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The Best Speech of My Life

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This happened this past week. In my language arts class at school, everybody was giving a presentation sometime during the week. They were always boring and I liked to pass the time masturbating, but since the desks didn't cover much I had to have a vibrating dildo in order to do this. I had a little remote control that I would use to turn it on and off. It was quiet so nobody ever noticed. I would put it in during the 5 min break between class periods and take it out after class.

Everything went well until it was my turn to give the speech a couple days into the week. I was going third out of 5 people. When the first person went up I realized that the remote for the dildo was not in my skirt pocket. I must have left it in the bathroom when I put it in. I would have to get it after class and also listen to boring presentations for 50 min. It was at about this time that the dildo sprang to life for a moment and then turned off again. Then on, then off, and so on. I felt all over myself for the remote but couldn't find it. Maybe it was in my book bag.

Between the first and second presentations I rummaged through my book looking for the remote to no avail, it wasn't there. I looked around the room and saw to my horror that a girl across the room named Alex had the remote and was turning it on and off slowly, like she was pondering what it was since she had nothing better to do. Throughout the second presentation I felt the sporadic rhythm in my pussy. I was beginning to worry about the possibility of having an orgasm while presenting. I couldn't take the dildo out because I had nowhere to put it. It was wet with my juices so if I put it in the elastic of my underwear, it would fall out of my skirt in the middle of the presentation. I figured I would quickly do myself and get the orgasm over with so I would be fresh for the presentation.

Unfortunately the person ahead of me finished early and I succeeded in doing was getting myself closer to orgasm. I went up quickly and prepared to take a wing at it, maybe if I orgasmed I could pretend to be sick and run out of the room. I looked over at Alex and she didn't appear to have any intention of giving me a break. As I gave my presentation I could feel the orgasm building. I rushed through my presentation, all the time gripping the podium tighter and tighter. I was continuously pushing down the rising pleasure in me, but it kept getting better.

When I was giving my conclusion, it happened. It was the best orgasm I had ever had, even better than sex. My knees started to buckle so I supported myself with my hands on the podium. I couldn't talk and my mouth opened so I pretended to be yawning. Cum came bursting out around the edges of the dildo and I was thankful I had worn underwear that day. When it was over I started to finish up but then another orgasm came, better than the first. This was a great time to be having multiple orgasms. I pretended to yawn and this time added a cough to get some of the pressure out. Through two more orgasms I managed to squeak out a very brief conclusion between yawns and coughs.

When I practically stumbled back to my seat I was completely exhausted. My underwear was soaked and the dildo was still going on and off at regular intervals. When class was over I almost ran to the bathroom and finished off the next orgasm that had been building up during the rest of the class period and took out the dildo and threw it into my book bag.

I don't think anybody ever found out what happened but I was known for having a yawning/coughing fit during a speech.



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