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The Best Masturbation Session Ever

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A great read.


So... I was talking to my friend about masturbating and so I got hot. I knew I was going to masturbate so I went to my room after we stopped talking. It was late so I turned on the T.V. because I knew there was some great sex shows on. I dimmed my lights and started to undress myself. I was immensely resisting my urge to jump in bed and do my thing but I thought tonight I had tons of time and nothing better to do so I would take my time. As I was taking my clothes off I was stroking my chest, lightly grazing my nipples giving myself goose bumps. As all my clothes were dropped on the floor I climbed in bed I got out my vibrator and I placed it on my clit.

Slowly circling my clit I could feel the heat rising. While doing so I was also watching the T.V. seeing beautiful naked girls and sexy men with hard cocks I was excited and that night felt like it was going to be a good one. For about fifteen minuets I circled my clit and felt close to orgasm but earlier talking to my friend I had decided that I wanted to put off the orgasm as he could do. I have done it before but it just seemed a lot harder to resist. I changed from circling the clit to penetrating my pussy while rubbing my clit with my hand. That lasted about ten minuets before I decided to switch it up again. Lightly I touched my clit right on the nerve and at first slowly but then quickly dabbed it with a pulsing action and with that and having the vibration I was driving myself wild. That lasted about another fifteen minuets. Each time I switched I was so close to orgasm yet I knew I couldn't because it could be so much greater, so yet again I resisted the tantalizing heights I knew would have even then would be great.

I rubbed my pussy harder and deeper with my vibrator covering it all with it. The growing heat was making me so wet, and swollen. I didn't even pay attention to the television because I was so wrapped up in the whole act of masturbating, I could barely even hear it because I was drowning the sound out with my breathing. The fact that I was starting to sweat didn't even faze me until after. I kept switching the rotation and was begging to cum but held back. Going faster and then slowing down. I rubbed my breasts and began to play with my nipples and they went as firm as gold. Twisting and pulling I was going insane. About an hour and a half later I finally gave in and it was more the thought of someone that made me give in but when I did I hit a new level of being.

The orgasm slowly went from my clit, which seemed to last about a minute and then it spread to my hips and through my legs out my toes. Up my stomach hitting my nipples increasing my high and it hit my head and I felt pure bliss. I had banged my head a few times but it didn't even stop me. I was trying to be quiet but barely succeeded. It was pure ecstasy. It seemed to last after too. My breathing was heavy, my body weak, my hand and pussy numb. Constantly smiling and catching my breath I began to masturbate again, this time starting with just my hand. I have never been so wet in my life and it was smooth, warm and felt like silk. I was so hot still I turn my vibrator on again and did it again. This time only lasting about a half an hour but when I came I choked on my spit but still proceeded to orgasm. When it was all over I felt completely drained but I had a constant smile on my face. I wound up smiling and went again. It truly was the best masturbation session of my life.



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