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The Best Part of Overnight Camp

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The first time was surprising/scary/made me shiver/made me love cum/started my frot interest/was a blast! I was 13 years old and in summer camp in upstate New York. I was kind of chubby and didn't like swim instruction (I saw no purpose in it!) so I feigned illness one day and said I was going back to my bunk. This was right at the beginning of a two-hour period. No sooner had I gotten back there than one of my counselors, Randy, showed up. He was about 16 and very hunky (in retrospect). He said that I couldn't be left alone so he would stay with me. Our bunks were rectangular buildings with a screened porch where the counselors slept just inside the entrance, with another door separating all the kids from the counselors 'private' area. Randy asked me how I was feeling; I said a little better.

He asked if I felt up to having some fun, that he could show me how to do something that would make me feel really good. Of course, I said 'yes!' He said I could not tell anyone else or it wouldn't be special any more. I said Ok, and he said first we both had to take our swim trunks off. I jumped up, dropped 'em, and then watched as Randy took his off. I remember that I thought. 'wow, what a big penis' and could not keep my eyes off his soft, uncut cock. I am circumcised-as were all the kids as it was a Jewish camp-, and lucky it was done loosely!) Randy (who was a good Catholic boy!) said that our penises could make us feel really good. I asked how (I was so inquisitive). He told me that if you move them around, they will grow bigger and start to feel real good. I wanted so for my then small penis to look like Randy's that I was happy to watch him and do what he was doing-slowly beginning to stroke, move his foreskin up and down over his head, and pull on his balls.

I followed suit, and soon we were both hard. I had been hard before in the morning, but I had never purposely known how to do it. He then told me that if I moved the skin up and down continuously, it would feel REAL good! I guess I was not doing it right, and he offered to show me exactly how. I said that it would be OK, but could I please see what his felt like? He said sure, and I stepped forward and reached out to touch it. I was starting to shiver and it must have been 90 degrees in there. When I felt his shaft, it was like electricity moved through my 13-year old body. I started to move his skin up and down and he said that to feel even better, I should rub mine against his. I got closer and did this and...WOW!!! More electricity...so much more.

Then he said, 'here, let me do something that will feel real good,' and he put the tips of our heads together and pulled his skin about half way or more down my shaft. He must have had some pre-cum (I had no idea what this smooth fluid was) and he made my penis feel so incredible. He masturbated us like that for what seemed like eternity but was in reality only 20-30 seconds and I told him I was gonna pee. He said no, just stay there and let him make me feel good. Only three or four more strokes and I shot my first load of semen, all white and thick, all over his penis. Almost immediately he shot his all over my penis and crotch and he continued to play with me. I was shaking so hard I could hardly stand. It felt SO GOOD!!!

We both calmed down, and when I reached for my swim towel at the edge of my bed he stopped me. 'Wait,' he said, 'I want you to feel this.' With that he scooped cum into his hand off of himself and me and had me put it in my palm. 'Now rub this on your chest and under your balls,' he told me. I went to my upper chest and as I rubbed to cum on me, I felt something else new-hard little nipples that felt really good. I rubbed in into my chest, saving some for my balls, then went down there. It just felt incredible. He then moved closer and started to rub his penis on mine again and we both got hard. He asked me to play with his penis. I did until he came again! Then he took his cum, had me lie down and masturbated me with his cum. I shot again as well, and he promised me that if I kept this between us, he would show me lots more during the summer. Well, a secret it was for that summer and the next one as well. I know that he did something very special for me that I can never be too thankful for: taught me how to masturbate and pleasure myself. I'm still compulsive about masturbation to his day! The Beginning.



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