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The Best Saturday Ever by Myself

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This is how I spent the Saturday after my fiftieth bithday


I divorced my husband when I was forty-seven. We were not very compatible sexually and I can honestly say he left me wanting.

I have always masturbated starting, when I was in grade school. Third grade I think. I just mostly fingered myself when I was young. As I got older I started to fantasize about sex and intercourse while I masturbated. I love to masturbate and have multiple orgasms. I can satisfy myself as no man can. I accomplished my first orgasm when I was in the third grade I think. I was afraid to tell any one. I really didn't know what it was. I just know it felt good. I was horny all the time and when I was in junior high and high school I would hurry home every day so that I could 'take care of myself' before my parents and sister got home. To say the least I was and am a horny little girl.

To describe myself I am five feet, one inches tall. I am stretched a little from birthing, but not bad and weigh one hundred and four pounds. I go to the gym three times a week for an hour each day. Not to sound conceited, I keep getting better the older I get. I have tried to reclaim the body that I had when I was seventeen and I am succeeding.

I got a boyfriend when I was a senior in high school and that went from masturbating by myself to full blown sex. To make that long story short I had three babies in four years. That's right three girls in four years. During this time I realized that I had married the wrong man. He was only a fair sex performer and left me wanting for more. A lot of the time he was done before I knew he was started. He would then roll over and go to sleep. I would lay beside his sleeping body and finger myself and fantasize about sex with well endowed men. He also stayed at the behavior of an immature male. He never became a man like you would think. It was almost like a boy or teen in a man's body. My life was like living in a house with four children.

Well three of them grew up to become beautiful intelligent women. When the youngest was finally on her own I decided to go it alone. I left my previous life when I finished my college degree and obtained a secure job in state government.

I am an adult woman now free to do what I want when I want. I keep in contact with my children who have lives and families of their own. It is a great feeling to be where I am at in my life now.

I can now share with you the Saturday after my fifthieth birthday. I gave myself a great present. I am a short woman, so I wear high heels. I prefer pumps. I have a large collection of pumps. You name it I probably have it. I love the way my legs look when I wear heels. To me the muscle tone of my legs is such a turn on. Dress me in a skirt and heels or jeans and heels watch out! I love to stand in front of a tall mirror totally nude wearing pumps. I have a favorite style in red, black, and white. I wear the red when I am really horny.

My special Saturday was lunch with my daughters then home. I was wearing a red blouse with a nice red print skirt and my red pumps. I was not wearing any underwear that day because I had been planning 'my treat' to myself for awhile. If I would have been on a date with a man friend my underwear would have been red matching bra and panties. And it would have been his lucky day. I told them I had to clean house.

As I said previously I had a 'treat' for myself. This was going to be my 'day' I had been doing some on-line shopping and bought a new dildo for myself. I like huge cocks and fantasize about huge all the time. I keep looking for the largest. Well I bought one on line. I have had it for a while waiting for the right horny moment to use it. When I read its description in the ad I just couldn't connect the size mentally. It was larger than I imagined.

The ad said no refunds and that it was larger than imaginable. There was a cautionary statement with it. The dimensions are sixteen inches long and three inches in diameter with a suction cup base. When it came in the mail in a box and I saw it, I was afraid that it was too big. I was not going to tell anyone that I had it. Anyway I would take it out and rub it on my body while I fondled myself. Pretty soon this became a regular ritual. Each time I would get more turned on.

The Friday before my 'day' I bought some massage oil and started massaging myself with oil and my friend. It excited me like no other time. I was finally ready for 'it'

So on Saturday after lunch I hurried home, locked the door and unplugged the phone and turned off the cell. I went to my bedroom and methodically started to strip in front of the mirror. I took off my pumps, skirt, and blouse and placed them on a chair near my mirror, then put my red pumps back on. There I was in front of the mirror, standing nude with my red pumps on. I love to see myself in the mirror nude. I like to look at and fondle my breasts nude. I like to rub my frontal nude body and shaved pussy in front of the mirror. I like to turn my back to the mirror, bend at the waist and look through my legs with my back arched. When I see how my pussy is framed between legs, I think what a perfect position for rear entry.

I started to massage myself with my hands and my 'friend' and saw my body shine from the oil. As my body glistened from the oil, my pussy started to ache. My pussy was needing penetration. I had been teasing myself not sure that I could use the 'monster'. I picked a spot on the mirror and stuck the suction cup to it. Now my friend was on the mirror inviting me to play more. I straddled it from the front and rode it like a pony between my legs. It was too high and couldn't achieve penetration. I popped it loose and lowered it. It was too low. I continued to play with it and myself. I wouldn't let myself come. I just teased, building, tensing, until I could achieve penetration. I would rock on my pumps, heels have their advantanges. It takes practice but OHHHH So Worth It!!!

I was now so oily, so horny, so ready that I knew what to do next. I turned my back to the mirror and looked through my legs at the mirror. I rubbed my pussy and touched the mirror to mark it with the oil. I turned around and stuck the suction cup just above the oily dot. That was the angle that I was going to try. I was hornier than I have ever been and my friend was larger than I had ever had. I lubed my friendly 'monster' with KY Jelly until it was well lubed.

My 'Friend' stuck to the mirror was stiff enough to stand slightly away from the mirror and the suction was strong enough to hold it. I turned my back to the mirror and looked through my legs. There 'he' was inviting me to back up. I reached up to 'him' with my hand and placed 'his' huge head at the lips of my hungry pussy. I leaned back slightly and I could feel my pussy lips start to spread. I liked the way it felt. It was huge. I liked size of it. I looked down at my red pumps, scooted my right foot back a little then the left. I arched my back more and my friend went in more. I grabbed the chair that I keep near the mirror where my clothes were stacked and leaned toward the chair. This let me arch my back for near perfect penetration. I rocked on my heels as I pushed back from the chair. I pushed hard enough that I completed penetration. Boy and how PENETRATION!!!!!!! and One Huge Orgasm. I thought my mind was going to explode. It felt soooo goooood!!!!!! Words can't describe it. I rocked on my red pumps pushing off the chair like I was in gym class. I don't know how long I exercised my 'friend' on this day. I do know that I gave myself a good work out. It was almost like being a virgin again. I pumped and pumped until I was satisfied and sore. I still like men. I don't think that I'll ever marry again. I now have the perfect sex partner and he never plays games or tells me no. He just lays in my drawer and awaits my oil and beck and call. And I love how 'he' satisfies me so.

If anyone is brave enough to try this be sure your mirror is at least three feet wide, six feet tall and glued to the wall. Also leave plenty of room in front of the mirror for flexing. It is Sooooo Goooood. Darla



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