as that night.
The next weekend I was hoping to have another 'chance encounter.' I prepared the scene by setting my desktop spot light with a blue light bulb and shined it so only my torso was visibly lit in my darkened room. It was much later in the evening and fairly dark when, sure enough, the girls came along - this time with another friend. They were dressed more darkly and seemed not to realize I was hoping they would come by again so I could play my bow and arrow. Plus I recognized the voice of the third girl. She lived a block over and I had such a crush on her - she was 14 and just 1 grade below me. She was so hot!!! (I'll call her Megan). Megan had these fully grown breasts (the first ones to ever truly capture my imagination) and she even talked hot. I began to tremble. I was now soo excited and also so scared as to what this all might led up to.
Meagan led the other 2 girls as they crawled up to my window. My window shade was strategically pulled down to about 24 inches above the windowsill. Megan raised her head right over my boy-thing [with her two friends on either side of her]. The angle is such that we can't quite see eye to eye. . Well - like a shooting star I blow my load soo hard it got in both my eyes and obstructed my vision!!! In my frustration I hollered out - DAMN I need a girlfriend!!! I heard Megan say "wow wee" as she and the others took off into the darkness.
Now I wasn't so sure what to do - I was a shy person - really a bit introverted, and this was so out of character for me - I thought. Then, during the late evening of a school night, in the middle of the next week, I had my widow opened to enjoy the spring breeze while studying my homework. I was completely caught off guard that Megan - the girl from the next block over, walked up and said hi!!! She asked me if I was busy and I said no and then we talked about school a bit. She said she'd had an argument with her dad and was just walking around. She was wearing a small 2-piece swimsuit and a light pink tank top and leather sandals. I was in a tee shirt and nylon shorts without underwear. Megan said she was cold so - you guessed it - I invited her in through the window! She asked me if I was going with someone - I said no and asked her the same - no again. She asked if she could warm up under the covers.. I quickly dumped all my books & stuff off the spread and under the bed. (My Mom was home so the risk of being caught raised the excitement of the moment).
Once under the covers, Megan asked me if she could be my girlfriend that night and I said "Without a doubt!!!" We both were unbelievably naked really fast and making out big-time. I think she had the finest breasts I have ever buried my face into even to this day 30 years later. Soon she started rubbing my penis and then she asked me to tell her exactly what to do while uncovering me and putting her face really close to my organ. I told her she was already doing it (jacking me off) in a most excellent way.
When I came I shot my load over my head onto the headboard - another first of several. That night was the first time I ate pussy; the first time I got a girl to climax, and the first time to get head. I didn't think I could come when she went down on me after I had gone down on her until she began looking into my eyes while she was sucking me hard. She was so beautiful and her breasts were rubbing against my legs as she went through her motions. I told her I was going to shoot (in case she wanted to withdraw), but she was a real trooper and swallowed most of it and then came up to me and kissed me and gave me some of my come back as we French kissed.
In less than a month I was no longer a virgin and that happened after I went crawling through Megan's window one late evening - another adventure for another story and time.
If you liked my story and are serious - not wacko, send me feedback.



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